Just Juniors Journal

Written by the kids. Read by the world.

Issue #10
Series 2
October 2000

"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves."
-Seen on a church signboard in downtown Lock Haven

Candles And Redheads

September 2, 2000 AD was the most relaxing Regatta, for us, ever. The three-day weekend was hot, sunny, and hectic.
As I am sitting here in the SPCA booth in the direct sun, I hand out pamphlets and collect donations. "Would you like some information about....?"
That got boring. So, I took a break from that and went over with the rest of the group that was helping out.
We were sitting in the best smelling booth in the Canal Park, Shelly's Heavenly Scents Candles. Lou and Staci Wyland were there, while John was at the Horizon House. Shelly looked at me for the first time and said,"VESTA! I've heard so much about you!" She gave me a hug and said,"You're sweating to death."
So, she pulled me in and sat me down. After I cooled down, it was back over to the SPCA stand.
Later on, Lou met a cute redhead, and while he was talking to her, I moved in and embarrassed him. Lou even put on colgne at one point. She was a nice girl, and they swapped e-mail addresses. I don't think Lou even thought of Reba the whole weekend.
Overall, it was a great Labor Day Weekend.
-Vesta Jones
-Angel with a pitchfork

As we sit here around the campfire, or actually, Lou's lighter-fluid blazing grill, telling scary stories, we get rained on. On this 23rd day of September, our scary stories are actually life stories.
It seems that weird things always happen to us when we camp out. This year, at two AM, we saw a woman walking down the road in the pouring rain. Last year, a homeless guy stole a sandwich from us. I made sure to accidentally cut my hand on Lou's sidewalk before we left.
Our annual camping trip is always an invigorating night. We always seem to learn a lot about each other. We played cards, told some stories, and made some jokes.
"I really enjoy this trip. It's become an annual thing," Lou stated. "I see no reason to stop now. I really enjoy spending quality time with the kids."
"This is my first real outdoor camping trip," claims Staci Wyland. "And....I've learned a few things. Don't wear platform shoes or good clothes."
"And bring First Aid cream," John Mayes adds. "Don't leave home without it."
Staci is terrified of moths and spiders, and they're everywhere. Just imagine!
-Vesta Jones
-Lighter fluid....A little dab will do ya.

As October rolls around, I give you something to think about. Domestic Violence. And considering that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it's about time to start thinking.
Domestic violence happens all over the world, every day, and is a very serious issue. It is the leading cause of injuries and homicides for women in America. The most vulnerable are poor, single women, with low educations, but it could happen to anyone.
Common weapons used include guns and knives and bare human hands. This is not easy to deal with. Violence affects people emotionally and physically, and is most likely never forgotten about.
Most commonly, the offenders are relatives, but could be just about anybody, including close friends or acquaintances.
Domestic violence is a very serious issue, and nothing to joke about. If you or someone you know is stuck in a position like this, please seek help. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233.
It's not a healthy environment, and nobody should have to deal with it. So please, get in contact with someone. Don't just sit and watch it happen. You could save a life. Possibly even your own.
-Brenda Geyer

A poem by Destini Geraty

I weep, I cry, I cough, I bleed
I gasp, I choke, I cannot breathe
Mommy get off me, Mommy that hurts
Daddy please stop it, Daddy that burns
Why are children abused?
How can parents be so amused?
I think this gets people kind of confused
And who came up with this thing called child abuse?

Did you know? Because I sure didn't....
There was a day, back in ancient times, that honored the Roman Goddess of the Hearth, Vesta. Yeah, Vesta!
Back in those times, on August fifteenth, the ancient Roman goddess of the hearth was honored annually. Many modern Wiccans light six red candles and cast herbs into hearth-fires on this day, to honor Vesta and to receive her blessings for family and home.
I knew of the goddess, but I had no idea that there was actually a day that celebrated her. I think I'm starting to like my name!
-Vesta Jones
-The Goddess President

I'm Staci Wyland, medical specialist for the group. I just had surgery due to a cancerous mole.
The doctors noticed that I had one on my stomach six or seven months ago. They removed that one. Then, about a month ago, they noticed another one on my neck. They wanted to remove that one, too.
So on September 1, they did. It was a very serious operation for many reasons. One was because the mole was right next to my jugular vein, the main blood vein in the whole body
Another reason is because I have a family history of cancer. My great-grandmother passed away from cervical cancer. My grandmother passed away from cancer of the lung, breast, and stomach. So, they wanted to catch this before it got too serious.
-Staci Wyland

WHITE FLAG OVER: Erica Elliott
Writing letters from Santa. Cleaning the Horizon House. Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. Selling scented candles. No matter what the project, secretary Erica Elliott is always there, participating and reporting on the event.
Erica, fifteen, likes to hang out in Lock Haven, watch TV at home, or spend time with her sister. She holds the record for having her name misspelled the most times in print.
"Vesta brought me to the Regatta, two years back," Erica recalls. I liked the group, and I joined. It took Lou forever to get my name right....He spelled it with a K, with one L, one T. For like six months, every issue of the JJJ had my name spelled wrong. I finally wrong ERICA ELLIOTT in big red letters, and he tacked it to his wall."
Erica's favorite memories of the group come from the Regattas. "I joined during one, and I always liked those. I get to spend the whole day there....The Regattas are the most fun." No matter what, Erica has proven to be a dedicated member of the group, always available for projects and trips. Even if her name is spelled wrong on the permission slip.
-Ginger White

The Just Juniors Journal is:
Editor: Lou
Assistant: Michelle L. Archibald
President, Ethical Advisor: Vesta Jones
Sergeant-At-Arms: John Mayes
Vice-President: Brenda Geyer
Secretary: Erica Elliott
Quartermaster: Destini Geraty
Staff: Staci Wyland, Eddie Maiolo, Meghan Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Ginger White

By Lou

My fellow Americans, now is the time for change. I need three quarters, two dimes, and a nickel.
What with the elections approaching in November, in a surprise move, I have decided to run for President. After having taken a good look at the other two candidates, I am asking myself some important questions, such as: Do we really want someone as our President who is less cool than my high school Biology teacher? And has all the personality of two-day-old Ramen noodles?
This is where I come in. My qualifications? Well, I been an American all my life. And I know what's it's really like in this country. Think Bush and Gore have ever received minimum wage for anything?
And remember, last time around, by the time I turned off my TV, Clinton had something like five hudnred electoral votes, and Perot had none. My point? Perot spent like a million bucks on his campaign, and I tied him without even running.
I plan to be honest with you, the American public. I won't lie to you---If I'm elected, your life won't change much in any significant way. I admit I will probably send the Secret Service guys out on late-night coffee runs, at great taxpayer expense. My running mate, BiPagan, and I, will probably spend a lot of time playing water pistols in the Oval Office. And I promise never to use the Armed Forces to invade the North Pole. (New Jersey, however, is a different story.)
My running mate, BiPagan, is going to net me all the female, redhead, bisexual, Wiccan voters from Wisconsin. (All six of them.) I plan to appoint Rudy the Dancing Beagle as my Secretary of Defense. ("Tovarisch, we cannot fire the missiles! There is a small dog barking at us from the border!")
I promise to, at least once, stay up real late and then buzz the Kremlin in Air Force One. I will pass legislation to outlaw all boy-bands. (Off with their heads!) And welfare reform? What welfare reform? You need welfare for that. I think it's time to get the message across: If you're eating potato chips and can watch the same episode of Gilligan's Island ten times without realizing it, you probably aren't doing anything worth getting paid for.
My fellow Americans, ask yourself this: Are you older now than you were four years ago?
I am not a crook! I didn't inhale! I have lusted after other women in my heart; hell, what male hasn't? Now, vote for me, folks, and bring me some redheaded interns!
-"VoteR ApaThy" thiS!

Email: lskids@hotmail.com