People Who Think

Nickole Vincent

A JJJ Special
August 2003

Hi everyone! I thought it would be good for me to finally send Lou something for the group to read, so I sent him some of the poems about some things that went on during the 2002-2003 school year. I had to write these as an assignment for my English class, my Junior Year at Central Mountain High School. During the first nine weeks of school, I was failing that class because the teacher and I weren't getting along. And then she got pregnant and took off for the rest of the year, and we got a wounderful, bright, intelligent, amazing substitute teacher for the rest of the school year.
This substitute teacher was the one who gave my class the assignment to write these poems. We were learning about the different types of poetry, and everytime we learned about a different form of poetry, we had to pick a topic from a newspaper, magazine, news, or something, and write a poem about it in the form that we had learned that day.
I guess I must have been really good at writing that poetry because it brought my grade up from a 69% to a 97%! And now I would love to actually share those poems with all of you, too.

A Baby Was Murdered
It was asphyxiation
That killed the baby that day
The mother did not want to love
Something so precious in life
So she suffocated it with no love
Then put it in the garbage
To be found murdered
without any love
Never would I
Never could I
Do something so horrible
To another's life

In The Mine
She's a petite nurse
With loyal eyes
She remembers everything
And won't shy away from anything
She was both husbandless and fatherless
For three very pain-filled full days
Her father was trapped
Her husband was trapped
While she felt very agonized
Now they have come back to her again
She believes in miracles
Her father believes in miracles
Her husband believes in miracles
And now so do I

She's a famous star
They say she's a shoplifter
And she says she's not
But yet they still convicted her
She only has to serve community service
Because she's a star
She doesn't have to rot away in a cell
All because she's a star
Winona doesn't have to serve time in jail
Because she's a star
And that's not fair
Not fair at all!

What I See When I look Outside My Window
Secrets are hidden in the dard clouds above
Poverty, murder, and violence
I would rather die or become blind
Than to see all this going on in our world
People making fun of people
Causing people to cry
By placing all that hurt deep within
Others putting down other's dreams
That causes their souls to lose their hopes and dreams
That they once thought would someday come true
What I see when I look out my window
Is a bunch of hate, discrimination, and ignorance
That comes from people who like to hurt others
Deep, deep inside

What I See In Nature
What I see in nature
people making people laugh
By making fun of other people
Causing those to cry
By those people placing all that hurt inside

What I see in nature
people putting people down
On everything they do
Especially their dreams they hope to someday
Come true
Causing those people's souls to give up the hope
Of their dreams to someday come true

What I see in nature
I just wish in my heart
This world will someday be
Peaceful in everyway, shape, and form
For everyone
Even you and me

People Who Think
People are careless and heartless
But not completely free
They seem to think for some reason
They can live how they want
Some seem to even think they can do whatever it is that they want to do
But in reality
It's not what you want
Or how you want something
It's not I can do whatever I want
When I want
Where I want
And how I want
So why do they call our country The Land Of The Free

In My Dreams
I take away my problems
But it's only in my dreams
I don't live a life of hell
But it's only in my dreams
I know exactly where I'm going
But it's only in my dreams
I have everything I want
But it's only in my dreams

Oh, I need to find my real personality
I wanna be like so many people
I wanna do so many things
I wanna be a lot of things
I wanna be
Oh, I wanna be that one
That one everybody wants to be like
That one that everyone wants to be

Oh, I wanna be that one
But I got to find that in my own personality
No, not no one else's
But my own

My own
I have to find that in me

So I hope you enjoy them. And understand them! And if you like them, maybe I will send Lou some more that weren't written for school. And if he thinks they're good enough or appropriate, then ya'll can read some more of my stuff! Peace!
-Nickole Vincent