Issue #101
Series 2
May 2008


On April 17, 2008, Meghan Rockey, Tiffany Allen, and Biz Albright went with group leader Lou and tried to trap Bill Clinton.
Clinton, ex-President of the United States, was at Lock Haven University to campaign for his wife, Hillary. The group, assigned to get photos by the Clinton County Historical Society, tried to work their was through, with Tif in her wheelchair, Biz dressed to impress, and Lou with his cigars.
Unfortunately, we did not see Clinton despite all our efforts. The Kids did meet up with Rachel Mazza, and talked to her for a bit. So the night was not wasted after all.
-Meghan Rockey


On Saturday April 12th and 19th the LS kids assisted with the set up and take down of the book sale at United Covenant Methodist Church. Lou, Biz Albright, Tiffany Allen, Rachel Mazza, Shantae Hockenberry, and Debbie Benfield attended the event.
After choosing bags full of books, LS packed books and loaded empty boxes into a truck before breaking down the remaining boxes.
Many people from the community attended the sale that was an overall success. At the end refreshments, provided by members of the church, were offered.
-Rachel Mazza


My Ocean
You're not like my ocean.
your anger isn't beautiful.
your arms aren't so welcoming.
you don't call me like it does.

You're not my ocean.
You dont wake me with beautiful sunrises.
and sing to me with sunsets.
you dont wash my tears like it does.

You are not my ocean.
there is not a beauty more stunning,
Theres no other place where there is such reassurance,
in such seclusion.

You my dear, are not my ocean.
you cant hold my heart like it does.
hold me in place like it does.
take my breath away like it does..

It wont hurt me like you do.
It won't tease me like you do.
It doesn't forget me like you do.
It won't leave me.

You my dear.
can not be my ocean.
-Regina Spence
-DCS Bureau

The JJJ Is:
Leader: Lou
Assistant Leaders: Tiffany Allen, Debbie Benfield
LS Core Team: Cris Schedin, Meghan Rockey
President: Biz Albright
Vice-President: Rachel Mazza
Secretary: Ericka Conklin
Quarter master: Kristen Withers
Staff: Shelby Sander, MarKel Wheeland, Lacey Richner, Katie Bottorf, Bobby Smith, Taylor Wheeland, Robin Prescott, Ida Yost
Distant Correspondents: Shadow Snow, MacKenzie Brundage, Regina Spence, Chelsey Crouchley, Goth Lizz
Foreign Bureau: Janice Marco

"Hey, Lou," said Anne, my boss, during a charity luncheon,"I have a mission for you."
"This oughta be good."
"They just announced in the Express," she told me. "Bill Clinton is coming to speak at the university tomorrow. You should go up, and see about getting some photos for the museum."
I thought about it. "Come on, Anne. Look at how I dress. How close you think I'm gonna get before the Secret Service tackles me?"
Meghan Rockey had dropped in later, and was helping dust. I gave her a hug. "Hi, hon. Gotta go stalk Bill Clinton tonight."
"Yeah, seriously. Another one of those requests. Lou, get the military a map. Lou, find me a lake monster. Go get coffee creamer. And while you're at it, go chase down an ex-president. I admit I didn't pay much attention in school, but I don't remember anything like this on career day."
"Can I come?"
"Sure, why not? In fact, I'll call Tif and Biz, too."
Six PM. Dinner in the kitchen. "Allright, guys, here's the plan. Meghan and I will have the cameras. We'll get photos of Clinton as soon as he comes in. Tif, you look as handicapped as possible. We'll use you and your wheelchair to get the crowds out of the way. Biz, you're Clinton-bait. Look cute."
Seven PM. We got off at the corner of North Fairview and Water, and walked up to the stone archway across from Thomas Field House. People backed up for a mile around the corner. Fortunately, I didn't need to be inside to hear the whole speech. I just wanted a photo at a distance. Across the street would be fine.
Rachel Mazza showed up and hung out with us. I talked to a few people on the inside, and found out that Clinton was running late.
"He hasn't even arrived in Clearfield yet," I said. "Likely to be a couple hours, at least."
"Do we go home now?" Tif asked.
"Well, few more minutes," I said, and lit a cigar. "We'll give it at least until we lose the light. But I'm not waiting around all night for Clinton....I mean, who the hell does he think he is?"
We gave it until eight-thirty, when it got too dark to take a photo anyway. If it had been Reba McEntire, I'd still be waiting there, but we decided to fold up and head home then. I had no chance of getting a good photo at that point at any rate.
"Well, guys," I said,"You get to tell everyone about the night we stood up the President."
We went back to my place, and watched Survivor. And, you know, it would have been cool to meet an ex-President....But I'd still rather just hang with my Kids.
-My fellow Americans....