Issue #87
Series 2
March 2007


On February 14, 2007, a major snowstorm hit the Northeastern U.S., burying many states under several feet of snow. Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, home base of the LS Kids, didn't bear the brunt of the storm (leaving that unpleasant task to their less fortunate neighbors in New York), but it did have a major impact nonetheless.
In what was the first notable snowfall of the season for many Pennsylvanians, the Valentine's Day storm left hundreds of motorists stranded on many major highways and interstates. The Pennsylvania National Guard was dispatched to help deal with the crisis, but unfortunately, some drivers ran out of gas while stalled and froze to death in their vehicles. Others were only mildly inconvenienced by comparison, including a young couple LSK assistant leader Tif Allen knows, who had just been married that very afternoon and were en route to the airport to catch a flight to their honeymoon destination when the storm hit, leaving them stranded for several hours on Interstate 80.
Lou had to go into the museum twice on his day off to get the snow shoveled off the sidewalks.
In a state known for its often-severe weather, one thing is certain: the residents of Pennsylvania will remember the Valentine's Day storm of 2007 for a long time to come.
-Tiffany Allen


The Clinton Model Railroad Club held an open house at their station in Castanea on February 24. Because the station is owned by the Historical Society, whom Lou works for, he took the Kids over to spy on the club, and make sure they weren't causing a problem again.
"Secret Agent Man," commented Debbie.
Lou went over at one-thirty with Tiffany Allen and Robin Prescott. He let the Kids go in first, because they wouldn't be recognized, and gave them about five minutes to look around. Then he followed, and let the Kids report to him about what they'd seen afterward.
-Robin Prescott


Study Hall With Nothing To Do

NEW YORK- Like stated above, I'm in study hall with nothing to do. So I'm going to write about stuff with the time I have left in class. Which isn't a lot, so dont worry.
Okay. So. Did I ever tell you about the killer penguin that attacked me? No, I don't think so. Well, one day I was walking through the woods when this little penguin came out of no place. So we started to talk about the weather....which was raining.... but that's not the point. I was wondering about this the entire time I saw him. So I asked,"Why are you in the woods...not at the North Pole?"
Well. Let me tell you what. That little penguin has one bad temper. He, really, he was doing back flips. And then he got out his nunchuks and started to hit trees with them. It was creepy. being the stupid one, I decided to run. Well. That didn't work, only because the little penguin had jet-powered roller skates and he skated after when I finally got to my house, he was already there waiting for me. I'm telling ya...he wanted to kill me. And I still think he does.
But anyway, I ran again. But this time I went to the library. Only bcause penguins dont read. But I can't tell you the rest only because I don't have a lot of time left!
-Goth Lizz
-DCS Bureau
Editor's Note: I'm pretty sure most of the above is fictional. But why not; it's a slow news month. -L.


The Child No One Loved
Born a life no one cared about.
Born a soul everyone forgot about.
Born a child no one loved.

Cried a tear no one saw.
Cried a thought no one heard.
Cried a child no one loved.

Covered with tears no one knew.
Covered with pain no one felt.
Covered by a memory a child.

Shattered the dream no one dreamed.
Shattered the memory no one read.
Shattered the heart of the child no one loved.
-Regina Spence
-DCS Bureau

The JJJ Is:
Leader: Lou
Assistant Leaders: Tiffany Allen, Debbie Benfield
President: MarKel Wheeland
Vice-President: Meghan Rockey
Secretary: Cris Miller
Staff: Shelby Sander, Lacey Richner, Biz Albright, Mike Schedin, Robin Prescott, Ida Yost
Distant Correspondents: MacKenzie Brundage, Regina Spence, Shadow Snow, Chelsey Crouchley, Goth Lizz
Foreign Bureau: Janice Marco
Got a call from an old friend earlier in the month. One of my old buddies from high school, now a cop in Maryland. He wasn't doing much; waiting for his kid to come out of some sort of activity, and--to my surprise, he still has me programmed into his cell phone---he called to chat.
Always nice when that kind of thing happens---Out of the blue, someone from my past contacts me. We talked for a while, maybe fifteen minutes....I'm going to have to find excuses to call some of my old friends more often.
I've made contact with a couple of them lately. Old school friends, kids from my past. Some of the ones I taught or took care of, way back when. Most of them claim I haven't changed much.
It's interesting, to see what's happened to people. One of my old students grew up to be a nurse. I hadn't seen her since she was maybe thirteen, but even then, I could have guessed she'd make a good nurse---She was always one of the kindest, most caring kids I'd ever known. There was another one---This one didn't remember me---Who had been through an abusive relationship and is busy getting into another one. And that was about the kind of future I'd have predicted for her; some of them you can see it coming.
I'm not quite what I would have guessed, back then, either. My life turned out differently from the way I'd thought. Regrets? Nothing major. I'm happy with the way things have gone. And it's interesting, coming back together with people again after so many years.
Some of my old high school classmates are planning a reunion. My wife asked if I'd like to go.
"Sooner die," I said.
Notice I said classmates, not friends. My friends are still in touch---Maybe not all the time, but once in a while. And some of them, I'm reconnecting with now. It's been an interesting month, that way.
It surprised me, a bit, to know that my old high school buddy reads this newsletter faithfully. I bitched about how some of my columns aren't what I'd have wanted (this one, for instance.) He said,"Yeah, but they're all from the heart."
How like him. And how true.
You never know---Maybe in ten or fifteen years, I'll have to rediscover people like this, who were once the current LS Kids. We'll see what happens in the future, how we change....And how we remain the same.
-Still crazy after all these years