Doing the right thing together.

Issue #51
Series 2
March 2004


Regina Spence, LS Kids DCS Bureau member from Florida, has begun looking into her past. In February, Gina found an old news clipping about her mother and younger brother, dating back to 1989. On June 4, 1989, Gina's biological mother gave birth to a baby boy.
"I had a younger brother who now should be around fifteen or so. He's not much younger than I," says Gina. "My mother took my brother, who was practically an infant, she had made a lot of phone calls and she sold my little brother."
Gina's mother was arrested for the crime, and Gina was adopted into a good home. Finding the clipping interested Gina in seeking out her long-lost brother. Her brother's name was Justin, and her mother's name was Vickie Taylor, but both names may have been changed in the past fifteen years.
"If I could just find out that he was still alive, I'd be happy," said Gina.
Gina e-mailed Lou and the other Kids with her thoughts, and received suggestions and supportive e-mails from the others. Lou made some suggestions as to how to begin looking, and Vesta Jones, Crissy Miller, Meghan Wilson, and Amber Fleming joined in with their thoughts and best wishes.
"Gina, have faith. I'm sure you'll find him soon," said Crissy Miller, LS Kids Secretary.
Anyone with information about a boy named Justin who was born in Florida on June 4, 1989, can e-mail the Kids at lskjjj@yahoogroups.com.
-Regina Spence
-Ginger White

In February, LS Kids Sectretary Crissy Miller decided to take a stand against the drug problem in Lock Haven. She began her program to get signatures on pledges stating that people won't use drugs.
"Drugs have affected my life since before I was born. I've noticed that we have a drug problem in our schools and our streets," says Crissy. "My idea was to get people to sign pledges, stating they won't abuse drugs, and display them in a public place. I wanted to get the Lost Solace Kids involved in this project."
Crissy and Lou contacted the Ross Library and Project Coffeehouse, a local center for teens to attend. Both places granted Crissy permission to use their walls to post the pledges. They spent the month gathering signatures on the pledges, and posting them up. They received supportive e-mails from State Representative Mike Hanna, Lock Haven Mayor Rick Villelo, and former Commissioner Rusty Bottorf.
"I am proud of Crissy," said Lou. "She was the one running this project---I was just labor. She took a lot of heat over this, and she stood up for what she believed. She's a community hero."
Crissy ended up getting into the local paper, the Lock Haven Express, and was invited to attend a Nar-Anon meeting on March fourth.
"All I ask from you is to acknowledge to issue at hand. Nothing more, or less," stated Crissy. "Just realize that our schools have a major problem, and something needs to be done."
-Crissy Miller
-Ginger White


Bill Murray starred in the movie "Groundhog Day", where he woke up to a day that happens over and over. This was kind of a ridiculous concept. When the LS Kids went to Punsutawney, Pennsylvania, for Groundhog Day, nothing like that happened.
Bill Murray starred in the movie "Groundhog Day", where he woke up to a day that happens over and over. This was kind of a ridiculous concept. When the LS Kids went to Punsutawney, Pennsylvania, for Groundhog Day, nothing like that happened.
Bill Murray starred in the movie "Groundhog Day", where he woke up to a day that happens over and over. This was kind of a ridiculous concept. When the LS Kids went to Punsutawney, Pennsylvania, for Groundhog Day, nothing like that happened.
First off, the LS Kids went to Punxsutawney to take part in the annual gopher...I mean groundhog festivities. We went into a few shops and looked at the groundhog souvenirs. Next, Lou, Michelle, Ginger, Krystle, and Crissy went into a building, where Krystle, Michelle, and Crissy got their faces painted. Michelle and Krystle got matching groundhogs on their cheeks, while Crissy took a dare and got her entire face painted like Punxsutawney Phil. Lou and Ginger skipped the face-painting, and talked to author Duck Miller, who was autographing his book, The Whistle Pig.
Walking around, the Kids all bought some souvenirs. When they went to get a bite to eat, Crissy had the privelege of meeting one of the men in Phil's inner circle. They had a nice discussion. Crissy wanted to ask him how many groundhogs have played the part of Phil, but all he would say was,"There's only one Phil." When Crissy pressed him, saying that wasn't possible, he explained,"We give him special Groundhog Nog once a year, and that keeps him alive."
-Crissy Miller

In January, it was the birthday of Ida Yost, the ghost member of the LS Kids. She was either a hundred and sixteen, or seventeen for the ninety-ninth time, depending in which way you want to figure it.
Ida Yost had a tragic death back in 1905, leaving behind a father, brother Milford, and sisters Blanche, Carrie, Flora, May, and Helen. Her mother had died several years before her, leaving Ida to care for her younger siblings.
Around one AM on August 19, 1905, Ida drank one ounce of carbolic acid on her back porch. Her father found her, and Ida fell into his arms. He carried her into the lounge and sent for help, but Ida passed away by the time the doctor could arrive. The funeral was held in the Linden Street Chapel, which lies across the road from Krystle Welch's home.
In September 2003, Lou moved into the same house Ida had died in, and discovered that her ghost is still there. "It's weird knowing all this," said Krystle,"But we're really interested in learning about her."
To some, she is dea, but her soul still lives with us in that house, and we welcome her. The LS Kids have decided that it's cool having her around. Sometimes they can hear her walking upstairs. So, Ida, the LS Kids would just like to wish you a happy birthday, and welcome you to the group.
-Krystle Welch


PENNSYLVANIA- Angela Wilson, mother of Sarah and Meghan Wilson, was married in her hometown of Renovo on February fourteen, 2004. Sarah, Meghan, and Lou all showed up to watch Angela marry David Goodling.
Sarah and Meghan were both bridesmaids, and Lou did the photography for the wedding. They all got together to talk and socialize at the reception, which was held at the Renovo Fire Hall.
Sarah joined the LS Kids in December of 1999, followed by Meghan in January 2000.
-Ginger White


Janice Marco is a twelve-year-old girl from the Phillipines who is supported by the LS Kids. The Kids send her fifteen dollars a month to help her future.
PHILLIPINES- I have just finished my elementary grades. Me and my family are happy because I have the LS Kids as a sponsor that can help. I study hard in every subject I take in high school.
I am also the one to help my parents in their work, such as cleaning the house, cooking food, and more. I'm also very happy to be one of the honor pupils in elementary. I hope that in high school I will also be an honor student.
-Janice Marco
-Foreign Bureau


By Sarah
I was laughing at my sister's sandals today. She wanted to trade shoes with me, and I refused. I told her they looked weird, and she said,"Don't call me weird," and I said,"If the shoe fits...."
They fit, but that's about it. They're weird flippy-floppy-heely things, and I don't know how Meghan can wear them with a straight face. (Lou laughed like hell at "flippy-floppy-heely".) I told her they were grandama shoes.
-Sarah Wilson

By Regina
A Child No One Loved
Born a life no one cared about.
Born a soul everyone forgot about.
Born a child no one loved.

Cried a tear no one saw.
Cried a thought no one heard.
Cried a child no one loved.

Covered with tears no one knew.
Covered with pain no one felt.
Covered by a memory a child.

Shattered the dream no one dreamed.
Shattered the memory no one read.
Shattered the heart of the child no one loved.
-Regina Spence
-DCS Bureau

By Rudy
A nation's dogs are in mourning.
On February 21, President Bush had to put his dog Spot to sleep. Spot was a fifteen-year-old English Springer Spaniel, who suffered increasing health problems. Spot had recently suffered a series of strokes, and the White House vet suggested it was best that she be put to sleep.
The dogs of the country will miss Spot. Our hearts go out to Barney, the other First Dog, a black three-year-old Scottish terrier, and also to President Bush and his wife and daughters.
Our tails are all at half-mast. We'll miss you, Spot.
-Rudy The Dancing Beagle

By Ginger
Adore It: The mayor of New Paltz, New York, performed marraiges for over twenty gay couples in February. In a society showing increasing prejudice toward gay couples, Mayor Jason West deserves a round of applause.
Deplore It: What is with those creatures on the new Quiznos ads?
-Ginger White

The Just Juniors Journal Is:
Editor: Lou
Assistant: Staci Wyland
National Advisor: Vesta Jones
President: Debbie Benfield
Vice-President: Krystle Welch
Secretary: Cris Miller
Quartermaster: Meghan Rockey
Staff: Hilaire Reese, Destini Geraty, Marjorie Shelley, Mia Shelley, Ginger White, Sarah Wilson, Ida Yost
Distant Correspondents: Kazlynn Otto, Meghan Wilson, Amber Fleming, Rachel Wykry, Regina Spence
Foreign Bureau: Janice Marco

By Lou

Once again, I have every reason to be proud of my Kids.
I know I've written maybe seventy columns on this topics before. But how can I not?
It's been a busy month. Crissy running her anti-drug program, which got a lot of community attention and snowballed into something much bigger than we had originally planned. Gina searching for her brother, which is a fairly exciting hunt no matter what. A letter from Janice. And Debbie helping me plan more trips and projects to come.
You know, since I started this group in 1997, the Kids have continually kept surprising me. Individually and as a group, they continue to grow, to do bigger and better things, to come up with fascinating concepts that I never would have thought of myself. I used to tell people it was sort of like Saturday Night Live with teenagers, but the past few years have been pretty interesting, really.
If I think about the Kids, I can come up with at least one time each of them, individually, has done something that simultaneously made me pleased and surprised the hell out of me. They don't do it deliberately, but they do it consistently. They have always managed to surprise me.
I hope they continue to. That has led to some great moments.
They keep surprising me, keep making me proud, keep coming up with new things. And I'd like to see that keep happening.
The day Crissy was invited to speak at the Nar-Anon meeting is the same as the motto I'd like to see the Kids adopt.
March forth.
-I'm not an actor, but I play one on TV