Just Juniors Journal

What do you do on a slow news month?
Split up and have adventures of your own!

Issue #15
Series 2
March 2001

"Adults are obsolete children, and to hell with them."
-Dr. Seuss

Part One Of One---You've collected 'em all!

On February 20, 2001 AD, I took a trip to Strawberry Square in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to see the artwork displayed throughout the building. I left the Central Mountain High School on a bus with about thirty other students at 8:15 AM.
We arrived at Strawberry Square at about 10:30 AM. We walked around and saw the displays, ate at the food court, and shopped.
We left at 12:45, and returned to Central Mountain at 2:45.
-Vesta Jones
-Two out of three voices in my head say I'm not crazy!

On the weekend of February 24th, I knew I was in for a disaster. I had just found out that my grandpa had died and that we had to make a trip to New York. I tried to get out of going, knowing I'd have the worst time of my life.
My mom was really upset. It was her dad, after all. But she wasn't going to make me go. Then my sister and brother convinced her it'd be best if I did, for her support, even though they weren't....
So we all packed stuff for the weekend, and around 8:30 AM Saturday morning, we left, and headed for Phoenix, New York. Well, the trip up wasn't bad at all. I slept and listened to my CD player the whole time.
It should only have been four and a half or five hours to get there. But, of course, my mom fell asleep and my step-dad got us lost. We ended up an hour and a helf off track. Well, my mom woke up, got us back on track, and finally we made it to my aunt and uncle's house.
We unloaded our stuff and took it in the house, talked a while, and then went back to the car and headed to my gram's. I could tell when we got there my gram was happy to see us. We just sat there and talked about memories and everything. It was really depressing.
After about three and a half hours of that, we headed back to my Aunt Rose and Unlce Roy's house in silent mode. Luckily, I didn't have to deal with any more talk about it. My cousin Dave and his new wife Danyel came to the rescue.
They came and picked up my brother and I, and we went bowling. There were about ten of us and we had a lot of fun. At least our minds weren't on Grandma and my mom's depression.
After bowling, we went back to my cousin's house and played Scattergories. Then we all crashed.
The next morning, we had to go back to my aunt's. As soon as we got there, Mom decided to go back to Gram's. So we did. But the whole time we were there, all Mom did was nag.
I ended up so frustrated, I ran out of the house crying, and caused an argument between my mom and Gram. I fell asleep crying, and when it was time to leave, my step-dad sent me back in because Gram wanted to talk to me.
So I went back in and went to hug her goodbye, and she wouldn't let go. She was telling me how to deal with my mom and to hold out. If I ever needed to talk, I could call her. We ended up holding each other, talking, abd crying for over half an hour. It's something I'll never forget.
So even though I had a bad time while I was with my mom, I am glad I went to see my gram. Because now, we're closer, and she understands me. Come to think of it, maybe my trip wasn't so bad, after all.
-Brenda Geyer

On February 20, Ginger White broke her left arm falling out of a tree she was climbing. She was climbing trees in Hoberman Park, near her home, and fell.
"At first, I didn't even realize it was broken," Ginger says. "It hurt, so I walked home and told my mother. She took me to the hospital, and they put a cast on it." She has had all the LS Kids sign the cast.
Ginger is healing well, and should have the cast off in a few weeks. Until then, she is learning to type her articles with one hand. "What a major pain," she comments.
And as soon as her cast is off? "I'm going to go back and climb that tree again," says Ginger. "I don't want it thinking it beat me."

March is National Cancer Month. Cancer is a group of many related diseases that start in the cells, the body's basic unit of life. The body is made up of many different cells. Usually, cells grow and reproduce when the body needs them, and this keeps the body healthy. Sometimes cells reproduce when not needed, extra cells will form, and cause a mass of tissue, called a tumor. There are two types of tumors: Benign tumors, which are not cancerous; and malignant tumors, which are.
Lukemia and Lymphoma are types of cancers formed in the blood-forming cells. Cancers are usually named for the organ type or cell from which they begin. There is lung cancer, cancer of the lungs; melanoma, skin cancer, and etc....
When cancer spreads into the lymph nodes, it usually means it has spread through the body. National Cancer Institute booklets are available by calling 1-800-4CANCER. You can also go to http://cancer.gov, http://cancertrials.nci.nih.gov, or http://cancernet.nci.nih.gov.
For information on treatment, screenings, prevention, and support, e-mail cancermail@icicc.nci.nih.gov.
In April, the LS Kids will be doing a project to help the American Cancer Society.
-Vesta Jones
-Angel with a pitchfork

She came to Lost Solace for help in September, and decided to stick around. After meeting Sandra Dee and Lou, she thought,"What an awesome group this is," and signed up for membership. She's Keri, she's twenty-two, and she's from Pittsburgh.
"I'm a beautiful redhead, too," says Keri. "Can I say that?"
Keri lived in Chicago until she was eight. Then, her mother's job brought them to Pittsburgh, where she still lives, attending college. The victim of rape and harassment while at college, Keri turned to Lost Solace for help, and joined the team in November.
Her favorite experience, she claims, was visiting Lou in Lock Haven last November. They went to Hyner View, a mountain ridge on the outskirts of the city. Keri wants to return, to learn how to hang-glide.
She volunteers with Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, and a local children's hospital. "Aside from that," she says,"I work full time....Go to school full time....I love to read, and sing, a capella. And I write poetry."
"I like to make a difference," says Keri,"Because so many people made a difference to me."
-Ginger White

The Just Juniors Journal Is:
Editor: Lou
President: Vesta Jones
Vice-President: Brenda Geyer
Quartermaster: Susie Freeburn
Staff: Ginger White

By Lou

While everyone was all split up and having their own little escapades this month, I had one of my own. Not anything really phenomenal (for that, you can read the March CarePage). But something that mattered to me, all the same. I made a phone call.
Years ago, when I was sixteen, I had this Chemistry teacher named Paula. She was an excellent teacher, and we got to be close. I learned more from her than from most of the other teachers. We kept in contact after both of us moved on, her to another school, and me to college. I was at her wedding, and I was thrilled to have been invited.
After a meeting, when Vesta left, I was thinking about Paula, and how good she always was to me. The relationship Vesta and I have now reminds me a lot of the one Paula and I had back then. I looked up her number, and gave her a call.
To her credit, she never comments that I call about every two years when it occurs to me. She always sounds glad to hear from me, and we talk about all sorts of stuff. It is a matter of irrational pride with me that, these days, I get to call my favorite teacher up and talk to her as a colleague.
I tried to learn for Paula, because I wanted to make her proud of me. She taught me more chemistry than any other teacher ever did. To this day, I still remember how to do vacuum distillation. I'm gonna marry the girl that's impressed by that.
Paula taught me chemistry. But more than that, she taught me to take care of others. From Paula, I learned that teens need role models, and that I could be one. While we were playing with ninhydrin and flasks, I learned to teach. It's a lesson I still carry with me.
"How you doing, Paula?" I said. "I called....I guess I just called to say thanks."
-Ask me anything about Sulfur