Just Juniors Journal

Issue #3
March 2000

"Since adolescents are too old to do the things kids do and not old enough to things adults do, they do things nobody else does."

"[Among this group] I feel loved."
-Vesta Jones, August 1999

Part Two

Candle sales are going great. What candles? The wonderful smelling ones made by Shelly Holland, owner of "Heavenly Scents."
Besides the candles for sale, there are soaps that come in fantastic smells.
The profit made by the Lost Solace Kids so far is fourty four dollars, and we are about halfway through the sales. Example scents, the popular ones, are Blueberry Muffin, Hot Baked Apple Pie, Vanilla, Cinnamon Stick, Country Clothesline, and many more.
So, if you need your spirits lifted, buy a candle. The heavenly scents do wonders.
-Brenda Geyer
-The Ladybug

On February 12, 2000, the Lost Solace Kids went to Susque-View, a personal care home in Lock Haven. We played Bingo with the people there.
The residents had fun, and so did the kids. The kids who helped were Erica Elliott, Meghan Wilson, Sarah Wilson, and Lou.
-Erica Elliott

In November, seven-year-old Aisley Green of Oil City, Pennsylvania, was in a car accident. Badly injured, she was taken to the Children's Institue in Pittsburgh for rehabilitation.
Her family has been making trips and phone calls to her, which has cost them a lot of money. On February 6, in response to a plea for help in the local newspaper, the Lost Solace Kids donated a phone card and a get-well card, handmade by Megan Maiolo.
All of the kids signed the card, and are currently collecting other phone cards, money, and letters to be sent to Aisley in a future shipment. He grandmother, Nancy MacGill of Beech Creek, said,"The accident was terrible, but she's slowly getting better. She loves to get mail, so it's a wonderful thing [the Lost Solace Kids] are doing."
Anyone wishing to join in and send Aisley a card can send it care of the Children's Institute, 6301 Umberland Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15217-1396. "Please," her grandmother asks,"Keep her in your prayers."
-Ginger White

Dear Vesta,
I am twelve. I am afraid my dad is going to kill my mom, because he drinks too much. When he is drunk, he hits us. My big sister already moved out to a friend's house. She is sixteen. Dad doesn't care, and Mom doesn't say anything. Mom won't leave.
-Sherry, Dover, NC

Dear Sherry,
Although I wish I could help you out more, the only advice I can give you, with me being here and you being there, is to talk to a teacher or school counselor. Most likely, they will know the right thing to do. -V.

Dear Vesta,
Here is a real problem I'm having.
I'm a member of a service organization that has a political structure to elect governors, presidents, VPs, etc. A friend of mine was treasurer for the district, and someone accused her of harrassment. Anyone who knows her knows that she wouldn't do this, but the board rushed things along and kicked her out of her position. She might even lose her status as a member of the club.
This is really making me mad. The organization does a lot of good, but the politics rub me raw and I don't know whether or not to stay a member. My father says to quit the club, the friend who was ousted says to stay in because they do so much good for the community. I'm torn. Do you have any advice?
-Sarah, Kenosha, WI

Dear Sarah,
I just went through this with the group we were in. Make a petition stating that you (and everyone else) want your friend back in position. Have everyone sign it. And if that doesn't work, quit and maybe even start your own group. Better yet, join Lost Solace. It worked for us. -V.

Dear Vesta,
Actually, I have a couple of questions:
My nose jumped over the moon with a spoon. How can I get it back without seeming nagging and controlling?
And where can I find a flatware spork?
I trust you shall be able to help me on these!
-Jen, New York, NY

Dear Jen,
You can find the flatware spork at any average spork outlet. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Sporks---Retail." Hey, you live in New York, there has to be something like this there.
Once you've found one, try fixing it up with the spoon that stole your nose. When your nose realizes that the spoon has left it for a spork, it will come crawling back to you. Trust me.
-Vesta Jones
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The Just Juniors Journal Is:
Editor: Lou
Assistant Editor: Bianca Barbaro
President and Ethical Advisor: Vesta Jones
IVP: Adam Mayes
EVP: Brenda Geyer
Secretary: Erica Elliott
Quartermaster: Destini Geraty
Staff: Megan Maiolo, Sarah Wilson, Meghan Wilson, Ginger White

By Lou

You are probably one of the Lost Solace Kids if:
You'd rather have coffee or Mountain Dew than a glass of Dom Perignon.
You've spent more hours cleaning the local homeless shelter than your own bedroom.
You start to feel neglected if you haven't been to the weekly meeting.
At two AM in the summertime, you get the urge to dial 748-8103.
You think the Philadelphia Enquirer is inferior because Vesta Jones doesn't write for it.
You actually know how to reach Ginger White.
You take cigarette breaks while doing a project to benefit the American Cancer Society.
Over half your food budget is paid for by selling scented candles.
You've attempted to brain somebody with the bell for not donating to the Salvation Army pail.
You turn in your JJJ articles on time, but not your high school book reports.
You have ever used the phrase "Bring me the head of Adam Mayes."
One of your Christmas traditions is a three-hour drive to Green Valley Farm, to see the dancing beagle.
When it's time to move furniture around, you call to see what John Mayes is doing that day.
And, finally, you know you're one of the Lost Solace Kids if you hang around with a group of fourteen-year-olds and a young-looking redheaded insomniac, and you wouldn't have it any other way.
-The redheaded insomniac

Email: lskids@hotmail.com