Issue #90
Series 2
June 2007


On May 19th, we were at the Relay once again. This year brought in several new potential members. In fact, in this year's Relay there were several new aspects incorporated, including tiki torches for survivors and victims of cancer. The event took place at Riverview Park, which was a big change from Jack Stadium at Lock Haven University.
"The luminaria process went very smoothly," explained Debbie Benfield, adult assistant. "I was put in charge, and we added and deleted some of the process. Instead of folding bags, we used sand to weigh them down. Nice touch, I thought."
Lou, Debbie Benfield, Krystle Welch, Mike Schedin, Cris Miller, Tiffany Allen, Shelby Sander, Robin Prescott, and MarKel Wheeland all attended. Among the older LS Kids were potential new members Brittney Snyder, Shantae Hockenberry, Brandy Tesareski, and Kelly Fye. They all spoke positively of the experience. "My favorite part of the day was walking around and lighting luminaries that represented survivors and deaths from cancer," said Brittney. "It was inspiring to help out more."
Shelby Sander and Kelly Fye, meanwhile, most enjoyed riding in the back of the tractor to hand out candles, and watching boys.
This year, the Kids also lay down in the grass while Lou climbed Peter's Steps, a high peak above the park. This enabled them to get an aerial picture of the Kids, spelling out "LSK".
-Lou, Debbie Benfield, MarKel Wheeland, Cris Miller, Mike Schedin, Shelby Sander, Robin Prescott, Kelly Fye, Brittany Snyder, Shantae Hockenberry, Brandi Tesareski


During all of the excitement of the Relay, the Kids thought to buy a candle for another member who has recently had an experience with cancer: DCS poet Regina Spence, who just had a successful operation.
The idea came from Tif during the Relay, when she suggested that the Kids should purchase a candle for Regina. In addition to Lou's mother, they bought a survivor candle for her, and put her name on it. Lou took a photo of the candle, and later sent it to Regina.
"Aawww! That's so sweet!" Regina responded. "It makes me feel so much better. That really made me smile...Thanks Lou, and everyone else in fact."
-Robin Prescott

The annual Expo was held by the Clinton County Economic Partnership on May 23, 2007. Lou was there with the Clinton County Historical Society, in a booth that featured the mysteries of Clinton County.
Throughout the day, he was visited by some of the LS Kids. Tiffany Allen and Robin Prescott dropped by to help out, and Shelby Sander came over with new member Kelly Fye. Cris Miller and Mike Schedin participated in solving some of the mysteries, winning a family membership to the CCHS when Cris wrote down her theories of Ida Yost's death.
-Robin Prescott


NEW YORK- Okay. So today, June 12, is my last day of school. I do have to come back tomorrow, but only for review. But I might not even go.
So anyway, I'm in math class and we have nothing to do. So we are hitting each other with sticks. But that's not the point.
I just can't wait until I can relax and sleep and do whatever I feel like. Because I have had a long year, and I just want to get out of it.
-Goth Lizz
-DCS Bureau


Words Aren't So Easy
In my dreams, I've been spent.
In this world, I am spent.
I've walked along the roads of unforgiven.
And I have lost all trace of imagination.

Words, dont come so easy to me.
Life, is not easy for me.
And I walk along the trails for memories
Ones I'm slowly forgetting.

And I hold love, As it continues to live.
And I look around, at those still living.
And I wonder what its like, If I were to pass,
And I wonder who would be there.

And these words don't come so easy.
And my imagination, doesn't work so easy.
And slowly my mind loses balance.
And my heart has lost it's way.

And I can't see where tomorrow begins,
Has tomorrow already began?
And I've lost trace of time.
Or has time lost trace of me?

Who are we to judge?
Who are you to judge?
What in this life do we gain,
But the judgment of another.

And what of the lies?
What do we gain of the lies?
Imagination has lost it's feeling.
And this world of gossip has lost it's interest.
Words dont come to me no more,
I've lost the sanctity, words I can't find anymore.
Where do I begin now?
What do I do now?

Where my imagination is hindered.
My only strength is hindered.
And the words,
Just won't come to me anymore.
-Regina Spence
-DCS Bureau

The JJJ Is:
Leader: Lou
Assistant Leaders: Tiffany Allen, Debbie Benfield
President: MarKel Wheeland
Vice-President: Meghan Rockey
Secretary: Cris Miller
Staff: Shelby Sander, Biz Albright, Mike Schedin, Krystle Welch, Brittany Snyder, Shantae Hockenberry, Brandi Tesareski, Kelly Fye, Robin Prescott, Ida Yost
Distant Correspondents: MacKenzie Brundage, Regina Spence, Amber Snow, Chelsey Crouchley, Goth Lizz
Foreign Bureau: Janice Marco
I remember.
I remember years ago, when we were first starting out. When keeping an eye on the Kids was as stressful as the cause we were serving. Charity projects in Lock Haven, and the only ones to help were me and a group of thirteen-year-olds.
Yes, I remember.
Initially, I had a different vision for this team. My goal, at first, was to take one group of Kids, the earliest bunch. The plan was to raise them, watch over them, take care of them from start to finish, and then retire when they grew up. I always foresaw a future for the LS Kids, but in my vision, it was always run by one of them---When I visualized the future of the LS Kids, I never saw myself in it.
And now, that original group of Kids is grown and gone....And I'm still here.
Things have changed, since those early days. The Kids now have a reputation, and are often counted on by the organizations we help. Gone are the days when I need to call people up and explain that I run a group of teens. And the Kids themselves have averaged toward being older, as well---As time goes by and they grow, I have more LS Kids who are getting older but sticking around, and fewer ten-year-olds who need constant supervision. The team, as a whole, has moved toward being more responsible and competent.
In all this time, Debbie Benfield has been a constant. Joining the group way back when it was only about nine months old, she's served the whole time. She began as an impulsive young kid, gradually showing me her potential in small doses. And she's grown into a confident, self-assured young woman who just turned twenty-one.
I love all of the LS Kids, past and present. But Debbie....Unlike the youngest ones, Debbie no longer needs my supervision. And unlike the oldest ones, she's stuck around to help raise the next generation of Kids.
It's a luxury for me to have a grown Kid who's so dedicated. These days, I can turn my back, go do something elsewhere with complete faith that Debbie's got the situation under control. Debbie came up through the ranks, spent the past seven years in this group....So I know she understands what she's doing. She's been through most of these projects almost as many times as I have.
It really hit me while we took the LSK photo from Peter's Steps. I climbed to the top of a mountain....And left Debbie to coordinate things below. Was a time I'd never have been able to split up from the Kids like that.
Some things never change, and that's good. And some things do change....And that's okay, too.
Yes. I remember.
I remember the old days, and what it was like back then. And I notice the changes, and notice how much easier it's gotten.
I remember. We all do.
-We remember