Serving Lock Haven for a twentieth of a century.

Issue #30
Series 2
June 2002

To believe:
That "I can" is less important than "I will",
That laughter is stronger than pain,
That tears can be dried by hope,
That friendship is the best glue to fix a broken heart,
That everyone in the world has something to give,
And that reaching out to someone is the best way to make a difference;
To believe all that
Is to succeed.

-The LS Kids Oath


The Lost Solace Kids participated in the Clinton Unit of the American Cancer Society's Annual Relay For Life, a twenty-four hour walk to raise money to benefit cancer patients. On May 18, 2002 AD, Lou, Michelle, Staci Wyland, Debbie Benfield, and new reserve member Marcie Hanley met up at Hubert Jack Stadium at Lock Haven University to assist the Cancer Society.
The project had begun a month before, with Lou, Debbie, and Staci passing out forms for the white luminaria candles. By filling out a form and donating five dollars, candles could be purchased in the name of a cancer victim or survivor, and displayed at the Relay. Candles were purchased for Staci's grandmother and Marjorie and Mia Shelley's father, who died of cancer.
Beginning at eleven AM, the LS Kids started doing the "Strive For Five" project, under the direction of Fran Decker, contact person with the Cancer Society. By making announcements over the speakers and handing out healthy snacks to the walkers, the LS Kids tried to promote the eating of five fruits or vegetables per day.
Together, they constructed a balloon arch, under the direction of Staci. The arch, made entirely of helium balloons, ribbon, and fishing line, was used later for the cancer survivors to walk under for the Survivors' Walk, held at seven PM. Staci Wyland, who had cancer in 2000, participated in the walk.
This was the third Relay the LS Kids had assisted with, beginning in 2000.


On May 11th, the LS Kids spent two and a half hours tying red, white, and blue bows. Yeah, it sounds weird, but it was for the American Red Cross.
The reason for this is because they were involved in the Expo up at the college, and they needed to hand out the small, decorative bows. We tied over three hundred bows for them.
The people who helped were Staci Wyland, Lou, Michelle, Marjorie Shelley, and Debbie Benfield. We tied bows, and ate pizza and Michelle's homemade cookies.
-Debbie Benfield

The Lost Solace Kids are doing a project called "Hands On Lock Haven." For the second year in a row, they are having people sign handprints that state they will not use their hands or words for hurting.
The Kids have a bunch of different colored papers with hands on them. They take them to schools, businesses, and any other places, and have people sign them. Then Lou takes them to the Ross Library, and hangs them on the wall. At this writing, we have almost eighty hands up.
-Marjorie Shelley

LS Kid External Vice-President Marjorie Shelley appeared on stage again ar Central Moutain High School for a chorus concert. Entitled, "A Broadway Spectacular," the show featured various broadway musical numbers. It was performed on May 21, 2002, at 7:30 PM.
Marjorie, a member of the choristers, performed songs from "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". She also took part in "Arms Around The World" and "America The Beautiful." Toward the end of the show, she performed in sign language in addition to singing, for the hearing impaired.
Lou and Michelle attended the program to watch Marjorie. Reserve LS Kid Kendra Koch was also onstage.
Marjorie has been in other concerts, in December and April.
-Ginger White


September 2, 1998. My first day of high school. Over the morning announcements came the principal, telling all of the new freshmen,"Work hard and get a good gpa and you will receive an acedemic letter for your letterman jacket."
Thinking to myself,"Wow, that would be totally cool! I can recieve that in no time at all."
Little did I know, high school work is a little harder then middle school work. So freshman year I worked and worked. I managed to pull a gpa of 3.0, but it wasnt high enough to recieve my letter I wanted so badly. However, at the end of my freshman year, I recieved my band patch to go onto my jacket. But I really only wanted that letter.
Sophomore year, I took two extra classes, which didnt help my gpa. So all my hard work that year just pulled me a 3.3. I needed at least a 3.6 for my letter.
Then my junior year, I became pregnant the first week of classes, so in April I had to leave school for pregnancy problems.
My last chance, my senior year, and I was only going one semester, so I had to make it count. I worked hard and took advanced classes. I had to study a lot, but I managed to make a 3.8.
However, I did not know what my gpa was until the begining of February. Then, in early April, I recieved a letter stating that there was going to be an award ceremony for those who recieved the letter. YES, I FINALLY DID IT!
So, the ceremony was April 31, 2002, three and a half years from the time I started to try to get the letter. As I sat in the front row I just waited for them to call my name. However my name is always at the end of the alphabet, unfortunately.
So while I was waiting, I was making sure my daughter was keeping quiet and staying out of trouble. And would you believe, she was the best she has ever been.
I was the last to be called. When I walked up there my principal said,"You have worked really hard for this, and I am honored to award this letter to you."
Excitement, excitement! I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy. For the first time, I completed something that took a lot of energy to complete and a lot of effort.
I recieved my award and now my jacket is complete.
-Rachel Wykry
-DCS Bureau
Editor's Note: I am proud of Rachel, and so are the other LS Kids. Our deepest, warmest congratulations go out to her for getting her award. -L.


By Brenda
I love you more than words can say
I thank God I have you every day
Every single night I pray
That in your heart is where I'll stay
If I could have just one wish
It would be a lifetime with you full of happiness
I love it when you squeeze me tight
And hold me close throughout the night
When I'm not with you time goes so slow
A minute is forever whenever you go
If you should ever need me in an instant I'll be there
To show you I love you and really do care
-Brenda Geyer

Original Member, LS Kids

Tiffanie Marie Saar, 17, died of injuries sustained in a car accident on May 21, 2002. The accident happened in Bald Eagle Township.
Tiffanie was one of the earliest members of the Lost Solace Kids, seceding from the previous group with the others. She had helped out at Bingo games in Susque-View and at Christmas dinners for senior citizens.
She was a junior at Central Mountain High School, and a member of the chorus and SADD.
Tiffanie lived in Loganton.

By Ginger
Adore It: Christopher Kangas, fourteen-year-old volunteer firefighter, was killed by a car while riding his bike to a fire on May 4. The youngest member of the Brookhaven, PA Fire Company, Kangas sounds like a brave, good, kind kid, and our deepest sympathies go out to his family. The world is worse off without him.
Deplore It: The Florida Department of Children and Families lost five-year-old Rilya Wilson. After assuming she was in foster care for fifteen months, a caseworker finally checked, and the child hasn't been there. At this writing, she has still not been found. Perhaps the children of Florida would be better off without their Department of Children and Families.
-Ginger White

The Just Juniors Journal Is:
Editor: Lou
President: Brenda Geyer
IVP: Staci Wyland
EVP: Marjorie Shelley
Secretary: Debbie Benfield
Quartermaster: Mia Shelley
Staff: Ginger White
Renovo Bureau: Sarah Wilson, Meghan Wilson
DCS Bureau Head: Vesta Jones
Distant Correspondents: Amber Fleming, Kazlynn Otto, Rachel Wykry

By Lou

It's been written about. There are songs about it, poems, movies and television shows. And yet, it's nothing anybody wants to think too much about, is it? How fragile life can be.
Death is always pretty close, when you think about it. Every year, when we go help the Cancer Society, it sort of occurs to me. We help assemble and light the candles, and I look at them. This year, we had over a thousand candles lined up across the stadium. And as I looked, it crossed my mind that at least half of those were burning for people who had died.
The other half had come close, surviving the cancer. Staci Wyland is in that category. When she first joined the group, almost two years ago now, she had a cancerous mole on her jugular vein. And as she went in for surgery, two days before her first project with us, I remember how concerned we all were.
Now, we talk about it casually, she and I. It's no big thing, now---They operated, removed the mole, and everything turned out allright. But at the time, we were acutely aware of how close death could come.
I know, I know, it's nothing you want to dwell on. No point in being morbid. But you can't always ignore it, either. And sometimes....
Tiffanie Saar. Anybody remember her? She was one of the first LS Kids, who quit the original group with me, and seceded to Lost Solace. I liked Tiffanie. She was a witty kid with a quick sense of humor, who I recall always being around to help, especially in projects involving senior citizens.
Three days after the Relay was over, I learned that Tiffanie had been killed in a car accident. And I wished....I wished I'd thought to call her up recently, to drop in, to say hi.
I could have. I know that. But I always thought there would be time.
There isn't time now. Not now. I'll never get the chance to call up Tiffanie and say hi again.
Life is fragile. I am aware of that. And I do want to appreciate the people I have left. Staci, Brenda, Debbie, Mia, Marjorie....Sarah and Meghan....Vesta, Amber, Kazlynn, Rachel....I love you guys. You mean the world to me. And I hope I get the chance to tell you, over and over.
But if I don't have that chance again....
I won't dwell on it. I can't. But sometimes, a lump on the head, a lump in the breast, and a lump in the throat are exactly the same thing. I'll miss you, Tiff.
-Dust to dust