Issue #91
Series 2
July 2007

The Most Interesting
Parade Float Ever

On June 30th, the Lost Solace Kids were again on the parade route for the annual Best of Clinton County Parade. Me, Lou, Tiffany Allen, Debbie Benfield, Cris Miller, Meghan Rockey, and Shelby Sander all participated.
At the last minute, we all helped Lou throw together an....interesting float. Basically, we pieced together parts of old floats from the past. It turned out pretty cool actually, with the tent from 2005, and some of the landmarks of 2006.
The parade kicked off at noon, and lucky me, I got to ride on the roof inside of the tent. That was awesome. Everybody watching the parade seemed to think it was a neat float.
-Biz Albright


LS Kid Biz Albright, who quit high school in 2005 to join the military and is now a Private First Class in the United States Army, recieved her G.E.D in May after about three months of intensive studying and preparation.
A G.E.D, or General Equivelancy Diploma, is equal in all aspects to a general diploma recieved at a high school gradutation ceremony, and serves to certify that its bearer is as knowledgable in Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Science and Social Studies as the average high school graduate.
Biz, who spent some time at the Adult Learning Center getting advice on how to score well on the test, got a very high score on the practice exam and was thus able to have the test-taking fee, which usually runs at around sixty dollars, paid for by the state.
Now that she has her high school diploma, Biz plans to attend Lock Haven University to pursue an undergraduate degree in Accounting, after which she hopes to work for the CIA.
-Tiffany Allen

Ida Yost, the teenaged ghost who inhabits Lou's house, has been a member and a conversation point of the Kids since they moved in three years ago. But now, she's also been the topic of a presentation, and got a good grade.
Lou's old high school friend Deb learned about Ida when she came to visit Lock Haven last fall. Deb, now taking a summer class, gave a talk on Ida for a class project in June. "I sure hope she doesn't mind," said Deb.
Deb ended up with a 96 on the speech. She e-mailed Lou to tell him about it.
The Kids first discovered Ida in the fall of 2003, when they helped Lou move into the new house. Ida Yost killed herself by drinking an ounce of carbolic acid in 1905, when she was seventeen years old.
-Robin Prescott


The Dust Of My Eyes
I've sat in the shadows and cried,
Till my tears became dust,
My soul reached out,
With chained arms.

My soul cried out to a hope that was never there.
My heart's foundation crumbled,
Because I built it on your love.
And what was your love?

A false advertisement, a lie, and blade.
You gathered my emotions and held them close,
Then you threw them into a blaze,
And you stabbed the hope I carried and it withered.

You made my hope soar like if they were on eagles wings,
And you let them free fall.
They crashed upon a bed of blades and glass,
And I cried the dust from my eyes.

And I gave up on love.
-Regina Spence
-DCS Bureau

The JJJ Is:
Leader: Lou
Assistant Leaders: Tiffany Allen, Debbie Benfield
President: MarKel Wheeland
Vice-President: Meghan Rockey
Secretary: Cris Miller
Staff: Shelby Sander, Lacey Richner, Biz Albright, Mike Schedin, Robin Prescott, Ida Yost
Distant Correspondents: MacKenzie Brundage, Regina Spence, Shadow Snow, Chelsey Crouchley, Goth Lizz
Foreign Bureau: Janice Marco
The 2007 Best Of Clinton County Parade. With no time to plan, we recycled parts from the last two floats, stuck Biz on the roof in a tent, and joined in. Didn't win an award; didn't really expect to. I just enjoy spending time with the Kids.
One of the things I enjoy most about those events is the dialogue. That's right, just the regular back and forth talking among my teens. Out of all the awards, media attention, excitement, I mainly just enjoy talking with the Kids.
This parade was wonderful that way. The Kids chattered back and forth, before and during. It was a little like a Family Circus comic, except funny. I heard some marvelous examples of Kid dialogue zipping around the van....
"Biz makes me nervous up there. It was different when I was riding the roof; that was safe. But this is, you know, Biz."
"If I was gonna get up there, I'd have to drink a Red Bull. They give you wings."
"Red Bull tastes like hell. Could I just take a sip, and settle for feathers?"
"When do I get to ride on the roof?"
"Shelby, you can ride the roof when you're older. And when I say older, I mean about forty-seven, and hopefully I'll be dead and someone else will be in charge of the group."
"....If they'd like us because we're throwing candy, even if we just crawled, then I dare you to crawl down the street....HEY! Not near ME!"
"We should be Harry Potter for the Halloween parade. I want to be Ginny, cause she gets to kiss Harry."
"You realize the part of Harry is likely to be played by Biz."
sigh....I know."
"Oh sure, it just wouldn't be a parade if we didn't make Biz cross-dress."
"Check out the Shriners! I wonder where I could get one of those tiny little cars?"
I've always enjoyed that....Just listening to them. I always will. No matter what parade we're in, there is no award quite as enjoyable as just bantering with my Kids.
-Pump up the volume