Just Juniors Journal

Birth, death, and everything between.

Issue #7
Series 2
July 2000

"Children today are tyrants.
They contradict their parents, gobble their food,
and tyrannize their teachers."

Heritage day....Well, Heritage Day was celebrated this year on May 14. For the past two years, the Lost Solace Kids have had a bake sale to raise money to donate to the SPCA and other organizations. We usually make thirty or so dollars. As expected, that's about how much we made.
For the five hours we were in Canal Park, me, Cheyenne Pelton, Sarah Wilson, Meghan Wilson, and Ginger White sunbathed, and then swam in the river. It was really hot, and the water cooled us off. On the way home, I found a baby bird and saved it.
-Vesta Jones

On Thursday, June 8, 2000, a little miracle was brought into the world. My older sister had a little baby boy, born at 4:41 AM. His name is Eugene Ellery Falls III.
He was born about one month early, so he had to be flown to Geisinger Childrens' Medical Center. He had a lot of tubes stuck in his body. On Saturday, June 10, he got the tubes out of his mouth and nose. The day after, he got all the tubes out, and is really improving.
At this writing, he is supposed to come home sometime this week. We can't wait.
-Erice Elliott
-Aunt Erica!

Sometimes things happen that nobody can explain. And for some incomprehensible reason, every current member of the LS Kids has a summer birthday!
In June, we have John Mayes on the second, Bobby Wyss on the first, Megan Maiolo on the twenty-second, and Brenda Geyer on the sixteenth.
In July, there are Sara Wilson on the fifth, Vesta Jones on the eighth, Eddie Maiolo on the twenty-fourth, and Lou on the twenty-third.
And August claims Meghan Wilson on the eighth, Ginger White on the second, Erica Elliott on the nineteenth, and Nicole Radabaugh on the twenty-eighth.
So, anyone buying presents for the LS Kids this summer, be sure to buy a whole lot of them.
-Ginger White
-Wants cake

Since joining Lost Solace, Vic has become one of the most active, helpful peer counselors in the group. And it isn't a surprise when you get to know her. During out phone interview, I had the urge to unload some of my problems, too.
Vic, 52, seems to have that effect on people. A resident of Denver, she has been through tragedy in her life, and manages to turn it around to help other people. Vic (short for Victoria) runs an AOL chatroom on abuse, and has her own page, Healing With Victoria.
How did she join Lost Solace? "Somebody e-mailed me....I think Claymore," says Vic. "He'd seen my page, and said he was impressed. He asked if I'd be willing to do it for a group, as well as on my own."
Initially, there was a bit of reservation among the members, due to Vic's religion. Lost Solace contains some Wiccans and atheists, and there were some concerns that Vic, a devoted Christian, wouldn't fit.
But she does. Vic has never once pushed her religious views on anyone, and in fact, the subject rarely comes up. She has become so accepted by the others that Lou, a hardcore atheist, recruited her as Ethical Advisor on the CarePage.
Her favorite incident since joining, she says, was "The Abortion Talk". This was a month-long e-mail discussion between the members that will be remembered for a long time to come.
Some of the LS members began discussing their views on abortion, Vic among them. And nobody fought or argued, nobody became rude, even though there was disagreement.
"It was very open and honest," Vic recalls. "Talking from an emotional level, but so mature and calm. That was definitely my favorite experience with the group. It was done with such class."
-Ginger White

Worked at Radio Shack

Valerie "Raven" Pasko, born on October 27th, 1973, died on May 24th, 2000.
Pasko lived in Phoenixville, PA. She worked at her local Radio Shack, which she enjoyed greatly.
She was a member of the Phoenixville Jaycees, and graduated from Ursinus University in 1993.
Surviving her are her parents and her sister Joanie.

Teacher, friend

Alan M. Kush of Slatington, PA, died on April 11th, 2000. Born on July 5th, 1948, he taught at Slatington and Peters Elementary Schools.
Kush, years ago, helped with a school newsletter called the Elementary School Times. This helped Lou, at age sixteen, get started and acquire experience with running newsletters. Alan Kush was a smart man. Surviving him is his wife.
-Brenda Geyer

The Just Juniors Journal Is:
Lou: Editor
Michele Archibald, Lauren Manning: Assistant Editors,
Vesta Jones: President, Ethical Advisor
John Mayes: Sergeant-At-Arms
Brenda Geyer: Vice-President
Erica Elliott: Secretary
Destini Geraty: Quartermaster
Meghan Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Megan Maiolo, Eddie Maiolo, Ginger White: Staff

By Lou
Anybody who was reading my column last year at this time will remember the fit I threw when I turned thirty. It really bothered me, and I went a little crazy over it. However, I'm more mature now, and I realize that there are much worse things than turning thirty.
Like turning thirty-one, for instance. That's lots worse.
This month, I turn thirty-one years old. If I look at the evidence, I can tell I'm aging, I need at least four hours of sleep these days, as opposed to the one hour a night I was able to get by on in college. And I been fighting a battle lately with Carpal Tunnel---The winner lately is Carpal Tunnel by a TKO, but I want a rematch.
So, what to do when I get depressed? I do what I always do. I do the thing that still makes me feel young.
I spend time with my kids.
We've been spending a lot of time together lately, the kids and I. I enjoy that, and want to make it last as long as possible. They're not gonna be fifteen forever, in much the same way I wasn't. And it's been occurring to me lately that I don't have to act any older, necessarily.
The other day at the library, I saw this old lady. She was wearing a Harley shirt---One of those ones with the lightning bolts on it. I smiled, and told her,"Just admiring your wardrobe choice."
"Oh," she said,"You like this?"
"I do," I said. "I like the style. I don't see too many of those on....Uh...."
"On little white-haired old ladies?" She laughed. "You were trying to be diplomatic, and I like that. I wear what I like to wear. I don't feel I need to live up to the world's image of me."
I said,"Yes. I know what you mean. You go, lady!"
So that's what I'm going to do. This weekend, for my birthday, I'll be traveling to see Claymore and Angel. The kids are going with me. And we'll spend time together, and dammit, I'm gonna act as young and immature as I want.
And that's the secret, when I start to get depressed. It comes from an old song....That lady would know it.
"I get by...With a little help from my friends."
-Thirty-one. (sigh)

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