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Issue #24
Series 2
December 2001

"And we'll all join hands, and remember this moment
And we'll love and we'll laugh
In the time that we have
Till the season comes round again."
-Reba McEntire

"A long December,
And there's reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last...."
-Counting Crows


(And down 80 East and 93 South)

On December 9, 2001 AD, we took a day trip to Slatington, Pennsylvania, to see Lou's parents (and soon to be Michelle's.)
We left about around ten AM. We were planning on leaving at nine, but we had to delay to drag Staci and Mia out of bed. We all piled in all parts parts of the car, and then we were off.
Two hours or so into the trip, we stopped in Jim Thorpe to see the big piece of coal in the park, which has also becoem sort of a tradition. We also saw Santa and some horses.
When we finally arrived at Green Valley Farm, Rudy was there to greet us. We went in and ate some cookies, then went out to pick out Christmas trees.
After that, we ate sandwiches and sat around talking. Around seven-thirty, we ventured home and then WENT TO BED!
-Vesta Jones


On November 22, 2001, the LS Kids volunteered a few hours of their holiday at the Great Island Presbyterian Church for their annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the less fortunate. Lou, Vesta Jones, Brenda Geyer, Staci Wyland, Maria Shelley, Justin Shady, and Ginger White all set table, waited on people, cleared off tables, and reset them again. They were also helping the church to take donations.
The church used seven turkeys and ran out of almost everything. Toward the end of the day, Maria volunteeredto walk one of the people home, because she walked with a cane and had a meal to take home.
-Staci Wyland

On December first, the Lost Solace Kids were in the annual Lock Haven Christmas Parade down Main Street. They were asked to help out the American Cancer Society during the parade.
Staci Wyland, Maria Shelley, Marjorie Shelley, Vesta Jones, Brenda Geyer, and Lou all were in the Christmas spirit.
-Marjorie Shelley

Marjorie Shelley was in the Central Mountain High School Winter Choral Concert on December 6, 2001. It was held at the high school in Mill Hall.
Marjorie, a member of the Central Mountain Choristers, sang several songs. Some of these included "I Think Peace," "Keep The Candle Burning," and "Through Their Eyes." Kendra Koch, LS Kid Reserve Member, was also in the concert.
Lou and Michelle gave Marjorie a ride to the concert, and stayed to watch.
-Ginger White

On December 8, 2001, the Lost Solace Kids rang the bells in front of Dollar General in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. Brenda Geyer, Vesta Jones, Marjorie Shelley, Staci Wyland, Maria Shelley, Lou, and Kristie Bloodgood rang the bell for the Salvation Army to raise some money.
Vesta and Brenda were in the Christmas spirit and were singing Christmas carols. Temperatures dropped to thirty-one degrees as the kids stood out in the cold for four hours. And the good part was the Brenda, Vesta, Marjorie, Maria, Staci, and Kristie, the newest member of the group, all saw Santa Claus in Triangle Park.
-Kristie Lynn Bloodgood

The LS Kids got one of their Christmas presents a little early this year. They all now wear new visors, to unify them as a team.
The visors were ordered from KC All-Sports, in Lock Haven. They are purple, with orange lettering that says LS Kids. They will be worn during trips and projects, so that everyone knows what group we belong to.
The visors were first worn on December 8, 2001, to ring the bell for the Salvation Army.
-Ginger White

On December 15, the Lost Solace Kids went to the Ross Library and answered Santa letters. Children write letters to Santa Claus, and then the Lost Solace Kids and other people answer then and send them back to the children.
Lou, Maria Shelley, Marjorie Shelley, and Staci Wyland all attended this project. They all ate pizza, listened to Christmas carols and answered letters.
Some of the letters were very difficult to answer because children were asking for peace in Afganistan, or their parents who were dead to come back, or their parents out of jail.
-Staci Wyland

December 10 began Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish Festival of Rededication. Hanukkah is not really as big an event as all you non-Jews think it is; it's been blonw out of proportion because of it's proximity to Christmas. Still, it's fun and we celebrate it, and I invited my goy-friend Brenda Geyer over for our dinner.
We lit the first candle of nine on the Menorah (One for each day, and a spare), and sat down to eat. Because oil is a big part of Hanukkah, representing the Holy Oil of Judah, we eat largely fried foods.
We had latkes, potato pancakes fried in oil. Brenda insisted upon eating hers with cheese.
After dinner, we played dreidel, a gambling game with a four-sided top (I'm sure you've seen one.) We played for M&Ms, and I lost. Not so surprising, considering Lou originally won me in a card game.
And then, we sang. We sang this traditional Hanukkah song:
Who can retell the things that befell us, who can count them?
In every age a hero or sage came to our aid
Who can retell the things that befell us, who can count them?
In every age a hero or sage came to our aid
I think we here in the LS Kids all know who our heroes are.
-Ginger White


On November 24, 2001, the Lost Solace Kids and Lou's fiancee, Michelle, went to Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon, in Wellsboro. Maria Shelley, Staci Wyland, Lou, and Michelle all went. It took an hour to drive there.
We went on a trail called the Overlook Path. After that, Maria and Lou walked down the Turkey Path, all the way to the bottom of the canyon. It took an hour and a half to get to the bottom and back.
While they were doing that, Staci and Michelle waited at the car and got warm. When Maria and Lou got back, Staci and Michelle told them that there was a dog in the next car, but not moving. Maria and Lou took a look, but it was only an Indian basket with fur on it.
-Maria Shelley


2002 will be a big year for weddings: Four members of Lost Solace are getting married; Lou, BiPagan, Claymore, and Angel.
Lou is marrying Michelle in May at Slatington, Pennsylvania. BiPagan is marrying her fiancee Ed in January in Wisconsin. Finally, Claymore and Angel are probably getting married in July in Andover, New York.
-Marjorie Shelley
-Good luck!

By Rudy The Dancing Beagle
Editor's Note: Since Vesta is taking the month of December off from her column, we had Rudy the Dancing Beagle fill in. The management accepts no responsibility. We did, however, correct the spelling errors.
Dear Vesta,
I've felt down recently. Do you know what I could do to get happy again?

Of course. Feed a beagle! That's always a good idea!
Or you could try what I do. Go out and chase bunnies for an hour, and then sit on the floor and chew a stuffed hedgehog. Let me know how it works. -R.

My family won't let me get a pet that doesn't swim in water. I'm sure fish are nice but I would go for a turtle or something I could pick up. Is there anything good about having a fish?
-Upset about gills

Sure! Fish taste great!
You could beg and plead and whimper until your family gives in. That always works for me. Or maybe you could get a fish, name it Spot or Fido, and try to teach it to fetch. Make the best of a bad situation. And if you really don't like having a fish, remember....A little butter and salt, and watch the bones.
-Rudy the Dancing Beagle
-Who let the dogs out?
Okay, we apologize for that. Vesta returns next month. Write in at lskjjj@yahoogroups.com.

By Brenda
The Simple Things
The birds are chirping
The sun is out
These are the simple things
Life is about.
The sweet smell of cookies
The sound of a song
Life couldn't be better
What could go wrong?
The softness of babies
The sight of moonlight
Simple things like this
Keep my life bright.
So when my days are bad
And I can't make myself smile
I think of these things
And they make it all worthwhile.
-Brenda Geyer

The Just Juniors Journal Is:
Editor: Lou
President, Ethical Advisor: Vesta Jones
IVP: Brenda Geyer
EVP: Staci Wyland
Secretary: Debbie Benfield
Staff: Marjorie Shelley, Maria Shelley, Kristie Lynn Bloodgood, Nickole Vincent, Justin Shady, Ginger White
Renovo Bureau: Sarah Wilson, Meghan Wilson
Distant Correspondents: Amber Fleming, Kazlynn Otto

By Lou

We all grow up.
When I was a child, I was growing up on the Christmas tree farm. I explored and played, ran and climbed, and did all the usual kid things. What's that line? "When I was a child, I thought as a child, I acted as a child...."
But we all grow up. Me, too, more or less. And I left the farm nine years ago, and only go back for visits. The things I did, the places I used to play, sit quiet and empty now.
Times change. People grow up, you put away your toys, and you leave the play-places behind.
And sometimes, annually, I take the kids back for a visit.
I think they like to see where I grew up. And they like the cookies my mom makes, and they like Rudy, who dances and begs for the cookies. And they always run around discovering things that I knew already.
This time around, they found my old tree house. When I was six, I used to sit out there for hours. The kids did the same thing, sitting in the tree house and talking.
Staci was impressed with the tree baler, and ran to watch it in action every time Dad used it. Mia explored the forest and the root cellar, discovering all the new places to have adventures. ("This is where we should live," she said.)
Vesta and Brenda climbed a tree out back---Same tree I used to, same branches, same view. They went and checked out my old bedroom, and claimed they'd have loved living there. And they played with the kittens in the front yard, like I used to.
The yard, the attic, the forest. The kids all explored them, and discovered all over again the things that were distant memories to me.
And just before we left, I took a photo of them on the stairs. Oldest at the top, youngest at the bottom. Right there with the stockings. Just like my mom used to take pictures of us.
I suppose things don't change so much, after all. Maybe....The scenes stay the same. Only the people change.
Kids grow up. But new kids always appear. And by rediscovering the things that I used to play with, they brought back some of my own childhood.
Merry Christmas. Stay young.
-Second star to the right, and straight on till morning