Issue #76
Series 2
April 2006


In early March, the Lock Haven chapter of the American Red Cross teamed up with the Mill Hall Pizza Hut for a fundraiser. Earlier in the month, a Red Cross volunteer had asked group leader Lou, who, along with the Kids, has helped the Red Cross with various other projects over the years, for help distributing flyers related to the event.
Lou’s assistant Tif, who was sick with the flu that week and couldn’t help with the actual distribution of the flyers, did her part by contacting the Red Cross and making all the necessary arrangements, such as when the flyers were to be picked up, how many were needed, and where they were to be posted. Once that was taken care of, Lou and local Kid Robin Prescott walked around Lock Haven putting them in various businesses.
The event, which involved Pizza Hut customers donating a certain portion of the proceeds from the purchase of their pizzas to the local Red Cross, only raised about ninety dollars, but according to a Red Cross spokesperson, it “shows interest by the community.”
The Red Cross is planning a similar fundraiser for later this summer, and has high hopes that the LS Kids will again aid them in getting the word out about it.
-Tiffany Allen


The 2006 Winter Summit was held the weekend of March 24, 2006. With Meghan Rockey falling sick and some of the other Kids working, the Kids didn't participate in the Summit as much as usual. But they did manage to show up for a couple of field trips.
Keri and Andrews, Lost Solace Volunteers, came into Lock Haven and stayed the weekend. Keri had to be back to work by Monday, but Andrews, coming all the way from California, chose to stay a few extra days, and spend some time with Lou and the Kids.
Lou and Andrews took LS Kids Tiffany Allen and Robin Prescott out for a ride, stopping by some of the sights of the Lock Haven area. Tif and Lou showed the others Highland Cemetery, and then they rode out to Saint John's Cemetery, along Highway 150, and discovered a specific grave there: The aunt of Ida Yost, the ghost in Lou's home, is buried there.
"We also had dinner together, and spent some time hanging out and getting to know one another," commented Lou. "And, really, isn't that what the bi-annual Summits are all about?"
-Lou, Editor
-Robin Prescott, Staff

In mid-March of this year, LSK group leader Lou got a new job as the curator of the Heisey Museum in Lock Haven. As the base of the Clinton County Historical Society, the Heisey Museum was deeded to the CCHS in 1962 by Mrs. Cora Frey Heisey, in memory of her husband. The Victorian-style home has been completely remodeled to represent how life in Lock Haven was approximately 150 years ago, in the mid-1800s, and has eight rooms filled with various historical artifacts from that period and others. Lou is also in charge of other properties that have been acquired by the CCHS through the years, which include the Barton Street School and the Farrandsville Iron Furnace.
Lou was offered his new job when former curator Katharine Paulhamus accepted a position at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Before that, he had a membership to the Historical Society as a research volunteer. "I walk in and declare that there’s a ghost in my house, and that I know where a buried treasure is but I have to dig up a dead guy to find it, and they offer me a job," he says. "Who would’ve thought?"
As a special addition to his achievement, Lou is also the first paid male curator in the history of the Heisey Museum.
-Tiffany Allen


ILLINOIS- In the middle of winter, Lou told me about dandelions, and that they can be eaten. I was out walking the other day, and I saw some. I kind of couldn't believe it, because I thought they wouldn't be here yet, but they were.
Lou said that any part of the dandelion can be eaten, so I just picked it and stuffed it in my mouth. It tasted good.
I love them, and they are my favorite food now. The flower part is the desert; it tastes like candy. They have Vitamins A and C in them. They should be washed before eating, just in case.
You can just eat them plain, or you can cook them different ways. There are recipes to make different things. I haven't tried them yet, but I want to.
-Amber Snow
-DCS Bureau


By Regina
The Dust Of My Eyes
I've sat in the shadows and cried,
Till my tears became dust,
My soul reached out,
With chained arms.

My soul cried out to a hope that was never there.
My heart's foundation crumbled,
Because I built it on your love.
And what was your love?

A false advertisement, a lie, and blade.
You gathered my emotions and held them close,
Then you threw them into a blaze,
And you stabbed the hope I carried and it withered.

You made my hope soar like if they were on eagles wings,
And you let them free fall.
They crashed upon a bed of blades and glass,
And I cried the dust from my eyes.

And I gave up on love.
-Regina Spence
-DCS Bureau

The JJJ Is:
Leader: Lou
Assistant Leader: Tiffany Allen
President: Meghan Rockey
Vice-President: Biz Albright
Staff: Shelby Sander, Carleah Stabley, Jess Cummings, Cris Miller, Mike Schedin, Markel Wheeland, Robin Prescott, Debbie Benfield, Krystle Welch, Ida Yost
Distant Correspondents: MacKenzie Brundage, Kazlynn Otto, Regina Spence, Amber Snow, Chelsey Crouchley, Goth Lizz
Foreign Bureau: Janice Marco

I didn't think about the hours. I didn't think about the money. I didn't think about the commute.
Mostly, when I was offered the curator job, what I thought was Wow, cool.
I'd been volunteering for the Historical Society. When the Executive Director, Anne, called me into the office, I honestly thought I was going to get bitched out for something. I guess I haven't fully outgrown that period as a teen when you dread getting called to the principal's office. But instead of reaming me, she offered me the curator's job.
So I get to do research. I get to hunt down old legends and dig up buried treasures. And, best of all, I get to include the Kids.
In this job, like always, it's kind of nice having an army of teenagers available. As the Clinton County Historical Society is a local non-profit organization, and a good cause in this community, I don't mind getting the LS Kids involved with my new job.
Already, Meghan's been down to the museum to help out. Tif is doing some research that will have an impact on tourism in the county. Amber's looked up some things that helped with an antique display. I've found papers relating to Ida. And the Kids will be helping with some big projects this summer.
Every few years, something happens that changes everything within the group. Now, all at once, we have new Kids, and a new job, which will mean new projects and adventures. Nothing ever works out the way I expect, so I don't know what this will end up like.
But think what an adventure it'll be.
-Curator, Heisey Museum