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Carving Pumpkins

(Halloween '99)

Luis came in to the youth center early that evening to help with the decorations for the Halloween Party that was to be thrown, evening next. He was thinking about carving some pumpkins setting them around the gym floor for special effects. Thank God, Ms. Crane wouldn't be coming in today. He had enough of that woman for a life time, and didn't want anymore bodily damage.

"Hey, Man whatcha doin'?" Hank asked.

"I thought I would carve some pumpkins for the party."

"Woah. I would help but... "

"But you've got no excuse."

"That's right. Sorry man not good at it, see ya" He threw up his hands backing away from him to leave the center. Luis was now completely alone.

"Finally, peace and quiet" He spoke too soon.

"Hey, Luis. Place is looking great for the party." T.C. said coming in to check out the decorations.

"Thanks, T.C. What are you doing here?"

"Came by to see how things were working out with Sheridan Crane." He chuckled.

"It's not funny T.C. She's actually starting to harm me now. Yesterday She 'accidently' poured hot coffee all over me."

"It was an accident" A voice coming in the door, it was Sheridan.

"What are you doing here?" Luis said in his usual 'I don't like you' voice.

"I thought I would come by and help in finishing the decorations."

"Oh, How thoughtful of you" He was being sarcastic. She gave a sarcastic smile back.

"Hi, T.C. Russell" He held out his hand to Sheridan, trying to be civil.

"Hi, Sheridan Crane nice to meet you." She flashed one her smiles at him, shaking his hand.

"You, too, " He turned back around to Luis, "I'll see you Luis."

"Wait you aren't going to..." He was already gone.

"You can go home now, Ms. Crane"

"Oh, so cold Officer Lopez Fitzgerald. Nope I came to help and that's what I intend to do." She said taking off her coat revealing a very low cut shirt that showed a little more than Luis expected. He was stunned to say the least.

"Luis..." Sheridan said for the third time finally breaking him away from her chest.


"Just like a man... looking at my breasts thinking that they can talk." She smiled at him.


"Luis, you were looking at my breasts as if they were your next meal" Sheridan said then began rethinking what she had just said, "Sorry bad analogy" Her cheeks were a little flushed.

"Sheridan Crane embarrassed for once? Na that can't be" He was teasing her.

"Whatever, Luis. You should be the one blushing not me"

"Sheridan, I'm a man. Any man would find you and your other bodily assets appealing."

"You find me appealing?" She was a little confused by this revelation.

"More like sexy." He surprised his ownself by saying this.

" Sexy? You find me sexy?" She sounded like an unconfident teenager.

"Yes, Sheridan. Is it so hard to believe?"

"From you? Yes, we have done nothing but fought since we've met."

"You should stop hurting me, and bringing sexual harassment complaints against me."

"What complaint?"

"The one you went to the mayor about, does it ring a bell."

"I'm sorry Luis I don't know ... Julian that little rat face son of a bitch!"

"What does your brother have to do with this?"

"He is probably the one who went to the mayor. When I get my hands I him... I will ring his neck."

"So it wasn't you who filed the complaint?"

"Sorry Luis it wasn't me."

"I guess I owe you an apology."

"It's not necessary but how about a truce?"

"Sure." They shook hands on it.

"How about helping me carve some of these pumpkins?"


"Don't tell me you've never done it?"

"I went to boarding school and they didn't celebrate it."

"Really, Ms. Crane doesn't know how to carve a pumpkin." Luis was reveling in this.

"no, I don't. But I know someone that would be willing to teach me." She smiled at him.

"And I bet they would too." He said catching on to her. He put a pumpkin and a knife on some newspaper spread out over the table. Sheridan came and stood just to the side of it. Letting Luis start. "OK, First thing you do is cut the top open with the knife here. Like this" He cut the top open for her and pulled it off, gently. The strings and seeds of the inside were stuck to the top when he pulled it off grossing out Sheridan.


"ew? Its not that bad" He said with a laugh.

"Now stick your hand in..." She cut him off.

"You expect me to stick my hand in there?"

"Yes, we have to clean it out." He said pulling her in front of him and putting her hand into the pumpkin.

"Oh... How gross." She said with a disgusted look on her face. Luis laughed.

"Its not funny Luis! Stop laughing." She soon joined him in laughing forgetting all about her hand being inside the pumpkin. Finally calming down he told her what to do next.

"Now you pull the seeds and things out until they are all gone."

"This is still totally disgusting, Luis"

"Oh, come on its not that bad" He stuck his hand in with hers. Still standing behind her. The notion of how they were standing crossed across both of their minds.

Sheridan looked up at Luis only mere inches away from his face. He looked down at her, their faces even closer now. Their hands still inside of the pumpkin, Sheridan raised her right hand and turned slightly into him. She touched his face gently. They knew what was going to happen, it was only a matter of time. Luis lowered his lips on to Sheridan's in a breath consuming kiss. Sheridan's entire body was on fire with desire for him. She pulled her hand out of the pumpkin as well as he did and completely turned around to be in his arms She could feel that He was already wanting her when she pressed against him.

His lips traveled down her cheek, her throat, into the crook of her neck. He slowly slipped her shirt off of her shoulder running his lips over the skin gently.

(we are going to pretend Sheridan cleaned off her hands --For you ChloŽ : )

Sheridan held his head is her hands her head falling to the right giving him full access to the left side of her neck. She was completely enjoying it, his lips felt sensational on her skin. He started unbuttoning the front of her shirt revealing a black satin and red lace bra.

"Luis" Sheridan said.

"Yeah?" He murmured against her skin.

"We have to stop" He pulled away from her


"Someone might walk in"

"I guess they are going to get an eye full." He said smiling at her.

"Luis" She playfully smacked him on the arm.

"I guess we could go to my office?"

"How about my cottage instead? Where there are actually locks on the door."

"Why Ms. Crane are we shy?"

"Hell, yes. Especially at the aspect of showing my 'assets' as you so delicately put it to the next person who walks through the door." She told him.

"You're right, a kid could walk in" He said leaning forward kissing her on the forehead.

"I know I am." She buttoned up her shirt, "let's go" She said to him starting to walk off, he pulled her back to him in a passionate kiss.

Note: I might have added things that aren't actually in her cottage for purposes of this story.

They stumbled into her cottage still kissing with intensity. Sheridan slowly broke off the kiss, holding Luis hands pulling him over to the couch, he pulled off his jacket.

"Why don't you light a fire in the fire place, while I slip into something more comfortable."

"Sure" He smiled at her, she smiled back and with that she went to her bedroom.

She entered her room making sure everything was in its place, no dirty clothes hanging around the floor somewhere.

She went over to her dresser drawer and pulled out a black silk teddy and it's parts.

"He will definitely like this..." She smiled to herself slipping her clothes off and into the teddy, "Could this get anymore perfect?" She asked her self.

Luis was kneeling by the fireplace looking deep into the flames contemplating what they would be getting themselves into. She was a Crane, She was supposed to be his mortal enemy... but one look into her crystal blue eyes and he would melt there and then.

"Am I interrupting...?" Sheridan said seductively coming out of the bedroom the see through robe flowing in the air as she walked toward him. He stood up kinda in shock at her beauty and it was expressed in his facial features. He had music playing in the background...

Morcheeba | Song: Fear and Love | Album: Big Calm

She walked over to him, the looked into each others eyes the fire from the fire place dancing in each others eyes. Luis touched her face, leaning down to kiss her. It was no longer about physical needs, but needs of the soul. She moaned at the slightest touch of his lips upon hers, even the lightest touch from him was nothing like she experienced before with any man. Her lips fell slightly open letting Luis in, their tongues now dueled in passionate kiss. Luis slipped off the robe she wore and let it fall to the floor. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt kissing his chest as each button fell open then she slowly let it fall off of his muscular shoulders. They stopped a looked in each others eyes once more then continued in their exploration of each others bodies.

Luis then scooped Sheridan up in his arms bringing her closer him he kissed her once more then carried her to in the direction of her bedroom. He took a second to glance around the room to see what type of things she liked. It wasn't too fancy, a Bed, bookshelves, dresser, nothing to extravagant except for a fireplace that was all ready lit in the corner of the room. He then slowly walked over to the bed slowly lowering her down on to it. He was then about to lower himself, he stopped and looked into her eyes to make sure she really wanted this. She communicated to him with her eyes, she desperately wanted... needed him. He then proceeded to lay down with her, kissing her lightly on the forehead, her temple, her cheek, on the corner of her mouth, then down her chin, he had finally reached the material of the teddy she wore the gentle curve of her breast was exposed to him and he gently placed several kisses there before moving to the valley between her breasts placing sweet succulent kisses in hopes of causing a 'rise' out of her. He succeeded. She gently raised her hips up to meet his in one fluid erotic movement.
"Luis..." She moaned his name.
He then quickly moved his lips back to hers capturing her lips in his own. While kissing her his hands slowly moved to remove the 'restrictive' teddy she wore. He pulled off the top portion as if he had before. Her fully developed breasts were now exposed to the warm air. They grinned at each other, Luis moved his head down capturing her lips. Kissing passionately for several minutes Sheridan managed to be totally striped of all clothing while Luis still in his jeans. Sheridan thought this to be unfair flipping them over she takes control. She feels that he is already more than a little erect and the jeans are becoming restrictive with each passing moment. She smiles at this. She moves off of him, slowly unzipping his jeans to relieve him of the pressure gradually pulling them off with help from Luis. Along with the jeans his boxers were pulled down, giving Sheridan a good view of his manhood. Sheridan climbs back into her previous position but Luis had other ideas and moves Sheridan onto her back, chuckling at the look in her face.

She reached up and pulled his mouth on to hers in deep satisfying kiss that would last several minutes but would be a reminiscence of this moment forever ... their destinies now fulled in once act... one night of unbridled passion.

The sun streamed into Sheridan's bedroom slowly creeping its way to where they lay cuddled into each others arms. Sheridan slowly came to, gently rolling over to look up at the clock... it was 11:30. She had never slept so late in her life, not even as a teenager. Suddenly she heard her bedroom door open.

"Sheridan... are you all right?" Pilar's voice rang out, "You've never... Oh, I'm sorry... Luis?" She shrieked waking him up.

"Wha... What... Mama?" He looked dead at her, shocked as hell to see her standing there.

"What the hell are you two doing?" This was the first time in Luis' or Sheridan's life that they ever heard her curse.

"I'm sorry Pilar, it's my fault."

"Sheridan don't take the blame, because there's nothing to balme anyone for... no regrets... we are two grown adults and we made our own decision." Sheridan looked back at Luis, trying to cover her self and Luis up with the blankets on the bed.

"I'm sorry you two... Luis is right. This is none of my business."

"Pilar you aren't that angry are you?" Sheridan asked.

"No, I'm kinda glad for the both of you... I wanted you both to find someone, just never expected... This" They look at each other wanting to kiss each other but didn't want Pilar to faint just yet. Pilar got the message and said goodbye and left.

Sheridan kissed Luis lightly on the lips, "hmmm... I could get used to this" Kissing him again pushing him back to the bed.

Pilar ran into Ivy on her way back to the main house.

"Is Sheridan awake, yet?"

"You could say that"

"Ok, Thanks Pilar" She started heading toward Sheridan's cottage.

"Uh... Mrs. Crane, She's with someone... if you know what I mean."

"Sheridan's in there with some guy?"

"Not just some guy... my son... Luis"

"Luis, your son... you are joking... right?"

"No, I'm not Ivy"

Ivy smiled to herself and then started out right laughing, "Good for her, Julian is going to have a field day with this. Sheridan's needs someone like Luis, I guess it was all ready fated."

"Guess so." They smiled to each other and walked back to the main house together.

That Night at the Youth Center Costume Party.

"... it's time to annouce the winners of the 1999 Halloween Costume Party. It is... Bonnie and Clyde." Chad said it with empashis. They walked up to the DJ stand to recieve their award.

"Now, it's time to take off your masks and reveal yourselves to the person you have been dancing with and to the crowd."

Bonnie and Clyde stood together in each others and revealed their true identities. It was Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan stood leaning against Luis wearing a black pinstripe suit jacket and a skirt with fishnet stockings, and on her leg she wore a garder with a gun placed there and a 'gangster' hat all the while Luis was also wearing a black pinstripe suit, a neat white shirt, some flashy shoes, and he also wore the same style hat. They both stood holding fake 'tommy' guns. They looked like regular bank robbers. After they took off their scarfs, everyone was shocked to see them together. Sheridan thought they needed a bigger shock and got up on her tippy toes and kissed Luis deeply on the lips. Hank stood at the other side of the room staring blankly at them. They left the DJ stand and walked back into the crowd then outside. Hank followed. Sheridan was leaning against her car with Luis front of her kissing her. Luis' hand started to travel up Sheridan's leg exploring it once more. She moaned his name, "Luis..."
Music played in the background from her car stereo system.

Celine Dion|Falling Into You

Hank watched from a corner, he really didn't feel betrayed by Luis or Sheridan. He was actually happy for them. He then turned away and walked back inside to the costume party.

"I love you, Sheridan..." He wispered against her lips. She pulled back and looked into his eyes, knowning this was true. For the first time she could say it back and know they other person meant it also.

"I love you, so much Luis..." They kissed again.

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