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Welcome to the Amy and Bruce section of, 'title.' I created this site after the kiss during the 4th season premiere. I have always loved the idea of them being together since the first season, especially during that season's finale. When Vincent's friend blew up his van outside of the court house and Amy and Bruce were trapped inside together. Then after the bomb went off, how Bruce shielded Amy from the blast that was sweet. How many people do you know that would save their boss over themselves?

The title, 'I Thought That We Would Just Be Friends,' originated from the song "Never Be The Same Again" by Mel C. And I thought it was perfect after the kiss scene, before that Amy told Bruce she wanted to be friends. My idea was that Bruce is asking Amy after the kiss, 'I thought that we would just be friends? Or did you have something else in mind?' Anyway, I hope you like the site. I put a lot of thought into what should go on this site, it was a hard decision but I decided to include fan fiction and exclude photos because they take a lot of web space, but that doesn't mean you won't see certain photos here that are amy and bruce exclusively. Instead of every Amy/Amy and Bruce/Richard photo, I will make art out them instead, it's more interesting anyway than just staring at a bunch of photos that you can find anywhere.