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Submission Guidelines

>> You must have written the story yourself, co-authoring is accepted.
>> Do not copy other author's stories, sentences, or paragraphs. Unless you give proper credit and you have permission from the original author.
>> Send fan fiction in the e-mail as an attachment, use either a .txt file or a .doc file from MS Word.
>> These elements MUST be sent along with the story. Title, Author's Name or Pen Name, What you rate it as, Category, How many chapters there are or an approximate of how many chapters, summary, and your e-mail address where you want feedback sent if you don't want any, tell me that as well.
>> Please Please have someone beta read your story, and run spell check and then read it a thousand times if you must. Watch your grammar. If English is not your first language tell me so that I can go over the story with you and give you suggestions as to what to change.
>> I will not and do not censor material but if I find it to be other than an artistic piece and doesn't convey a point I will not accept it. i.e. describing a graphic rape is unacceptable, I understand that people want to make statements against it just like me, but there are other ways of conveying your message.
>> Song Fics are accepted to a certain degree, DO NOT use the lyrics to a song and have a line or two of story -- it's pointless. If your story is based on the idea of a song, then terrific, just make sure you get your point across and not try to write a story line for line of a song.
>> Poems are accepted, don't be afraid to send them.
>> If you do not have any objections or I haven't scared you off, please submit your fan fictions to