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The following endorsements of Lore have been given by prominent Brunchmas. Hop on the bandwagon!

Poorly Drawn Man

On the topic of a Lore vs. Superman fight, 2/25/00:

Superman: Lore, I will destroy you.

Lore: Pithy, melodramatic. About as creative as a ceiling fan. I've read more intellegent things in the ingrediant list of a cerial box. D


Brain explodes...

Lore: Brain explosions are bloody and overdone. I mean, can't people find a way to die that doesn't make the room smell funny? D



I think he *looks* like a biker in some ways (based on what little we've seen of him) but he *acts* like a guy who was once branded a geek but has since realized (in the most humble way possible) that he's about ten thousand times cooler than most of the population, and is just basking in his coolness without letting it go to his head.



Once when I was lying on the kitchen floor, in my mother's way (nice thing to do while visiting. I haven't gotten an invitation back since) I told her "I'm going to marry a man named Lore Sjoberg" "That sounds Jewish," she replied. "Is he rich? Because go for it if he is." I could have said "No, but he's creative in bed and wears Hello Kitty undergarments! He's a sex symbol for internet addicts everywehre!" If only I had known.

Vortex Woman

Some date

"Lore certianly exists; it's merely his corporeality that I'm calling into question here. How could a mere human, a lump of meat, elicit such adoration from so many level-headed people?"

tertiary virgin


"I would like to use this opportunity to extoll the virtues of the great L. Fitzgerald Sjöberg! He provides us with countless hours of hyena-like laughter with The Ratings, Lore, and just about everyhting else. Lowly single-celled organisms at the bottom of the humour food chain like myself bow before him! Lore: WE SALUTE YOU!"

Newly Initiated Acolyte


"Subject: (The Rest of) The Plagues of Egypt:
Your views on the plagues have demonstrated your infinite wisdom. I have forsaken my deity in favor of L. Fitzgerald Sj÷berg. Where can I find an LFS Temple in San Diego?"

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