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Callie, Jaeger, Booter and Heather, Our K-9 Family

Dogs exhibit grace, honesty, courage, and above all else, love for their human care takers. In return they simply ask for a human they can trust and serve.

Callie, Closest to you in the picture, Callie is a little more than 6 months old in this picture. Her beautiful lines, black and silver sable coloring, and spunky personality point directly to her working line pedigree. Callie comes from fine West German and Czech working dog lines. She is precocious and full of herself. Her foundation in both tracking and protection work is well ahead of most puppies her age. Loyal and loving, Callie is at home playing with children, lounging around with me or preparing to deliver an attitude adjustment to the pretend bad guys on the schutzhund field.

Jaeger, The big boy just behind Callie, Jaeger is approaching maturity in this picture. At 20 months and just over 100 pounds, Jaeger is a West German Showline GSD from among the finest blood lines in Europe. Bred for looks (conformation) as well as working ability the showline German dog can be less "driven" than the classic working line GSD. Be that as it may, Jaeger is second to few (and perhaps none) for a dog of his experience level on the tracking field. His bite work is particularly aggressive and his determination is indeed admirable. Off the schutzhund field Jaeger is a love bug. If you knew him well, you would trust him with your kids for a game of chase, keep away, or just laying down for a good scratch and petting. His above average intelligence, friendly dispostion, curiosity, courage and desire to learn are all attributable to his superior breeding. Jaeger may well become an outstanding Schutzhund competitor. He is already a terrific best friend and family member.

Booter , (IN MEMORIAL: Booter has crossed the rainbow bridge. He passed away in the summer of 2002. He will be missed.)The black and white gentleman just behind Jaeger, Booter is our seasoned citizen. A Sheepdog mix, at age 13 booter excells at naps, eating, and barking at something and nothing at all. Booter came to live with us (actually with Joan) after his owner passed away. He has made the adjustment very well. He enjoys our company and is just a nice guy (most of the time). Booter is from Scranton, but he thinks Lancaster County, PA is pretty nice too.

Heather, (IN MEMORIAL: Our beloved Heather has also crossed the rainbow bridge. She passed away in the Spring of 2002. Our hearts still ache and we miss her very much. However, from time to time I could swear she was very near. We love her so.) The beautiful lady in the rear of this picture, Heather is around 11 years old here, Heather is an American Line shepherd and is an absolute sweetie (If she knows and like you) Heather is Joan's (my better half) dog but I am still her favorite non-mom human. Heather's main job has been to be protector and companion for Joan. Since protectors are not too chummy with strangers, she warms up to outsiders slowly. However, when you are in, then Heather is one of the sweetest, most loveable dogs in the world. However, evil-doers beware: Heather could be less than cuddly.

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