The truth about Catholic and Protestant Preachers

While surfing the Internet, I could not help notice that there is a lot of talk about Satan, the devil and of telling lies, on many of those Christian churches/ministries web sites. I find it offensive that these people who claim to represent truth will deliberately lie to people. I think people, especially Christians, need to have a look at this web page titled; Satan, the Devil which explains how the myth of Satan got into the Christian Bible to get at the truth about this important topic, and who is really lying to people. The more I read what is being said by these deceiving lying wonders, these catholic and protestant preachers, the greater I come to realize the extent they are preaching falsehood is just overwhelming to say the least. Talk about who is deceiving people. Personally, I have stopped believing these catholic and protestant preachers a long time ago because they have proven, time after time. that they will not hesitate to lie to people when it suites them. I can not help think about the thousands of people who have been duped and deliberately lied to and been deceived by these shysters. These deceiving lying wonders. How sad it is.

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