Father Groeschel & Corapi
Lying Roman Catholic Priests

I happen to have some down time on August 11/ 2007 and had heard Catholic priest, like Father Benedict J. Groeschel and Father John Corapi on EWTN on a recent radio program smugly put down non-Christian theologians and people who speak out and expose the fallacy of Christian theology, the Roman Catholic church and its atrocious history, and on the Apostolic Succession to Peter, the Simon (Cephas) Peter who was the Head Apostle of the Congregation of Yeshua, the Anointed One. Groeschel was speaking to a congregation about how the Catholic church is spiralling downward, on its way to become extinct. He told Catholics that they need to hold onto their "faith" because the church has the truth. What a blatant lie that is! The have nothing but a phoney God and a apostate theology, and try to pass it off as the truth. Many Catholics realize this, and that is the reason why they are leaving the Catholic church, if not the religion altogether. He spoke that there are voices, very suttel, that are spreading their Arenas apostate views, when it is the Vatican and their priests who are the one's spreading any kind of Apostate views, to those spoken by Yeshua, and his Apostles during the first century CE. Just look at the history of the Roman Catholic church and the Vatican to see who in fact has an atrocious, abominable past, with is hands drenched in the blood of its many victims. Anytime these smart asses are brave enough to back up their blatant accusations against people like me, I am quite prepared to have it out with them. If they are too yellow bellied to take up the challenge, maby they can convince their head honcho to stand in for them. After all, Groeschel did brag about how this Pope Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger, is suppose to be a great theologian, who knows his stuff very well. Benedict XVI tries to salvage their fictitious Je-Zeus Christ from recent "unpopular" depictions and restore their phony god image as discovered in the perverted, apostate Christian Gospels. The very Gospels which had been tampered with and altered by the early pagan Christian church father's. This guy is suppose to be a brillent Christian theologian. Well; I have read some of his stuff he had written, and found him to be just as ignorant or as evasive on what is the truth, as Groeschel and Corapi. The then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was directly involved with Father Roland Guérin de Vaux OP (17 December 1903 - 1971) who was a French Dominican priest which led the Catholic team that initially worked on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Guérin de Vaux was the director of the Ecole Biblique, a French Catholic Theological School in Arab held East Jerusalem, and he was charged with overseeing research on the scrolls. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Popeís keeper of doctrine, had a lot to do to keep the contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls they had at hand from public view. The then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was directly involved in decades of secrecy and obstruction to reveal the contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Two British authors, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, accused the Vatican of suppressing the contents of the scrolls because they contained material which were at odds with accepted Christian beliefs. The scrolls have also been the subject of controversy between Jewish and Roman Catholic scholars since they were found in caves at Qumran on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea in 1947. The Vatican has been accused of keeping the contents of the scrolls in secret and from letting Scholars to view its contents for fear that they would undermine Christianity. The Jerusalem Bible, which was first published in French in 1956, appeared in English ten years later. The writer J. R .R. Tolkien was one of the translators. THE Vatican had to abandon decades of secrecy and obstruction and allow changes in their Christian Bible and alter some New Testament text, based on revelations found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. This was done only after more than half a century when the Dead Sea Documents text had been revealed. To find out more information on this man, Pope Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger, go to this web site; Action and Reaction: Inquisition Then and Now. It is written by Pradeep Sharma on the web site; "The Burning Cross" who knows what goes on in the dark crevices of the Vatican. Have a good, enlighten read.

I happen to turn on my s/w radio and heard a Father John Corapi on EWTN, the Catholic propaganda network, speak about someone who had spoken against Catholic priests and their head huncho, that Pope Benedict Arnold, excuse me, Joseph Ratzinger. This guy Corapi sort of strongly hinted that I would get hurt because of what I had said about that smart ass, Groeschel, and their apostate, paganized Roman Catholic church, and about what I had said concerning their head hunco Pope who was directly involved in not letting Bible Scholars read what was contained in the DEAD SEA SCROLLS they had in their possession. Only when the Israel army had taken over the entire area during the six day war, and had confiscated the Dead Sea Scrolls from Father Roland Guérin de Vaux of the Catholic Ecole Biblique, in East Jerusalem, did the world was finally able to see what was contained in those Dead Sea Scrolls. If anyone was lying about anything, it was that buffoon, John Corapi. It is people like him that had perswaded me to write these articals about the phony Christian religion. I had just written and posted; Christianity, the Big Lie, just before I head that loudmouth speak. Here is a guy, dressed in a blue habit and spews out lies like they are nothing to be concerned about. And this jackass is suppose to represent truth? Yeah. right! Tell me more lies while you are at it Corapi. You people do not represent truth nor the true GOD of Heaven. Just some pagan, man-made imitation god/gods and a man-made apostate religion. I doubt that Corapi would recognize truth even if it were staring him right in his face, because his mind is so full of Catholic mush, which he had been spoon fed since he entered that apostate, child molesting Catholic priesthood. P/S: The following day, Monday, Father John Corapi delivered a long winded speech which I notice made no mention of his previous speech which contained his threat. His long winded speech only contained more of his lies. He stated that the Roman Catholic church do not practice idolatry or worship idols. Without breaking his sentence he went on to say that they have a statues, a statue of their god, Je-Zeus Christ in their church. Do that not constitute the breaking of the first two Commandments of GOD? Which simply states; Do not worship or have any other gods, and do not have statues of gods. He went on to say that Catholics do not worship their statues of their god and "saints". Like I had said before; Tell me more lies while you are at it Corapi. This Father John Corapi stated that the Catholic rosary, their "blessed" water and salt, religious medals, scapulars, the wooden crucifix, their religious statues of their phony god, Je-Zeus Christ and "saints" and the perverted, apostate, pagan, Christian bible are all tools to fight their combat against Satan, the pagan mythological devil. Corapi, as has many Protestant preachers have sugguested on many occations, that I am in league with the Christian mythological Satan, the devil. This Father John Corapi was really refering their Spiritual combat was against me and the teachings of the Holy Testament. That is what Corapi ment when he made the statement that Catholics were in a Spiritual battle with me, (Satan). Let us examine this accusation which Father John Corapi had made. If I were in league with this Christian mythological Satan, it would be the last thing this Satan would want me to be doing, would be to give these Catholics a heads-up as to what they are doing wrong. I would think that Satan would be quite happy that a billion Catholics and a billion Protestants are worshipping a phony, man-made pagan god and believe in a pagan, apostate religion like Christianity. Satan would not mind at all that Catholics are resorting to using all those pagan superstitious devices, because it keeps Catholics from worshiping the true GOD of Heaven. As for Corapi statement that I am afraid of their Catholic rosary, their "blessed" water and salt, religious medals, scapulars, the wooden crucifix, their religious statues, in their "Spiritual" war they are waging against me, is as ridicules as his stupid remarks. Like I had said before; Tell people more of your crap of lies while you are at it Corapi. By the way; Anytime that moron feels up to it, Mr. "Father" John Corapi, to take me on in an open public debate. He can e-mail me at; People of the Holy Testament and challange me to a open public debate about his religion and the Catrholic church, here in Ontario, Canada. I welcome him to do so. We will see then who is right and who is wrong and who is the one that is truly ignorant.

Update; A month has passed away and that jerk has not the guts to take me on for an open public debate to defend his perverted, apostate Christian religion. He has turned out to be nothing more than a loud mouth, yellow-belly coward.

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