I have listen to this Steve Ray on the EWTN radio program in which this moron who I think is another one of those Protestant smart ass (jackass). Callers who phoned in that radio program had tried, very poorly I might add, to challenge that smart ass on some topics concerning the two thieves on the cross and about salvation. I see quite clearly what that Steve was doing to these callers. I see clearly the tactics he is using to deceive these callers. I know that I would have done a much better job in drilling that moron, than those callers who spoke to Steve Ray on that radio program. Frankly; I have very little tolerance or compassion for the likes of these morons who willingly and deliberately deceive trusting people.

BIOGRAPHY OF STEVE RAY from EWTN: After being Protestants for thirty-seven years and involved with various Fundamentalist and Evangelical Protestant churches, Steve Ray and his wife, Janet, converted to the Catholic Church on Pentecost Sunday, 1994. Steveís first book, Crossing the Tiber: Evangelical Protestants Discover the Historic Church (Ignatius, 1997), details his intellectual and spiritual journey into Catholicism. It became a best-seller within one year. His second book, Upon This Rock: St. Peter and the Primacy of Rome in the Scriptures and Early Church (Ignatius, 1999), also became a best-seller. Steveís third book, St. Johnís Gospel: A Bible Study Guide and Commentary, was released.

Now here is what I think about this Steve Ray, that moron and his Catholic colleagues; Catholics like Pope, Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger, Dr. Scott Hahn, Karl Keating who is Catholic Answers founder and president, Jimmy Akin who is Catholic Answers Director of Apologetics and Evangelization & Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Steve Ray, are some of the "defenders" of the Catholic Church and Christian religion at EWTN. According to EWTN, these people are the top theologians and apologists in the world. From what I heard and read documents from these people, who had explained to people about topics on the Roman Catholic church and Christianity, these are not the top theologians and apologists in the world. Far from it. They are a poor example of what are top theologians and apologists. As the "defenders" of the Catholic Church and Christian religion, not one of these morons took up the challange to defend their Catholic Church and Christian religion in an open public debate with me. Some "defenders" of the Catholic Church and Christian religion they turned out to be. These people are nothing but yellow-bellied loudmouth cowards. One would think that a person like Steve Ray who is the author of St. Peter and the Primacy of Rome: in Scripture and the Early Church, Apostolic Fathers: Handing on the Faith, Crossing the Tiber, Upon this Rock, and St. John's Gospel, published by Ignatius Press, a Roman Catholic publisher, would be glad to defend the Roman Catholic church and Christianity with its fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ. Instead we find them silent when it comes to be confronted with the truth. Well; Like I said, what Catholics and Christians teach and preach are drenched with lies among the many teachings which come out of their mouth.

Here are some web sites which Christians are fighting anoung themselves about their Christian religion. These web sites are in connection with Steve Ray and the books he writes. William Webster seems to know Steve Ray and what he writes. William Webster web site A Second Response to Steve Ray A Refutation of Steve Ray's misrepresentations of the teaching of Cyprian and of the Comments of William Webster. Here is what William Webster thinks about the Roman Catholic Church and what it claims, in Catholic Legends And How They Get Started: An Example William Webster, is an ex-Catholic who turned to be an Evangelical Protestant. Catholic apologist claims the concept of development of doctrine (championed by such celebrated converts as Cardinal Newman in the 19th century) is incompatible with the language of Vatican Council I and denied by such encyclicals as Satis Cognitum (On the Unity of the Church) of Pope Leo XIII. I explain why this is simply not the case. William Webster want to offer some ongoing replies to these Catholic apologetics to which they must respond. Dialogue on Development of Doctrine and the Papacy From E-mails dated February 2000; An Email Exchange with William Webster in; The Repudiation of the Doctrine The Repudiation of the Doctrine of Development as It Relates to the Papacy by Vatican I and Pope Leo XIII. Here is an artical by James R. White. While I do not agree with James R. White who thinks that the Christian Bible is inerrant, for I have clearly shown on the People of the Holy Testament web site, that the Christian Bible is full of errors. But here is what James R. White states in Assumptions and Shallow Arguments Steve Ray and the Poor State of Catholic Apologetics (#3), in which he writes, "I continue my examination and refutation of Steve Ray's attempt to defend Rome's dogmatic teaching of the bodily assumption of Mary into heaven, and her doctrinal teaching of the queenly coronation of Mary".

As I had said; The road these Catholics and Christians are traveling on is broad and wide. Those Catholics and Christians need to be reminded what the real Yeshua, the Anointed One had once said; "Enter in by the narrow gate, for the wide gate is broad, and is the way that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter in by it". The narrow gate restricts the way that leads to life. Few are those who come to find it. Two billion Christians is not what I would call Few! I say this just to give people something to really think about.

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