These web pages were taken from the privet files of the Very Elect.

Questions and Answer Page

Christian Rapture, True or False?

The real Yeshua

Exploring being saved doctrine

Exploring doctrine of worshiping idols

Knowing the truth of GOD

Wolves in sheep clothing

Scripture Alone

Altering Hebrew text

Protestant Reformer
Martin Luther

Out from the Great Whore

Christians sounding the alarm

The Great Hypocrisy

Paul, Saul of Tarsus

Simon Peter, Head Apostle of Yeshua

Untrustworthiness of the New Testament


In persuite of truth & Justice

Christianity, a wishy-washy religion

Time of Redemption

The Evolution of Satan,
prior to 300 BCE in Israel.

Christians failing the test

Gathering the Saved

Determining validity of Religions

Pope claim primacy on Christianity

Christian Trash

Conspearcy of Silence

Lies, Deceit and Forgery

Is Christianity a Monotheistic Religion?

Believing in faulty Religions.

Christianity, the Big Lie

A Typical Letter from a Christian

Challenging Christian Ministries Blatant Accusations

Where is the Christian god?

Out of Step from Religious Clutter
Get rid of Myths, errors & wrong beliefs

Truth will be Revealed
GOD's fierce anger upon the world

Messianic Jewish Movements in Israel
Jews who are Baal worshippers

Stupid, Ignorant Catholic & Protestant Preachers
A common trait among Christian ministers

The False Messiah
He will be a Christian.

What Spiritual Level are you?

Talking about the future of humanity


The Doomsday Clock

The Holy Testament
Free copy to download or save.


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