A word of Caution on Noahide Groups

I have become aware that there is a new religious movement that has been resurrected by "Orthodox" Jews who had invented to bring non-Jews and ex-Christians into the pagan Canaanite, Babylonian form of Judaism. James D. Long, along with Ray Pettersen and Adam Pen who are ex-Christians, has started a Noahide group called "Noahide Nations" with Orthodox Jews for people who want to revert to Judaism with the false belief that they have the truth and worship the true GOD of Heaven, when if fact all they are doing is trading on pagan Baal religion for another. What this new group goals are, is to eventually get these Noahides "Righteous Gentiles", into Orthodox Judaism. This is a type of deceptive tactics these people use, which is no different than what Christians do, in trying to get people into Christianity. Christians also use the same deceptive tactics in converting Jews into Christianity. These Noahides who convert to these new "Noahide" groups in the belief that they will find the truth there, end up falling into another false, man-made pagan religion. The Noahide group is really a branch of Orthodox Judaism, which they claim that their Torah, Hebrew Bible, is based upon the "Word of GOD", when in truth, it is a pagan Canaanite and Babylonian perverted form of Judaism. Know that these "Orthodox" Jews with their Canaanite/Babylonian Torah, are not worshipping the true GOD of Heaven, The Creator. These people had reverted back to worship a pagan man-made Canaanite/Babylonian God that they have named YHWH, which they often call "Hashem". The meaning of YHWH, represents the four members of the Canaanite pagan God family, which is like onto Baal worship. These Orthodox Jews have chosen to continue to worship their pagan Baal God, with their sacrificial worship and its 613 Judaic laws. Orthodox Jewish culture and its religious system had incorporated many ancient Sumerian and Babylon myths and its pagan Gods which is found written in their Torah. These pagan myths and its Gods had infiltrated into their Torah, which the Hebrews had made a part of their Orthodox religious tradition. This is the reason their Torah, when read carefully, is found to be inconsistent, contradictory, unrealistic, full of pagan superstitions and pagan myths. Despite this, Orthodox Jews have the gull to claim that they worship the true GOD of Heaven, The Creator, when it truth, that is not the case. These people are not worshipping the true, living GOD of Heaven but a pagan Canaanite/Babylonian God which stem from their Jewish (Canaanite and Babylonian) roots, in which there is no redemption or salvation for those who continue to perpetuate and worship a pagan, Canaanite/Babylonian God, when the truth had been revealed to them. How stupid these people are who think they will be redeemed, when they intentionally, purposefully worship a pagan Canaanite/Babylonian God. James D. Long, is the author of "The Riddle of the Exodus" in which Long takes people on a fool's errand to try to prove that the "Exodus" story that is written in their Torah or Hebrew Bible, is based on truth, when in fact it is false. I would warn anybody who is seeking the truth, not to be duped by this Noahide group. Beware of their deceitful tactics. These people talk a lot about getting away from idolatry, yet they are actually steering peole into an Idolatrous teaching, in the worship of a pagan Canaanite/Babylonian God YHWH (HaShem). Do not get the wrong idea that I am against all jewish people. I an against those Jews who are Orthodox, or Ultra-Orthodox, who worship a pagan Canaanite/Babylonian God, YHWH (HaShem), which stem from their Canaanite/Babylonian Torah. The Jewish Canaanite and Babylonian Torah with it's blood sacrifices, its religious "police", rules and rituals, is not that much different than Islam, in that they insist to kill people, stoning people who break the Canaanite/Babylonian mosaic laws. We do not ascribe to that kind of pagan barbarous religious philosophy, to kill people because of their faults or apostate beliefs. That kind of mentality is what had led those Sadducees and Pharisees and their followers, to put to death our Beloved Brother Yeshua, by the Romans, and the persecution that followed against Yeshua's followers, by the Sadducees and Pharisees and its Sanhedrim (Religious court of Law), who are now modern-day Orthodox, and Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Those Sadducees and Pharisees sages who were present, who had accused Yeshua and his followers, whose blood they had mingled with their Baal animal sacrifices had stated, "Let their blood be upon us, and upon our children". So shall it be. All these things shall come upon their generations. The followers of the pagan Canaanite/Babylonian God, YHWH (HaShem), shall be weeping and gnashing their teeth, and shall be kept out from the Kingdom of GOD. These are the type of people, regardless of their like minded religious beliefs, that I have an aversion towards, a dislike to them. But I will always retain a deep love for the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

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