Translation of the Christian Bible

How often have I heard Protestant preachers make the claim that the King James 1611 authorized version Christian bible, is a GOD-guided faithful translation. That the Christian bible is the "Infallible" Word of GOD, which was "Preserved Faithfully" so that you can trust it. All those claims are false. I will give here just one example of how wrong those preachers are, and at the same time show how ignorant and stupid these people are. In the first place, the scholars who were authorized by King James to translate the Bible into English did not use any original Hebrew texts. The claim that the King James Bible was translated from the original Hebrew texts is a Protestant lie which can be easily proven in any reputable history book on Christianity. The King James bible was translated from Greek, and the Latin Vulgate and then to all the Western translations made from them. Which contained errors, alteration and insertion of text made during the translations. The Catholic Vulgate, which was a Christian bible was produced largely by Jerome in the fourth century CE. Jerome had deliberately mistranslated and altered many passages from the first-second century texts. Some Protestant scholars and preachers have gone to great lengths, who have even writing whole books, to attempt to prove that the New Testament was originally written and translated from Hebrew text. The Old Testament in the Christian bible might have been translated from some Hebrew text, though it would have been made at a much later date. James I of England had the Christian bible translated which in 1611 CE, which became known as the King James Bible. The only translated part from any Hebrew text would have been the Old Testament portion of the Christian bible. By the 16th Century, it is possible that there were Old Testament copies written in Hebrew. There were no New Testament copies written in Hebrew, not even in 1611 CE. There were only Greek or Latin copies of the Christian bible during the sixteenth century. Even there, I had found many passages that had been deliberately altered from the Hebrew text to conform with Christian theology when passages referred to their Je-Zeus Christ being God. Sadly, those arguments coming from Christians, Protestant scholars and preachers who make the claim that the New Testament was originally written and translated from Hebrew text, show their ignorance and often involve carefully selected quotes from obscure sources and from modern speculative works. Modern writers often quote each other to produce an argument but it is without substance. Any study of this subject at any public library will confirm that there was no original Hebrew New Testament text to translate from. No amount of personal opinion or wishful speculation will change that fact.

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