Stupid Protestants

I could not help reflect upon those Protestant Christians who basically understand that the Vatican, and its Popes really represent the Great Whore. I find is strange that these people , never-the-less can be so stupid to fail to realize that it was that same Great Whore, the Roman Catholic Church which had invented that phony, pagan, man-god, Je-Zeus Christ, which Protestants firmly believe in. That they are so stupid and fail to realize that those early protestant reformers back in the 14th-15th century, who had copied and printed the text of the Roman Catholic Old and New Testament which had long ago been tampered with which many of its parts were altered, added-to, or rendered to reflect the Roman Catholic belief that their phony, invented Je-Zeus Christ, was GOD, the Creator. They even have statues of their pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ, and the mother of god, in their churches and in Catholic homes. It amazes me that these protestant Christians can believe that the Roman Catholic church is the Great Whore, and yet they are too stupid to realize that they are her harlot daughters for having believed in her invented, phony pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ! In that, I am at all not the least surprised because prior to the time of that "Protestant" reformation era, those people were in fact children of that Great whore. They were Roman Catholics! These stupid Protestants seem to have forgotten that part of their Christian history. Despite this revelation which I had at first tried to gently reveal the truth to them a long time ago, those Protestant Christians had choosen to verbally attack me like the vipers that they are! Protestant Christians insist that the second coming of their phony, pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ, is at hand, and that he will come in this lifetime, in this very generation because the world today speaks about the establishment of the New World Order (Globalisation) and of the possibility that a World War Three can come within this generation, is conclusive evidence to these people that they are living in the time when the world is soon going to come to a crashing end. These Christians even have their very own false prophet who resides in Walterboro, South Carolina, USA who is spewing out that damnable Christian heresy. I notice that a lot of Christian churches see themselves as being the “true church”. The Vatican is one such Christian church who claims that title, as are many Protestant churches making the same claim. These are depicted as the Great Whore and her harlots in the Book of Revelation. These churches who think themselves as representing the true congregation of Yeshua are foolish ideas on their part. Some of these even use the name of Yeshua, while they are in fact, Baal worshipers of the phony, man-made god, Je-Zeus Christ. There are thousands of Christian churches and establishments spewing out their damnable heresies amoung the people in the world. Because of their iniquity, GOD had sent Christians a strong delusion so that they may believe in their own lie. It would be well for anyone to avoid these people as much as possible, least they manage to persuade you into their deception, and end up loosing your soul/spirit to eternal death. There are at least two billion people who are Christians, and have come to believe in that damnable lie, and worship that man-made pagan god, they call Je-Zeus Christ, and will have lost their soul/spirit to eternal death. Have I not revealed in the Holy Testament that all who are “Christians” who worship that man-made Baal god, they call, Je-Zeus Christ, have their names blotted out from the Book of Life? Indeed I have on many occasions stated in so many ways that GOD, our Heavenly Father, had cursed that Baal god name those pagans call “Iesous, IESVS, Jesu, Jesum, Jesus / Khristos, Christus, Christ” and has blotted out the names from the Book of Life to those who worship that pagan, man-made god. At the present time there are many Protestant Christians who are worried about taking the "Mark of the Beast" from the New World Order (Globalisation) that they are praying to GOD for guidence. Do these people really expect that GOD will hear or answer their prayers when they have choosen, of their own free will, to worship a phony, pagan Baal god they call Je-Zeus Christ? Any worship of another god or gods is an affront to GOD, and of His Laws. Do these Christians who are worshipping a fictitious, pagan Baal god, (Je-Zeus Christ), which was invented by man, really expect that GOD will hear and answer their prayers? In vaim do these people pray to GOD, our Heavenly Father. This is another clear example of how stupid these Protestant Christians really are to think for one moment that GOD will listen to their prayers while they retain that phony, Baal god in their heart. Well, these people are in for a rude awakening when they find out that GOD will not hear nor answer their prayers. What will these people do when their phony god-man Je-Zeus Christ fail to turn up? They will find themselves empty handed and have no GOD to save them from utter destruction or from eternal death. It is well known that Catholic Popes are seen by Catholics as the "Vicar of Christ", the embodiment of their fictitious Baal god, Je-Zeus Christ. It will be in like manner that some Christian within the Vatican, will end up posing as the Christian Je-Zeus Christ who will turn out to be the phony messiah once the Vatican has total control over Jerusalem, in order to get Christians to take the mark of the beast. But there will be enough people like us around who will expose that Christian sham. It is disappointing to have to find out that Christianity, Islam and many other established religions, along with its clergy and those who profess to be religious are as phony as a three dollar bill and are so dishonest and are willing to lie and hide the truth from people who desperately want to know and understand the things of GOD.

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