Facts behind the popularity of the Bible.

Ever wonder how come the Christian "Bible" seem to remain to be rated on the top best sellers list? Books that make it to the yearly best sellers list reflects nationwide sales of books during the entire year. People who determine what books make the best sellers list assume that those books were bought by privet individuals who had bought these books because they found the books to be interesting enough to read and purchase. Christian ministries have taken advantage of this rating system and have devised a very clever scheme to deceive people into believing that their Christian "Bible" remains to be a very popular book among society. To give this false impression and ensure that their Christian "bible" remains on the best sellers list, Christian ministries have made a pact among themselves that they will purchase large vollums of Christian bibles and then give these bibles away to people as their main tool to deceive people in order to maintain their perverted Christian religion. Then these same protestant preachers who are involved in this deceptive little scheme will boldly point out to people how the Christian "Bible" is so popular that it remains on the best sellers list, year in and year out. So what happens to those thousands, millions or billions of Bibles that have been bought and given away? They end up taking space in some closet until it is dumped in the trash can and end up in some land fills where they decay and rot away. And the cycle continues year in and year out deceiving people on the false impression on the popularity of the Christian bible.

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