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I have on many occasion heard dialogs on EWTM, which is a part of the giant Catholic Propaganda machine. I had heard discussions about various topics which I noticed are greatly slanted to put the "church" in the most favorable light. One of the question presented to a priest by the name of Mitch Pacwa was about worshiping idols. Pacwa spoke at length about the various religions that worship idols. It is strange that Pacwa had not even mentioned the Catholic church who worship idols. According to these people, their phony Je-Zeus Christ is god. Right? Do they have statues of their god in Catholic churches? The last time I looked, they all had. So they worship a phony god and place idols of their god in their churches. Protestants worship that same phony god but refraim to make or display a statue of their god. That makes all of these people worshipers of idols and a phony man-made god which GOD had condemned. Pacwa also said that speaking against GOD was the unforgivable sin. Pacwa was wrong on this point also! The only unforgivable sin is speaking against the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I have heard Mitch Pacwa say many erroneous statements during his question and answer program. I have also noticed of late that on the Catholic open line broadcast which is a daily call-in show hosted by John Martignoni (Catholic Apologetics) who was a Protestant before converting to be a Catholic. The word "apologetics" is derived from the ancient Greek word apologia, which means, to make a reasoned defense of something or someone. In this case, the Roman Catholic religion. Anyway; This program enables listeners to ask questions in the host's area of so-called expertise. In this case, John Martignoni expertise is being able to deceive people which he had gained from his Protestant past. Lately, they have been changing their Catechisms and then are blaming Catholics who do know their catechisms for not knowing their Roman Catholic religion. The can get away with this because most Catholics do not know their catechisms. Especially when they keep changing it. But that is not surprising given that catholic priests can not tell the difference between what is reality from fiction, what are lies from what is the truth. Another program I heard was a person named Jesse (Tony) Romero on EWTN who had boasted that there are sixty thousand US troops who are Catholics. According to news sources, rape in Iraq remains a crime largely kept out of the sight of a society that finds it almost too heinous to imagine (which doesn't necessarily make it uncommon). Consider, for instance, the comments of an Iraqi journalist, Raheem Salman, who works for the Los Angeles Times who had interviewed relatives and other people as he entered a house of a 14 year old victim after she had been raped and murdered, and her body partially burned by American soldiers. Rape is the latest of American atrocities. Though it's not really the latest, it's just the one that has been publicized the most. The poor girl Abeer was neither the first to be raped by American troops, nor will she be the last. The only reason this rape was brought to light and publicized is that her whole immediate family were killed along with her. Rape is a taboo subject in Iraq. Families don't report rapes there. We've been hearing about rapes in American-controlled prisons and during sieges of towns like Haditha and Samarra for the last three years. The naiveté of Americans who can't believe their American 'heroes' are committing such atrocities. It is not unusual that an occupying army would commit rape. They raped the country, so why not the people?" The present outcry over the torture of Iraqi prisoners by US and UK forces in Iraq would never have been known if the photos had not been published. Their publication and the impact they have had signal that the biggest anti-war movement the world has ever seen has had a profound effect on everyone now. The US and UK governments are ignoring or downplaying it, hoping it would just go away but it never has. Those photos and images that were brought onto our screens and front pages across the world tell the true story of what is happening in Iraq give further cause to rid the Americans out of Iraq. The US Government claimed the exposure of these rape and torture as being irresponsible. But without the photos of these rapes, torture and killing which had been documented for a year would never have been available to us except for the freedom of the press act. The evading of what is actually going on in Iraq is like what was done during the Vietnam war, which showed the tragic photos and films of the ruthless killing of old people, children and their mothers who were just civilians, were killed with napalm bombs. That revelation was a turning point in ending that war. I ask again, how many of those troops who were involved in the rape, torture and killing of Iraqi civilians were Catholics that Jesse (Tony) Romero was braging about? Another program by some other people whom I did not catch their names was talking about the resistance of people towards their "church" and the religion of Christianity. They would quote verses like John 15:18-19 when they talk about people like me who give the true picture of what the Roman catholic church and Christianity is all about. The verse they quoted was John 15:18-19 which states that if the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, the world hates you. They went on to say that they can safely avoid resistance by taking the wide path, by accommodating the world. However, this is not living as our Lord (je-Zeus Christ) calls us to live! The last of his beatitudes included the promise of persecution. Given that there are about two billion people who claim to be Roman Catholics and another two billion who claim to be Christians according to their count. That's four billion out of a total of six billion people in our global population. Don't you think that quote they applied to Christians is greatly misplaced and a little far fetched? Talk about misusing the meaning of that scripture. According to their count, there are four billion Christians in the world. That do not suggest to me that the world hates them, and as we have seen, they are very much a part of this world. What a bunch of hypocrites these people are. The catholic church had taken up much of the so-called lifestyle of the world and then some. They even incorporated many pagan rites and ways into their religion in order to make it appealing to the world. Frankly, it is very hard to tell the difference between Christians and non-Christians. I am also aware that about 3/4 of the people who claim to be Christians, are Christians in name only. But if those numbers these Christian churches claim to have as members is greatly exaggerated, as I suspect, then maby that verse could apply to Christians in a way. I can not help reflect that there are thousands of Christian Churches and Christian ministries that are ganging up and persecuting one little group, called the "People of the Holy Testament". So who is doing all the persecuting? We are only defending ourselves from the onslaught of these perverted, paganized Baal worshipers. But one day, which is not far off, we will be vindacated when they will be the one's who will be persecuted. People will come to hate the religion of Christianity and their Priests and Pastors. Not because they believe in a fictitious god or gods, but because of their actions, their lies, the deceit and hypocrisy that they represent. Marcus Grodi and Jim Anderson talked about how the churches major resistance did not come until after the church had major success in the expansion of Christianity. They claimed the reasons for resistance are not totally religious, though they are couched as such, This is where many of the "myths" about Catholicism come from which leads to confusion & conflicting resistance. This resistance often leads to persecution! This was the thread during their whole dialog. And during all that time, not one mention of the many atrocities Catholics and Protestant churches had committed during its long, horrific history. Any confusion & conflicting resistance was brought about by the churches own actions. These guys seem to have forgotten that when talking about peoples resistance to convert to Christianity and of persecution. Christians had persecuted a great many people, as they do now and have throughout its history. Especially to those who had resisted the teachings of Christianity. I had observed when speaking to Catholics, that they generally have a very limited knowledge about their religion. They also have a very limited knowledge about the real history of the Roman Catholic church. I have found that Catholics generally, are too naiveté and too lazy to seek information for themselves. They prefer to believe whatever they are told by their clergy. I have found that Catholics who have done their homework, have found out that their Christian bible had a lot of historical errors in it, and many of its gospel passages contains many contradictions. They had found their "bishops" to be demagogic, and were found to be pious liers, who tend to exaggerate the piety of the Roman Catholic church. They had come to realize that Catholics were no better nor superior to non-Christians. They were surprised to find out that most people in secular society knew more about the Christian religion than they had. They also came to realize that Catholics swim in their own fabricated reality like most other Christian churches do. They found out that those Christians who claimed to be prophets of their fictitious god ended up in failed prophecies. These are some of the main reasons why they had broken off their ties with their religion and church. When I had spoke to ex-protestants, their answers was very similar to those of ex-Catholics who had left their perverted church and apostate Christian religion. I also heard one of their priest boast that the Roman Catholic church had been around for quite a long time and it will remain to be around for a long time to come. Someone tells me that claim is not what is in store in the near future, let alone the distance future. These Baal worshiping priests ought not be so cocky in their bold assumption. This same priest also made the remark that they have the authority on Earth given by their fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ. Some authority that is, coming from a church that is just as phony as their phony god or gods, which amounts to a phony authority. These people seem to forget that that the clay doesn't have the capacity to critique the Potter. This saying is a no-brainer. After all, we all know that clay has no brains. This is the fundamental difference between the potter and the clay. Those priests who belong to the Roman Catholic church are jackasses, that of course makes them the clay, and Almighty GOD, is the potter. This is why these Baal worshipers got into a lot of trouble with GOD. They had crossed that invisible, spiritual line by presuming to challenge one of GOD's Very Elect. These priests ought to be careful, they might end up, shall we say, out of Commission, sooner than they had thought could ever happen to their Baal, spiritual harlot mother church. The one whom they call the Vatican. The place where their Baal high priest are anointed by their phony Baal god or gods. Anointed with what I wonder? Blood? I can only surmise that, given that they are the invented of that Christian Baal worshiping cult that lust after human blood and flesh. They drink the blood and eat the flesh of their slain god, do they not? Maby that is why his people could not find the body of their god, Je-Zeus Christ. These Christians must have ate him, bones and all! Just what kind of a god or gods do they have I wonder? They must mean their main phony god, Je-Zeus Christ who became a human sacrifice in order to appease the other Baal gods that they have. So I need to ask the logical question; What kind of people would want to belong to a religion where their main god, the one they call, Je-Zeus Christ had to be offered up as a human sacrifice in order to appease those other gods they worship? Only natural born Baal worshippers kind of people who still have a touch of cannibalism inside their soul/spirit are attracted to that kind of religion and church.

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