Second Coming of the Christian fictitious god.

I could not help reflect during the recent Holiday Season on the amount of people who are pining all their faith and hope on a fictitious character made up by a bunch of ignorant Baal worshipers from the second to the forth century CE. I am talking about Christians. Christians have great expectations of the second coming of their fictitious, false god. These people actually believe that their fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ will be coming to save their unknowingly apostate hide. While Christianity is indeed an apostate religion, the god that these people are waiting for is in reality, only a fictitious, make believe phantom. Which their priests and pastors, whom they have placed their trust in, have convinced them what they are being told is the truth. Unfortunately; These deceived people have misplaced their trust on those priests and pastors who spew out their lies onto trusting Christians. What Christians are believing is nothing more than like believing in a fictitious cartoon character made up by someone, will suddenly jump out from the big movie screen and actually appear in the flesh. This Je-Zeus Christ which Christians worship and talk so much about, is like that kind of false expectation. I can understand children believing in a fictitious Santa Clause, like we have witnessed, leading up to the recent Holiday Season. I do not believe that adults should tell a child that the Santa Claus who is depicted as a heavyset benevolent character in a red and white colored costume riding in a sleigh with eight flying reindeers and lives at the North Pole is a real, live person, regardless how well intentioned it may have been. It is not the right thing to do. Children need to be told the truth. There is nothing wrong to tell children that the Santa Clause they hear about is only a fictitious character who represents, love, joy, generosity and devotion. Children will believe anyone they place their trust in, but to find out much later in life that they had been lied to by the people they had trusted, is not a very good thing. But for religious leaders like priests and pastors, who claim to represent GOD, and brainwash not only little children, but also adults into believing in a fictitious lie that Je-zeus Christ is god and claim that their soul will be saved by it, is utterly criminal on their part. This Christian fictitious god, this creature, Je-Zeus Christ, which these deceiving priests and preachers also call Heavenly Father, was woven from the same fictitious fabric like the modern day Santa Claus or some cartoon character that was made up by some person. I just find it sad that Christians had been duped into believing in a lie for almost two thousand years. Hopefully, my web pages will rectify this sad situation and enlighten some people who have been deceived by their priests and preachers, to what is actually the truth.

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