Satan the Devil

How this myth found its way into the Bible.

How did the ancient people came to believe in Devils, Demons and Evil spirits? It all started when a group of extraterrestrial beings, known as the " Renegades " had come down to planet earth. This happened long before the time of the Great Devastation (time of the Great Floods) sometime around 3500 BCE. During the era before the Great Devastation, a group of earthly people had lived around the area that was known as Mesopotamia (now known as Iraq). It was during that time frame when the people of planet earth had an encounter with extraterrestrials beings who were the Renegades. Who were these Renegades? They had separated from the main group of extraterrestrial beings that were known as the Shinning Ones. The Renegades had evolved on their own and became the outcasts from the Shinning Ones society. who was a group of extraterrestrial beings which continued to abide in the Will of GOD, the Creator. But this Renegades group of extraterrestrial beings choose to become evil, and had sought to go their own way rather than follow in the path of GOD. The extraterrestrial group known as the Shining Ones were also known as the sons of Light, while the Renegades were known as the sons of Darkness. All of these extraterrestrial beings were known as the Sons of Heaven. They are human in form, have the knowledge of immortality and possess superhuman powers. It was these Renegades who had come to planet earth and declared themselves to be gods to the people of planet earth. ( Note; This reads much like the Fallen Angels story as described in the Old Testament. In the Bible, the descendants of the "Fallen Angels" would become known as the Nephilims. The name Nephilims means The Outcast. ) The Renegades had told humanity that the universe was ruled by them. The people mistook these to be gods, and the Renegades acted as if they were gods. They made the people service to their needs. They took a great many of the womenfolk and used them as sexual slaves. They had implanted their seeds in these womenfolk which would become the descendants of a people that would eventually become the Sargon of Akkad Dynasty ( 2242-2186 BCE) and would evolve to become the Sumerians (Chaldeans). Things were really getting out of hand that the Shinning Ones had to come down to planet Earth and force the Renegades to leave the people of Earth alone. This confrontation lead into a great battle between the Shinning Ones and the Renegade. The Shinning Ones won the battle and the Renegades were exiled far into deep space. The Shinning Ones had given much knowledge and tools to humanity as gifts for the trouble the Renegades had caused the people of Earth. Unfortunately; The offspring's of the Renegades would become the Homo-Sapiens. In time, these people would evolve to become part of the Akkad dynasty who would later evolve to become the Sumerian (Chaldeans) people. who had rebuilt the great city of Ur around 3300 BCE. During the Sumerians Third Dynasty, they had developed and formed a new social order in which the King of the Sumerians was both King and Priest, who was also known as the King of Peace. ( Note; This is where the Hebrews got the idea to write about one such Priest-King they called Melchizedek. A story in the Old Testament about Abraham who had given a tenth share of his booty to the Priest-King Melchizedek. This Sumerian Priest-King called Melchizedek who was also known as the King of Peace never really existed according to ancient Sumerian records. It is no great wonder that the Sumerian Priest-King whom Abraham was supposed to had given a tenth share of his booty as stated in the Old Testament never had any origin of birth or had never died, because this made-up person was a phantom that came from the imagination of the mind from the person who wrote that text in the Old Testament. ) After the King-Priest era had ended, the Sumerians became corrupt. They developed a new social order and religion that was far removed from the original teachings of the Shining Ones and of the Great Order of the Sumerian Priest-King. As time passed , the Sumerians began to believe that these extraterrestrial beings that their great, ancestors had encountered, were indeed gods. This led to the development of a religion that was based upon four leading deities, known as the creation gods. These gods were known as An, the god of heaven (GOD the Creator); Ki, the goddess of earth, Enlil, the god of air and Enki, the god of water. These gods represented the god of Heaven. Sound familiar? Like the Christian, three gods in one theology. These new Sumerian gods represented earth, air, fire and water and were regarded as the four major components of the universe. The act of creation, they understood, was accomplished through the utterance of the divine word; the creating deity (GOD the Creator). Who had merely to make plans and pronounce the name of the thing to be created. To speak the words to keep the cosmos in continuous and harmonious operation and to avoid confusion and conflict. These gods devised the ME (Law). It was a set of universal and unchangeable laws (rules) that all beings were obliged to obey. (Much of the ME would become the laws of the Hebrews in the Old Testament.) Next in importance to the creating deities were the three sky deities. They were known as Nanna, the god of the moon; Utu, the sun god; and In-anna, the queen of heaven. In-anna was also the goddess of love, procreation, and war. It is said that Nanna was the father of Utu and In-anna. Sumerian poets composed numerous myths about the exploits of In-anna. Another god of great importance to them was Ninurta, the deity in charge of the violent and destructive south wind. One of the most beloved deities was the shepherd god named Dumuzi, who is the biblical Tammuz. Dumuzi was originally a mortal ruler whose marriage to In-anna ensured the fertility of the land and the fecundity of the womb. This marriage, however, according to a myth whose denouement has only recently come to light, ended in stark tragedy when the goddess, offended by her husband's unfeeling behavior toward her, decreed that he be carried off to the netherworld for six months of each year. Hence the barren, sterile months of the hot summer. At the autumnal equinox, which marked the beginning of the Sumerian new year, Dumuzi returned to the earth. His reunion with his wife caused all animal and plant life to be revitalized and made fertile once again. Each new year the Sumerians celebrated the marriage between Dumuzi and In-anna. The high point of the celebration was a ritual wherein the Sumerian King impersonated Dumuzi, while In-anna was impersonated by one of her leading Priestesses. Other Sumerian gods included those in charge of rivers, mountains, and plains. Of the cities, fields, and farms. Of tools such as pickaxes, brick molds, and plows. Each of the important deities became the patron of one or more of the Sumerian cities. Large temples were erected in the name of these deities, who was worshiped as the divine ruler and protector of the city. Temple rites were conducted by many Priests, singers, musicians, sacred prostitutes, and eunuchs. Sacrifices were offered daily. The Sumerians understood that human beings were fashioned of clay, (Sound familiar with the creation story of Genesis in the Old Testament?) Anyway, these people were created for the purpose of supplying the gods with food, drink, and shelter, so that the gods might have full leisure for their divine activities. Life was considered humanity's most precious possession, even though it is beset with uncertainty and haunted by insecurity. When human beings die, it was believed that their spirits descended into the netherworld, (Hell). Where life is more wretched than on earth. (Now you know where the concept of Hell had come from.) From these ancient source texts came the Persian Magi's Religion that had developed into their Aryan folk-religion. Out of this came the religion called Zoroastrianism. Zoroaster was a sage who lived in the 6th Century BCE. In this religion, Zoroaster studied the ancient text of the original Magi's which had become nearly extinct. Zoroasters had reworked the ancient texts which had been banned during his era, which had told about the extraterrestrial beings that had come down to earth, and worked it into a story, disguised as two predominant spirits, a God of Light and God of Darkness...which they battled for Supremacy in the Heavens. Zarathushtra (Zoroaster) believed in a dual battle between good and evil. Ahura Mazda or Ohrmazd (the later form of the name) who is GOD, the Creator, the principle of good, light, order, virtue and truth. Who dwells on high in eternal light. Though he is not all-powerful. He has a great enemy, called Angra Mainyu (later to be known as Ahriman). He is the Destructive Spirit who is entirely evil. Who is the opposite of good, He is the principal of evil, darkness, chaos, wickedness and falsehood. He is sometimes simply called " the Lie". The whole world, all through time, is the battleground on which these titanic forces contend. Although Ahura Mazda or Ohrmazd had created the world, he is not responsible for the evil in it. Angra Mainyu or Ahriman is responsible, because long ago in the mythical past, he deliberately chose evil in preference to good. Angra Mainyu or Ahriman is not truly a god, he is not on the same level as Ahura Mazda, and he is doomed to defeat in the distant future when the world will return to the purity and goodness of its first creation. It was believed that human beings had an important spiritual purpose in living. It is to expand the realm of good and diminish the empire of evil. When a person dies, each person is judged by their thoughts, words and actions and is sent either to the Light of Heaven, to live in the light of bliss with Ahura Mazda, or to be punished in darkness and torment in the house of Lie ( hell ). With this, Zoroaster tried to explain to his people about good and evil. He spoke at length of an eternal reward for the good people and the eternal punishment for the bad, after their earthly death. We can plainly see from this where the fallen angels story began to developed within the Old Testament, with its pit of fire for the souls of the damned came into existence. Do that not sound like the teachings found in Judaism and Christianity? Hint; The battle between Satan and GOD. Other writings which came from ancient text are also found in the Old Testament, such as the Noah's Ark story in Genesis, in which a boat was used to escape the destruction of a great, mighty flood. The birth story of Moses, The Ten Commandment laws and other such text that is found in the Old Testament had originally come from the writings of the Sumerian text which date back to around 3300 BCE. These text are strikingly too similar for it to be just a coincidence. One of the ironies of history is that three of the worlds major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are descended from the beliefs of these ancient text. I have no doubt that Christians will say that the writings found in their bible predates those of Zarathushtra and the Sumerian. Really? Ancient Persian (Magi) writings can be traced back to 1600 BCE, and the Sumerian text goes as far back to 3300 BCE. For the Hebrew people, who are supposed to have taken such great care and reverence for their Sacred Scrolls (books), how is it that the oldest existing Judaic biblical text date only to the 1st century CE which was uncovered by the Dead Sea in Israel, known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Hebrew people were well acquainted with the ancient Sumerian text and that of Zarathushtra (Zoroaster). These concepts were later to be taken up by the Hebrew (Jewish) people known as the People of the Book, the "People of God" during the time of their defeat and captivity by the Babylonian Empire. This is how many concepts, including the Satan and the "Fallen Angels" myth had found its way into the Old Testament. Many of these concepts were taken up from these early religions which really did not come directly from GOD, but remained in their "Sacred" books. From these writings came the Devil concept of Satan, and its Hell, that the "Christian" religion would later embrace and developed into what Christians believe today. As I have always maintained, the only "devil" that do exist is the devil within the human inner heart and mind. There is no one outside of yourself that cause you to do evil things, it is the evil that is within the soul/spirit of a person which cause people to be evil. I hope by telling you all of this, it will once and for all show how stupid, immature and totally ignorant these Christian Priests and Protestant Pastors are for insisting and believing that this "Satan" and the "Fallen Angels" myths are totally factual and that the Devil with his sidekick Demons are real. All this information was available to them and they choose to ignore it. Now you know the truth about how Satan, the Devil and the "Fallen Angels" story came to be written in the bible in which people are falsely led to believe was the truth. Christian priests and pastors will no doubt continue to hold fast onto their Satan myth because they can not now admit to what is revealed here, for it would shatter the creditability of their Christian bible and their religion. They can not now admit that their Bible is not totally factual or true. Oh my, what a real letdown it must be for Christians to find out that they had been duped all along by their priests and pastors! It is after all, written in their Christian Bible, the so-called, "infallible", Word of God. So now you know the truth about how Satan found its way into the Old and New Testament, in what became the Christian Bible.

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