Rod Hembree refuses to back up claims

I have not heard from Rod Hembree from Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. Therefore; I had sent Rod Hembree two more e-mails to his Christian ministries, at Quick Study and at his TheStream to challenge him in an "Open Forum" debate. Will he be man enough to accept? We shall see. Rod Hembree is now accusing me on his radio program, Life Lessons, that the reason I am attacking him and his perverted, apostate Christian religion is out of hate. That is also an untrue statement. Had not these morons persecuted my ministry, I would just have gone on quietly with my ministry without any mention of that perverted, apostate, pagan religion of Christianly. Notice how these morons try to twist events around. Frankly; I really do not expect that Rod Hembree from Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. will take me on in this open forum debate. After all the e-mails I had sent him, he had not given a reply. All I can do is take this as a refusal to an Open Debate. He will no doubt turn out to be the yellow-bellied loudmouth which is common among these Protestant Christian ministries. They sure talk loud but when it comes to back-up their false claims, well, they will slide away into their dark viper dens, the home of these Christian ministries. I knew that there was an American connection with Rod Hembree and his perverted, apostate Christian ministry. I did a little quick internet search and came up with this information. Rod Hembree is the son of Ron Hembree of Cornerstone TeleVision. He is an American who came to live in Canada. I wonder why Rod Hembree had moved to Canada and unloaded his garbage here. We already have that kind of garbage here without adding any more of the same. I'm talking about his perverted, apostate Christian ministry, here in Canada. Rod Hembree father, Ron Hembree was ordained at age 23 after having studied for ministry at Central Bible College, Southwestern Assemblies of God College, Evangel College, Southwest Missouri State University, and St. Joseph's Catholic College. He has a Doctorate in Ministry from Phoenix Theological Seminary and has also been awarded an honorary doctorate from an Illinois bible school. Ron started his career as a writer for the national headquarters of his denomination. He also worked as news editor for KWTO Radio in Springfield, Missouri, and has written hundreds of articles for various national publications such as Billy Graham's Decision magazine, Christian Life, and others. He had a daily television program in the USA called Rejoice which aired for seven years before starting Quick Study. He also originated the popular His Place television program. He is author of more than 60 books. Quick Study, the 5-day/week, 30-minute television program started January 1, 1990, in Pittsburgh, PA. Today, the program is viewed on several satellite networks and seen in every state of the U.S., and every province of Canada. It is aired daily in the U.S. on several religious networks, as well as appearing daily on several independent stations. Quick Study, Good Friends, Inc. also produces a 30-minute weekly youth series called Just The Facts and a children's program called The Adventures of Enoch. Cornerstone TeleVision Network, Inc. broadcasts 24 hours a day, airing more than 100 different programs weekly. Their award-winning viewer supported network includes two full-powered and three low-powered television stations as well as over 80 affiliated stations across the United States. In addition, Cornerstone has a nationwide satellite outreach through C-Band Satellite dishes and SkyAngel, a Christian-owned and operated direct-to- home satellite service. Nine original programs are produced out of the network's headquarters in Pittsburgh.

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