A False Prophet




Mr.R.G. Stair, a false Prophet.

Mr. R.G. Stair is a self-proclaimed prophet and radio preacher on his "Overcomer" radio program from Walterboro, South Carolina. He claims that GOD speaks directly to him. In fact, he claims GOD has appointed him as "God's end-time prophet to America". Is that really true? Well I know as a fact that the god Stair preaches about, is the very same man made, three gods in one, god the father, god the son and god the holy spirit, which the Roman Catholic Church had invented and peaches. Yes, the god Stair is always talking about is the very same man-created gods of the paganized Christians.

[Photo of Stair in his prison grab and handcuffed in summer of 2002.]

Stair was alleged to having sex with young girls belonging to families who were living at his Christian farm compound. Stair had forced two of the girls to have sex with him on 70 different occasions, stating that they had been chosen to receive the Prophets reward. The girls really did not want to do it, but because Stair was the "prophet", they reluctantly gave in to his wishes. Stair's Wife, Teresa, admits that Stair was having sex with several girls in the community, though she claims they were consensual. Stair and his wife Teresa, have one daughter. Stair is a bit of a girl molester according to people who know him. There had been complaints in the past from parents within his and other groups that are in association with his ministry. Their young girls have been enticed into having sex with him. He will brainwash these girls into thinking that he is giving them special Grace when having sex with him. When the parents found out what Stair was doing with their young daughters, they left his Waterboro farm.

These people found out the truth about Stair being a false prophet. Despite this, Stair continues to gain a following through his radio programs and the Internet. These people will eventually fall into the same trap as those he had brainwashed and had joined his Je-Zeus Christ cult. Stair's god, which one I am not really sure, for Stair tends to jump from one god to another whenever it suites him. Anyway, his god had told him the way to escape the horrors to come in 1988 CE, was to get out of the cities and flee to the countryside before the month of April was over, because a nuclear hollacaust will rain down upon the major cities of the USA. As if leaving the cities would cause people to escape the horrors of a nuclear hollacaust. If anything like that would happen, it would have an effect upon the whole world. Some people were gullible enough to believe Stair and sold their homes and gave all their money to Stair's Faith Cathedral Fellowship, and joined him at his Waterboro farm that Stair's Overcomer ministry owns. Stair has made many sensational prophecies in the past, but they always fall flat. Stair has a long history of making these false prophecies but he always manages to find some lame excuse why they had not come about. Here is a little example of Stairs hidden ego. He calls his church, Faith Cathedral Fellowship. What Cathedral is Stair talking about? His so-called "Cathedral" is nothing more than an old shed which he had converted and uses for his little church at his Waterboro farm. This is how Stair gives people the wrong impression with "his truth". But then again, it is befitting that Stair should name his church a "Cathedral" Fellowship which pertains to a Roman Catholic church structure. After all, he believes and preaches their three gods in one god dogma. This South Carolina "Prophet of Perversion" attracts a widening audiences through the ignorance of fellow Christians who do not know Stair or their pagan religion. He maintains a bank account from which the monthly interest that he gains from it runs some of his radio ministry. Stair has also been able to beef up his bankbook, by getting people to give all they can to his ministry. He also gets money to support his perverted cult ministry from his followers who live on his "Overcomer Ministry" farm by giving most, if not all, the money they had earned from working on jobs outside their little cult compound. Stair brags a lot about how his phony god is supplying all of his needs when in reality, it is those people he has managed to brainwash into that perverted, heathenistic Baal worship religion which supply the money needed to sustain his ministry. Stair will not hesitate to undermine these people and control them with tactics which are most common among all of those phony Christian cult ministries. Stair is broadcasting on many of those "Christian" Broadcasts that are on s/w radio. When Stair talks about his god, Stair believes that his Je-Zeus Christ is GOD, in the very same manner as the Roman Catholic Church teachings on the Trinity which is to them three (Spirits) that dwell into the one GOD. I other words, this Je-Zeus is not only GOD the Father, GOD the Son and GOD the Holy Spirit, but they are all the one GOD. He must have a tinge of Hinduism in him. Now he uses the name of Yeshua along with the name of Je-Zeus Christ as his god just to muddy the waters a bit. He started doing this just after I found out that the Je-Zeus Christ that Christians believe in is not the true person of Yeshua. It is amazing how Stair believes in the same god as the Roman Catholic Church, yet he will identify that church as the Great Whore. So what do that make his church, a harlot? Listening to the audio tapes of his preaching that I have received from people within our group, I find that Stair has now changed his apporch to the three-in-one theory of his god. Now he explains it something like this; The three roles of God is spirit, soul and body. He explains that God the father is spirit, the God Je-Zeus Christ is the body and the God holy spirit is the soul. One GOD in three different roles or modes. That sounds very much like how Arnold Murray of Shepherd's Chapel explains his fictitious god. Murry claims that his three-in-one-god is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (One GOD in three different roles, or modes). In that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit hold different offices by this one God. Murray likes the explaintion that some little old lady school teacher had once explained this three-gods- in one theory. She had explained it like this, "To my husband I am a wife, to my children I am a mother, to my third graders I am their teacher. I have three different roles or offices; None of them are the same, but I'm still the same person." I see, but that still fails to explain how his one "god" prays to this other god, or that there is a "one" god who is in Heaven, while the other is being killed on planet earth. Nor do it explaim how their "one" god is sitting or standing at the right hand of some other god who is sitting on a throne in Heaven. Nor do it explaim how they can read a verse like; Johm 15:15; "No longer do I call you servants, for the servant doesn't know what his lord does. But I have called you friends, for everything that I heard from my Father, I have made known to you." and claim that their phony Je-Zeus Christ is GOD. As anyone, but a Christian, can plainly see, their claim that Je-Zeus Christ is GOD, is not a very convincing argument. The truth is, the religion of Christianity is based upon nothing more than a fictitious man-made god theory and pagan theology in which this fabricated Je-Zeus Christ is their main god. It was in this manner that Christianity had perverted itself by the kind of teachings and preaching which comes out of the mouth of these preachers, priests and false prophets. This religion had its mask of deceit ripped away to expose the BIG LIE that was hidden beneath it. Now that the true face of Christianity is revealed, they have no room to manoeuvre, to get out of their lie, their deceitfulness or plain stupidity. The salt of Christianity has lost its savour and it shall be trampled underfoot as Yeshua had once stated. I find that Stair miss-interprets and take meanings way out of context in his teaching of scripture, as most preachers do within the Catholic and Protestant churches. I recall one time when Stair was talking about the Major and Minor Prophets in the Old Testament. Well this man, this phony prophet did not know the meaning of a minor and major prophet. He said on his radio broadcast that a minor prophet was a prophet for a city, a state, or a nation, and a major prophet was a prophet for the whole world. Really! He believes that a soul/spirit do not go into a baby until it is taken out of the mother's womb and takes its first breath. If that is the case, then to Stair, there is nothing wrong for a woman to have an abortion. After all, it is only a piece of meat, a piece of flesh with no soul/spirit within it. Stair also speaks about the Great Day of the Lord. To him, it is when Satan destroys all of humanity! So in effect, is Stair saying that his god is Satan? This Satan of Stair's really changes into many forms. To Stair, Satan is a snake that can talk, he is an angel that can sin, and now Satan has turned himself into planet x. That Satan (planet x) is coming down to earth to do his thing and destroy the whole world. For some strange reason, Stair calls George Bush the burning bush. Who was in the burning bush in the Bible? Hint; Moses first meeting with GOD. So is Stair saying that he believes that George Bush is GOD? Must be according to what Stair is saying. I heard another stupid saying out of Stair's mouth. He was talking about the rapture. He went to explain that those who were left behind were the one's that were saved. He went on to explain about Noah and the Flood and Lot and Sodom. Stair concluded by these two examples, that those that were taken away on the Ark were the one's who were destroyed. If I remember correctly, was it not Noah in the Ark that was carried away who were safe and those left behind were all drowned, according to the story? Was not Lot and his family who had left Sodom and had fled to safety and those people who were left behind ended up in the flames? Stair seems to have the strange idea that those who will be leaving planet earth are the ones who will be destroyed and those who will be left behind will be saved. Well, Stair can repeat that rapture saying to himself and his followers when they find themselves neck deep in the middle of World War III. That is if they even manage to survive through the New World Order system or the time of the Great Shaking of planet Earth! I remember a James Loyed of Apocalypse Chronicle holds the same view about the rapture. Two peas in the same pod, huh? Stair sell's s/w radio's , books and tapes as part of his donation plan. He tells people that he do not do any merchandising yet he will sell his radio's, books, tapes and the like under the pretence that people are buying these things as a gift offering. The impression I get about Stair, is that he is one cocky, slippery, sly dude. I notice that when someone attacks him on something stupid that he say's, he will quickly throw out verses of needing to forgive. Then when he feels safe again, he will continue his attack on others showing no mercy to them. I am well aware of his sly tactics. He tells people he has nothing, he has no pension, no security funds, nothing. What he doesn't say is what is troubling. He, along with his sidekick henchmen have total control over Stairs Overcommer Enterprise. Why would you need a pension when you have millions of dollars in a bank account? Anything that Stair and his people need at their farm, Stair gets it with just a stroke of the pen, that is filled with the blood money of his unweary victims. Stair and his henchmen have a long list of names whom they have plundered from their innocent victims. All the while counterfeiting himself as a man of GOD! Stair is telling people not to go to doctors for medical treatment. He believes that all doctors and people in the medical field are witch doctors. Stair is a smooth talker. He will talk his victims into submission on his farm with the help of his sidekicks using the Bible as their main tool. Oh; He is very clever, but he is a fool to think that GOD, the real GOD, is unaware of what he is doing. People will eventually find out and see through his little scam. How many victims has he got under his belt, one can only guess, but I know that GOD is counting. At his farm, Stair manages to keep his followers under his spell, they are too blind to see through the Vail of deception that he has put in front of them. Stair is blinded by the strong delusion that he and people like him can sustain themselves on their farm without being under the New World Order system. He tells his people that they can remain outside and continue to sustain themselves under the New World Order system even when they have no money. After all, they can grow all of their crops and raise livestock that they require to sustain themselves. They already have all the clothing and everything that they need when the New World Order system comes upon them. Stair thinks that they will be in a good situation that they can escape being under the bondage of the New World Order system. Really? What is to stop the New World Order system to levy taxes on the land that they are on? What is to stop the New World Order system to impose some kind of restriction or by-laws on the land that they are on? What is to stop the New World Order system from taking over and confiscating the land Stair is on, with some environmental, health or other kind of trump-up charges, Hummmmmm? The false security that Stair's god gives him reflects the very falseness of this would be prophet's nature by claiming to be a prophet of the one and only true GOD when he is not. This is the kind of false security one has when people believe in Stair and his fictitious god. Stair is a deciver and a liar when he claims to be an overcommer. But then again, he may be right on one small point. He do overcome those people who are striving to become Saints with his lies and deceptions. Stair speaks a lot about repentance, but for him, he uses it to his own advantage. There is no repentance in Stair that I can see. I notice that Stair will lie to people when he feels he can get away with it. Stair may fool many people, but he do not fool those of the Very Elect. Stair and his crowd has already sinned against the Holy Spirit. I hope that I have been able to show people how Christians can be fooled and deceived by his preaching through their own ignorance. Stair is so deceived that while this person is busy condemning others and those of his own kind, he do not even realize that he is worshipping the very same a false god and preaches that perverted doctrin of Christianity. This is the reason why Stair is a very good representation of what a false prophet is. Stair claims that he is preaching the Kingdom of GOD and not the gospel of his phony god-man Je-Zeus Christ. He claims that he is the only person who is doing that. It is strange that Stair should say that because we are the only one's who are preaching the Kingdom of GOD in the Holy Testament. All I have heard Stair preach about is his phony, man made, god-man which represents the Baal god/gods. A false prophet representing a false, man made god. Of course I am fully aware that Stair and his followers read our web pages and they are among those vipers who attack me and the gospel of the Holy Testament continuously. But that do not surprise me in the least. They preachers at Stair's overcomer ministry appear to be upright, nice religious people but in reality, are conniving, lying wonders, spewing out their damnable apostate, phony heathen god/gods religion. They are that stupid not to realize that their congregation is as much a part of those corporate churches who preach the same apostate, pagan religion of that phony Baal god, Je-Zeus Christ! Like I have said about these Christian preachers, the blind will lead the blind. I have been informed that they claim I am lying to people. Really? Anytime any one of Stair's preachers has the guts to debate about who is lying and who is speaking the truth, issue about Christianity and what these people believe, I am ready for such a debate, so let these people bring it on, if they think they have all the answers! Maby the parishioners of Stair's congregation can convince any one of their preachers, even Stair himself, to take me on an open, televised public debate. We will then find out who is the one who is lying to people. If Stair happens to accept such a debate, we can also deal with his claim of being the last prophet of GOD. We will then see what god he is a prophet of. The real GOD or that phony god he is referring to as Je-Zeus Christ which is nothing more than a phony Baal god! Personaly, I would like to challenge R.G.Stair of Overcomer Ministry to a public debate on his claim of being a "Prophet of GOD", and on his Christian religion and Bible so that I can prove to the world what a fraud R.G.Stair really is. But I have a feeling that R.G.Stair is too much of a coward to take me up on that challenge, least I prove my point. I have no doubt that Stair will make up all sorts of excuses why he will not take up the challenge with me. He is good at making excuses, ask his comgregation. Here are some people (gullible Christians) who had personally lived with and know R.G.Stair. These people had seen through Stair's deceptive tactics after having spent a great deal of time on Stair's Overcomer Christian cultic compound he calls a farm.

Ex-members of R.G.Stair
from his Overcommer Ministry...

I had given R.G.Stair ample opportunity to defend his apostate, Christian religion and his phony god, Je-Zeus Christ, to an open, televised public debate, but he has proven to be too much of a coward to do so. Stair claims that I had lied in my assessment of his ministry and of his involvement in molesting young girls from within his cult-compound he calls a farm. I can back-up everything I have said about R.G.Stair. I do not make accusations unless I can back it up. As for Stair's accusation that I had lied, I have the records on hand to prove he is the one who is lying to people. That phony self-declared so-called prophet of a phony Baal god, has directed many unfounded accusations my way for many years. I had let these slide by, knowing where they were coming from. But he had better not cross my path. For Stair will not find me to be as meek as my Beloved Brother Yeshua. I will not hesitate to drive Stair's snotty nose into the ground. Let that be a fair warning to R.G.Stair!

I have opened up and revealed to you the truth about this false prophet who worship a false god, that reveal what he is all about. I will now reveal what a Christian preacher that perverts the truth is all about. Harold Camping is a good example of what I am talking about. Camping has a s/w radio program called... Open Forum on Family radio.

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