Psychological Manipulation

The Roman Catholic church have used tactics of coercive mind control to negatively impact its estimated 2 billion Christian victims. The total figures for the past centuries are even greater. We are quite aware that the Roman Catholic and the majority Christian churches are engaged in highly advanced forms of psychological manipulation of their members. Their techniques were once called brainwashing, thought reform, coercive persuasion and mind control. The Roman Catholic church and other Christian churches are entrapping their members so that they will not escape their influence, and reducing their mind to near regurgitation status. It is well known that the Roman Catholic church, as well as other like Protestant Christian religious institutions are or have been involved in criminal acts. These Christian churches are recruiting large numbers of people, especially the young because they can mold their mind to their dogmas more easily by using deceptive techniques. Subjecting them to mind-control processes that were first developed in Nazi Germany and communist countries, and subsequently developed by these Christian religious institutions to a much higher level of refinement. They discourage their members ability to think critically and to make independent decisions for themselves. Some of these Christian churches we have found out will even induced their members to commit suicide and they call these martyrs for the "Church". Member are encouraged to donate major amounts of money to support those churches. Their members are taught to uncritically accept their Christian teachings, and make a permanent commitment to remain in their church. We at the People of the Holy Testament encourage people to use critical thinking when examining not only our teachings, but also of major religions. We do not use or engaged in any form of psychological manipulation with our members. And we certainly do not teach our members to uncritically accept our teachings. We are confident that truth will vindicate our religious teachings. we do not discourage our members to look at writings which are outside our own teachings. In fact we encourage it. Some of these, even those from secular sourced are placed in our members library for our members to read if they like. We do not require our members to donate small or major amounts of money to support our ministry . Our members do what they can to help out our ministry, mostly by providing services. We do not sell books, audio or video tapes or merchandise at our ministry. What we have we give out freely to our membership. While it is not easy for anyone to become a member of the People of the Holy Testament, our members are quite free to leave our congregation whenever they want. They are not forced to answer questions as to why they have chosen to leave or persuade them to stay. Our members are not given a guilt trip if they choose to leave the congregation. They are never blacklisted if and when any of our members choose to leave the fold. We have found out through experience that those who do leave will eventually return to our congregation. These are some of the main difference between the Roman Catholic / Protestant churches, and the People of the Holy Testament ministry.

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