Looking in all the wrong places

I had on several occasion have heard speeches from a person called Fr. John Corapi on EWTN Catholic Radio. On this occasion, I had heard a sermon about Catholics needing to love Catholic priests. I have no dought in my mind that this little speech was the result of what had been written about the many Roman Catholic priests who were found to be pedophiles. Then again, there could be a slight chance that speech may well have been the result of what I had written on this web site about that perverted Roman Catholic church and its apostate, paganized religion which is infested with pedophiles. Frankly; I do not blame John Corapi or his associates for accusing me to be in league with that fictitious devil dogma which comes out from their perverted Christian pagan religion. After all, this guy is mad at me because I dare speak the truth. This guy, Corapi, also talked about spiritual warfare. About how Catholics should defend the "church" against people like me, who attack their church which has sush a horrendus history to hide, and of course their perverted, apostate religion. He accuses me of lying in what I say about their perverted, apostate church and religion. Well guess what? The only people I hear lying are the bunch of Christians who are trying to defend their religion. Anyone can easily check to see if I am speaking the truth, especially if a person has access to the Internet. May I make one suggestion? Get your source from non-Christian sites, like reliable sources such as various kinds of Exciclopedias and history books. Get topics on the devil, Roman Catholic church and on Christianity. You can also go to the "Recomend reading" Page at the People of the Holy Testament non-member web site to get you started on your quest. You will very quickly find out who is really doing the lying, and it won't be me. Corapi and his apostate, pagan, perverted, religion will find out soon enough of their coming demise, for this has been fortold by the prophets of GOD. It is also mentioned in the book of Revelalations found in his New Testament in his perverted Christian bible. Corapi has invested a great deal of time and effort to become a priest, no doubt. He had to overcome his desire to speak freely, least he ruffles some feathers with his superiors. He has also had to take in a great amount of brainwashing, to learn all that Catholic dogma, in order to become a Catholic priest. What would anyone expect coming from such a person who has not the liberty nor is in a position to speak the truth, least he looses his clergy position and security within the "Catholic Church" and be booted out on his ears for not towing the Catholic line. Unlike me, Catholic priests are not free to speak freely on what is the truth concerning the atrocities that have been committed by the Roman Catholic church, nor can they allow themselves to speak the truth on the early developement of Christianity as I can. Not if they want to remain in good stead with the Vatican. The best John Corapi can do is re-gurgitate the Catholic perverted dogma he has been trained to speak about. Unlike this priest, John Corapi, I do not have any man, nor man-made institution or have to re-gurgitate some man-made perverted, apostate dogma. Nor do I answer to any "man-made church", be it Christian or otherwise, or to its leaders, least of all to that perverted Roman Catholic church and its popes. I only answer to the one and only true GOD of Heaven, who has given me the where-with-all to speak as I do. So who is this priest called Fr. Corapi? Sources tells me that after having a series of trials and many career changes, which had always left him flat and empty. He decided to join the Roman Catholic church to seek a safe, secure vocation where he can hide in. After all, the Roman Catholic church are really desperate to have priests and this apostate church has been around a long time and is not about to become bankrupt or go under like a sinking ship, so he thinks. Corapi superiors have discerned after a while, that he has the gift of gab. So they placed Corapi in the position of "Apostolic Preaching". All that really means is that Corapi's job is to re-gurgitate what the Roman Catholic church has taught him, using his own flowing words. Teaching the pagan apostolic perverted, heretical dogma to their members, namely, to the Roman Catholic people. This priest, John Corapi thinks that his phony, man-invented pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ is the greatest leader, the greatest hero of all time. I can think of other fictitious type of charactors who are leader's and hero's, like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or even Harry Potter, to name just a few. Corapi's main level of preaching the apostate, pagan, catholic religion consist basically of;

1: To have a relationship with a pagan virgin goddess, known to these pagan, heretical Roman Catholics as the "Virgin Mary" who they claim is the mother of one of their gods, which Corapi believes leads Catholics into a vibrant and loving relationship with her pagan sun-god, Je-Zeus Christ.

2; To have a great reverence for eating the flesh and drinking the blood of their pagan sun-god which to Catholics must be considered as an adoration of their so-called "Blessed" cannibalistic sacrament. (These people actually do believe that they are drinking the actual blood and eating the actual flesh of their pagan, made-up god.)

3rd; To have an uncompromising, total obedience to the head honcho, namely their Pope.

4th; To teach the Roman Catholic apostate, perverted, paganized christian religion, its rules and by-laws to Catholics. These rules and by-laws are found in something called a cannon.

In some Christian circles, mostly by protestants, the Roman Catholic Church is better known as, The Great Whore. Even the book of Revelation in the Christian bible refers to the Roman Catholic church as being "The Great Whore". It was through that same apostate, pagan church which had a great part in altering and perverting the text which is found in the Christian bible in which all Christians rely upon for what they have come to believe. Had John Corapi spent some time looking for the true GOD of Heaven, he would have been further ahead. As it stands now, he is no closer to finding what he was seeking. Unfortunately for John Corapi, he was just looking in all the wrong places. People who have spent their time doing some basic research on how Christianity had actually developed and study the pathetic, horrific history of the Roman Catholic church and that of Christianity, they do not get sucked-into that kind of perverted, heathen, apostate religion. People like this Catholic priest, Fr. John Corapi, has shackled his intellectual reasoning for a man-made pagan, apostate theology that can not stand the test of scrutiny.

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