Pastor Peter J. Peters

Scriptures for America

Peter J. Peters is the pastor of the LaPorte Church of Christ in Laporte Colorado, USA. It is basically a white-supremacist group within the array of various Protestant denominations. This Protestant denomination has a mail-order tape ministry called, "Scriptures for America," to promote their perverted views. From his home in LaPorte, he has built a radio ministry with some followers, who regularly purchase his literature and taped sermons. Each summer Peters runs a family-style Bible camp in the Colorado Rockies. When he convened the 1990 camp about 500 people (adults and small children) had participated. Similar events were held in 1991 and 1992. Peters also holds a regular camp session in Virginia. Peters had purchased 1,000 acres of land, which he probably bought it from the donations that were given to his ministry, which he calls his manure smelling patch of land a ranch, located somewhere in Wyoming. Peters has established himself as one of the foremost proponents of Christian Identity beliefs. Peters achieved national notoriety during the 1980s when it became known that several of his members were involved with a string of fire bombings, armed robberies, counterfeiting and the execution of one of their own member who was suspected of disloyalty to their white supremacist group. In 1987 two members of Peters church were convicted and sentenced to prison terms of 150 years in connection with the murder in June 1984 of Alan Berg, a Jewish talk-show host. To think that Pastor J Peters, this viper, this moron, claims to represent GOD through his perverted "Christian" group is totally ridiculous. Yet he continues to preach his perverted racial doctrines through his shortwave and Internet broadcasts. Keeping with the belief among his fellow Churches of Christ, Peters believes in that phony Christian man-made god theology, which they claim is Je-Zeus Christ. Peters also believes that Satan and his hoards of demons are real live beings, despite that it is a well known fact that this Satan and his demons doctrine was derived from pagan sources and are not real. This Christian teaching about Satan and his demons which Christians preach so much about in their sermons, is only a myth that had originated from heathen beliefs. His racial white-supremacist doctrines are rejected by all of the mainline Churches of Christ ministries. Peters advocates a return to what he calls "Biblical law," which includes the death penalty for adultery and homosexuality. Peters also preaches that modern-day Jews are the "sons of the devil" conspiring to destroy the "white race", which consists of the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic, and kindred peoples. Peters is a racist who has the stupid belief that the "white" people are far superior to all other races. That all other races are less intelligent than the "white" people. White supremacy has often resulted in prejudice and discrimination against "non-white" people. I have proven how ridiculous that assertions is when I have shown how stupid some "white" people can be, who have come to believe in a fictitious, man-made god and doctrines which was derived from pagan sources. Peters received a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Business and worked briefly as an FHA loan officer before attending a small bible college where he was spoon fed that perverted Christian man-made theology that Je-Zeus Christ is their god doctrine. He began preaching his "white-supremacist" message from his pulpit in LaPorte in 1984. Peters is the author of the booklet "Death Penalty for Homosexuals". The next episode of public exposure for Peters and his LaPorte Church of Christ, was more mundane but threatened its operations. In 1988, it became immersed in a local tax dispute, following its purchase of $1,040 worth of radio and newspaper ads to help defeat a ballot initiative extending civil rights protection to homosexuals in nearby Fort Collins, Colorado. In July 1989, the Colorado secretary of state ruled, in connection with the ads, that the church had failed to comply with campaign reform law and instituted a $10-a-day fine until required forms were filed and taxes paid. The state's Campaign Reform Act requires groups that seek donations or make expenditures for political campaigns has to file organizational and financial documents with the Secretary of State's office, which Peters had refused to do. In November of 1992, after appeals by the church had failed, and the daily penalty had grown to more than $10,000, the state seized the church's savings account of $3,805. In February 1993, church equipment was taken to pay the balance of the fine and in May 1993 the state put the equipment up for auction. The state turned out to be the lone bidder for the goods that turned out to be nothing but a pile of junk, and that its bid covered the fines and ended the controversy.

The roots of the "white-supremacist"movement reach back to the late 18th century to an obscure ideology call British-Israelism. The central tenant of this movement began with Richard Brothers, a retired British naval officer who claimed to be receiving millenarian visions in 1791. By 1793 he was convinced that it was his divine mission to lead the Jewish people back to the Holy Land. Claiming to be a descendant of the house of David, Brothers also claimed that the vast majority of the world's Jews were, in fact, dispersed and hidden through the European peoples, ignorant of their biblical identity. This idea of a "hidden" Israel, dispersed among the people of Europe, became the founding principle of British-Israelism, setting it apart from many of its contemporary occult theologies. Brothers felt that the British people were especially connected to the biblical Israel and that his god, Je-Zeus Christ had special designs for them. He gathered a small following, but was unable to organize a structured group. His behaviour becoming increasingly erratic and eccentric, Brothers was declared legally insane and institutionalized from 1795 until 1806, dying some 18 years later a destitute man. Peter's claim to be a legitimate Christian leader to his adherence of his racist white-supremacist theology. These Christians hold that modern day Jews are not the Biblical "house of Judah", but rather they are Edomites, descendants of Esau that mixed with the House of Judah during their Babylonian captivity, or that modern day Jews are Khazars which had adopted Judaism in 838 BCE. This is known as the single-seed line version of Christian Identity. Other Christians, known as dual-seedliners, believe that Jews were a result of Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden having sexual intercourse. These Christians believe that the Jews are literally the children of Satan. Some radical Christian believers justifies the use of violence if it is perpetrated in order to punish violators of GOD's law, as found in the Bible and interpreted by many of these Christian Identity ministers and adherents. They believe that the white race of North America are descended from the lost tribes of Israel (Anglo Israelism) and is, hence, the Chosen People spoken of in the Bible. They also believe that Jews, (those of the tribe of Judah) are not GOD's chosen people but are direct descendants of the Devil. Blacks are the product of inter-breeding between people and animals. The same themes are echoed by this moron, Pastor Peters. Peters is one of many of those deluded Christians who worship the Christian false god they call Je-Zeus Christ. According to Peters, Americans worship the State which is of the devil, rather than worship the false Christian god. Peters even wrote a book called "Baal Worship". He should know, being that he is one of those Baal worshippers. Like most of these Protestant preachers, when they come to passages that contradict other passages in their perverted Christian bible, or have historical errors, they will make up excuses for these blatant contradictions and historical errors and call it harmonizing their bible. Pastor Peter is no different when it comes to making excuses for those contradictions and historical errors that are within his perverted, heretical bible. Of course they are forced to cover-up these contradictions and historical errors since they believe their Christian bible is the inerrant "word of their fictitious god" or gods. That tactic may fool those Christians who follow blindly like dumb sheep's, but it will not fool those people who are knowledgeable and have wisdom. Have you noticed how Peters starts his ministry program with a prayer? He will say things like... "Heavenly Father"; We ask you to,,, ect, ect, when Je-Zeus Christ is their demy-god. One would think that he would naturally say, "Je-Zeus Christ"; We ask you to,,, ect, ect. This is Peter's way to harmonize the phony Je-Zeus Christ with the Heavenly Father he reads about in his heretical, perverted Christian bible. After all; He has to cover up the fact that he is worshipping and praying to a fictitious god. Peters and the people who follow that moron, are so deluded that they do not even realize that they are worshipping a false god at their LaPorte Church of Christ ministry. Peters likes to talk a lot about his so-called "imprecatory prayers" which he prays to his imaginary, phony god, je-Zeus Christ, which amount to nothing but a lot of hot air. Peters claims that those "imprecatory prayers" to his phony god will pound, pulverize and defeat that Christian imaginary devil. The one they call Satan and his hoards of demons. Peters acts like he is some kind of wizard as he throws out all kinds of incantations along with his use of his "special" olive oil wizard brew, during his ranting and ravings of his phony "imprecatory prayers". That idiot must think he is in some kind of Harry Potter movie as he casts his phony spells against his imaginary demons and what-nots, on the airwaves. Peters also likes to call his group of Neo-Nazi, "truth seekers", when they are that stupid that they can not recognize truth even if it smacks then right between their eyes. This jerk thinks that they have the truth, when all along, all they have is a perverted Baal religion and a corrupted Christian bible with its phony god, which is in itself a total fraud. This moron who hates Jews so much, what is he doing reading and quoting from the Old Testament which came from the Jewish people? Even the Gospels in the New Testament had originally come from the Jews. This jerk Peters reads his perverted Gospel messages from documents that came from Jews he hate so much. Talk about being a hypocrite! Given Peters sentiment about Jews, you would think he would not touch that Jewish book from which he preaches his daily "Jewish" message from. I recall Peters had announced many times on his radio broadcasts that his fictitious god speaks to him. Maby Peters ought to run and see a psychiatrist, given that he is hearing from some non-existent, imaginary, phony god. Psychiatrist will sugguest that Peters has a major mental illness, known as being schizophrenic, given that he has auditory hallucinations from a phony man-made God and a phony man-made devil. Peters followers ought to get Peters to the nearest mental institution before he totally looses his sanity. That is whatever sanity he still possesses. Peters dreams of great revivals at his conferences in which he falsely claims that the "Holy Spirit" will descend upon them and give them the victory over the battle for truth. What truth is Peters speaking about? The so-called truth that comes out of Peters mouth or from reading passages from his Christian bible which had been greatly perverted and altered? We have already seen that their is no truth in his many bold false claims. We have seen that all of Peters "imprecatory prayers" and his many "special" conferences to their fictitious god/gods had turned out to be nothing more than a puff of smoke, a sham, so to speak. Nothing really happened or changed. Why? Because they have that Jezebel spirit which stem from their Baal worship. Such is the state of this man's delusion and those who follow him. There is a way that seems right to a man but the end is the way of death. (Proverbs 14:12).


I have been informed from reliable sources that Peter J. Peters of the LaPorte Church of Christ in Laporte Colorado, USA, has become ill and had to be hospitalized. Frankly, I am not the least bit surprised by this bit of news. According to the news received, without going into private and personal health details, Peters was somewhat incapacitated. The members of the paganized, perverted Baal worship LaPorte Church of Christ prayed to their phony god for a speedy recovery of their Baal high priest. This lying wonder had been running me down for the past years before I got around to focus on him and expose this man for what he really is. Peters is now crying foul, as most Christian ministries do when I come out with the truth about their lies and deception they throw my way. I can understand why Peters is now upset that I had at last focused my attention on him and challenged his little Baal worshipping, white-supremacist group with the truth. People like him can not stand the light of truth upon them. They prefer the darkness of their viper den. Peters must have forgotten during his ranting and ravings that the clay doesn't have the capacity to critique the Potter. This saying is a no-brainier. After all, we all know that clay has no brains. This is the fundamental difference between the potter and the clay. Pastor Peters is of course the clay and Almighty GOD, is the potter. This is why Pastor Peters got into trouble with GOD. These reptiles, these vipers who's head is that Pastor Peters, had crossed the invisible "spiritual" line by presuming to challenge one of GOD's Very Elect. Peters ought to be careful, or he might end up like that Blowhard. Dr. Eugene (Gene) Scott of University Faith Cathedral or like that Ratchet-jaw, Arnold Murray of Shepherd's Chapel. People rely upon a teacher to be teaching them the truth, and not the lies that spew out of Peter's mouth. He is an ignoramus and a liar. If Peter's insist to show the world his level of ignorance, that is his own affair. But I will not sit idly by while he makes those false accusations on his "Scriptures for America," radio program. Anyway, according to one of their preachers, which goes by the name of Pastor Applegate, or something like that, who was taking Peter's vacant place to serve in their Baal god/gods worship service, had stated to their congregation that Peters was incapacitated, he had been under severe "spiritual" attack for the past several months. He must have been suffering from a hangover. Did you know that people there at that Baal church, they claim that Pastor Peter J. Peters is anointed by their phony Baal god or gods. Anointed with what I wonder? Blood? I can only surmise that, given that they are a part of that Christian Baal cannibalistic worshipping cult that lust after human blood and flesh. They drink the blood and eat the flesh of their slain god, do they not? Maby that is why his people could not find the body of their god, Je-Zeus Christ. The pagan Christians must have ate him, bones and all! Just which god or gods do they mean I wonder? They have three gods in their apostate Baal pagan worshipping religion. They must mean their main phony god, the one they call Je-Zeus Christ, the god who became a human sacrifice to appease the other Baal gods that they have. So Peters is an anointed person of their gods. I need to ask the logical question; What kind of god or gods do they worship that a person like Peter J. Peters, who is their anointed high priest was arrested last year on Dec. 15, 2006. He was cited for carrying a concealed weapon (without a permit) into a hospital where his wife had been admitted. Apparently, she was that scared of Peters that she too had a firearm with her while she was hospitalized. Fearful that her loving husband would come to the hospital and try to kill her. She turned her gun over to the local police, after they had arrived at the hospital where Peters was quite belligerent with the hospital staff. Peters was charged for carrying a concealed weapon,(a handgun in his front pocket) into the hospital and was cited for interference with the local police. Peters had to post quite a bond and was later released. So this is the anointed high priest of their Baal gods. This is how Peters is representing his Baal gods. Interesting, very interesting indeed. Peters goes on about wanting men to be "warriors" he can train in his little neo-Nazi white-supremacist group. What Peters is really saying is that he wants men who are dumb enough he can brainwash to his perverted point of view. Personally; I feel sorry for those decent people who got caught up in Peters clever deception. That loudmouth Peters thinks he and his little band of so called Giddiness "warriors" is going to tear-down the stronghold of the New World Order? That chump could not even fight his way out of a wet paper bag, let alone tear down anything. This guy Peters looks into his perverted, apostate Christian bible like a kid looking into a Harry Potter book, looking for secret magic spells. That stupid guy thinks he with his so called "secret weapon" which is nothing but plain olive oil is going to do what? Peters and his people will be running like scared rabbits when things start to get going when the Great Tribulations rolls around, and they will find out that their phony, paganized, god, that Je-Zeus Christ, is nowhere to be found and their pleas for help will all be in vain. This guy Peters is so stupid, he knows nothing about what he and his little band of followers are in for, in the coming near future, in their own lifetime. In one of Peters sermon, he stated that people did not know their Christian bible. That is true, but neither do Peters know what he is reading. Peters had made a comment not that long ago in which he said that they are stupid. Well; He finally got something right. I knew that all along. I knew that what is between the space of Peters ears, amounts to a pea brain. Those Christian Protestant preachers are all the same. They are really that ignorant and stupid, when they think that what is written in their Christian perverted bible has the pure, original Hebrew text. What they got instead of the original Hebrew text which would have had Yeshua, the Anointed One, written in its text, had been altered by the Roman Catholic and Greek Eastern Orthodox church to represent and read about a phoney man-made, duly invented Roman god, which they call Je-Zeus Christ. He is one of the gods out of a set of three pagan gods that most Christians believe in. What Peters and all Christians read in their altered Christian bible, is a phony man-made god, a pagan Roman sun god, at that. Peters also made the stupid comment that those people who do not believe that Satan or his demons are real, evil does not exist in the world. That's interesting, because no where in any of my writings, do I ever suggest that evil do not exist. If I believed that, I would be just as stupid as Peters, who believes that the mythical Christian "Satan" is a real live entity. The existence of evil has infested the hearts of people throughout the world. People do evil things without the help of any Christian mythical "Satan" the devil. Thank you, very much. As I have said once before, this "Satan" and his demons are a myth which had come from the pagan Persian Zoroastrian teachings which had later evolved into the Satan myth which Christians would have people to believe. Another mistake Peters and his fellow protestant preacher make is that they have the stupid idea that the translation of the Old Testament from the Torah was an accurate translation from the Greek Septuagint which is found in the King James Version Christian bible, are sadly mistaken. Peters, as do his fellow protestant preachers fail to realize and do not take into account that in the Old Testament in the King James Version of the Christian bible, had been altered and wrongly translated in select verses by the early Christian church fathers. Peters makes the same mistake as do his fellow protestant preachers that many select verses in the Old Testament had been wrongly translated by the early Christian church fathers. The idea that the translation of the Old Testament in the King James Version of the Christian bible, is error-free is a wrong assumption on their part. Peters is no more a bible scholar than R.G.Stair. This is how stupid and ill informed Peters is when he purports to be preaching the truth, when in fact he is preaching in error. One thing I have noticed about those Christian bible thumpers. They can't stand the idea that their bible is not the so-called, infallible "Word of GOD". What they have is the words from the early pagan Christian church fathers who had planted their ideas of their phony god", Je-Zeus Christ. They can't stand the idea that their bible has errors and contradicts itself which would render it to be very unreliable. I can understand why these people would feel that way, because it would reveal to the world how stupid they are for believe what they read in their perverted, paganized, apostate Christian bible. Instead they will lie, fabricate fictitious stories, twist or slant verse or fabricate excuses and do almost anything to prove to themselves and others that they have not been deceived. Such is the state of their mind. I have been informed from very reliable sources that this idiot pastor Peters is claiming that his fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ, will return in 2008 CE. Je-Zeus Christ is suppose to come to planet earth in person, just before the US election, when people will be voting in November of this year. This moron is sending out pamphlets or some statement, asking if people will vote for this phony Je-Zeus Christ, a phantom which do not exist. But is only a fictitious character which was made up by the early pagan Christian church fathers. I will have something to say about this in 2009 CE, when their phony god, Je-Zeus Christ fails to show up. Ever notice how Peters talks about the Negro and Mexican people? Yet these people are predominately Christians, Christians who believe in the same Christian apostate bible and worship the very same man-made pagan human man-god, Je-Zeus Christ, just like Peters do. Talk about being a hypocrite!

NOTE; I call Peters a yellow-bellied loudmouth, a coward, who talks real bold on his Christian Scriptures for America broadcasts. He is free to back-up his false claims, and defend his apostate, perverted, paganized Christian religion and that phony god of his, that Je-Zeus Christ, which he talks so much about on his Scriptures for America radio broadcasts if he ever finds the guts to take me on. I notice Peters talks a lot on his radio broadcasts, to his congregation about needing to fight back and do a lot of "stomping" in this spiritual warfare. But I notice that he will shy away from confronting me in an open public debate here in Ontario, Canada. I can not help wonder what must his congregation think about their pastor Peter J. Peters who is too chicken to confront me and back up his perverted, apostate white-supremacist Christian religion. Who in their right mind would want to follow a yellow-bellied loudmouth coward? What a sad example Peter's is showing to his congregation. In case Peter's ever feels brave enough to confront me in person in a debate, he can e-mail me at; People of the Holy Testament. He is quite welcome to do so. I will accept and confront him in this open public debate. We will see then who does all the stomping!

NOTE Update; Up to now, I have not received any e-mail from this Pastor Peter J. Peters to take up this challenge to an open public debate. Therefore; I have just sent via by e-mail this morning at 7:50 AM, Wed. Sept. 26th, 2007 a personal invitation to pastor Peters to an open public debate to defend his Christian religion. Here is the e-mail letter I had sent to Mr. pastor Peter J. Peters.

Mr. Pastor Peter J. Peters, I have heard you preach on your Scriptures for America broadcasts. You talk real bold on your radio broadcast. I also notice that you talk a great deal about the need to fight back and defend your Christian religion. That you want to do a lot of "stomping", as you put it, in your fight in this spiritual warfare. Care to back-up your claims and defend your apostate, perverted, paganized Christian religion and that phony god of yours, that Je-Zeus Christ, which you talk so much about on your radio broadcasts? If you have the guts to take me on in an open public debate and defend your apostate, perverted, paganized Christian religion, let me know. Given how adamant you feel about defending you Christian religion, here is a great opportunity to do just that and confront me in an open public debate here in Ontario, Canada. I am calling you a yellow-bellied loudmouth, a coward, who has not the guts to confront me in an open public debate to defend your Christian religion. Will you prove me wrong and accept this open challenge? I await for your reply. Jean Pall / People of the Holy Testament.

It seems like Peters e-mail address on his web site has an error in it because my e-mail letter could not be delivered to that address. I had received a notice which read; The original message was sent; Date 09-26-2007 7:37:14 AM from

Returned mail: see transcript for details ----- The following address had permanent fatal errors ----- (reason returned: 550 No such user here); But I found another e-mail address; on Peters web site and have sent him my letter. Maby this e-mail address on his web site will work and my letter will get through to Pastor Peter J. Peters. I checked my e-mail box the next morning, Thurs, Sept 27th, 2007 and found that my letter to Peter J. Peters got through this time. Now we shall see if that moron has the guts to confront me. It has been more than two weeks since I had e-mailed Peters. As of October 12th, 2007 I had not received a reply. It is obvious by now that Peters has no intention to do so. One need to ask the question, if Peters is so sure of himself, why is he so chicken to have an open public debate with me about the Christian bible, on Christianity and his phony pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ. Like I have stated to all of these Baal worshippers, anytime they are up to it, I will gladly butt heads with them and expose these people for the idiots that they truly are. Peters is a hypocrite when he tells his parishioners to fight like the brave Gideon's in this spiritual warfare, when that loud mouth, yellow-bellied moron, is too chicken to defend his religion of Christianity in an open public debate with me. Such is the slippery, sly snake that Peters is. This is the true nature of these Christian "dirty bird" preachers, as Peters likes to refer to others of his kind who deceive and pervert the truth. Peters and these Christian preachers are brave enough to talk in the safety of their own pulpits where they can not be challenged by those who are not so easily deceived. I believe I have made myself clear enough by now, after having pointed out their ignorance in believing in that apostate, perverted, Jezebel, Baal worshipping pagan Christian religion. Oh, by the way, that sly snake Peters and his minions can pray to their phony god all they want, until they are blue in the face, that I would be inflected with writers block. I have hardly begun exposing their perverted, apostate Christian religion. I will have more to say about it in 2011 CE when most of these morons expect their fictitious Je-Zeus Christ to suddenly appear here on planet Earth and that phony grand illusion fails to show up!

Update; As of May 9th. 2008; Like all these loud mouth, yellow-bellied snake in the grass Christians, Pastor Peters had not the guts to confront me in an open public debate. Peters sure do a lot of talking in the comfort of his own locality, but is too chicken to back up what he preaches with a person who is quite capable to scrutinize Peters perverted teachings.

Recently, Peters has deluded his followers into believing that they are the children of "Light", when they follow blindly a Baal Christian religion with a phony God. Peters was boldly preaching at his Neo-Nazi white-supremacist Je-Zeus Christ church, leading up to the inauguration of Barack Obama, that they, the so called Neo-Nazi white-supremacist Giddian "warrior remnant" will bring down the Babylon "nigger" US Government. Yeah Right! Peters and his band of rag-tag Neo-Nazi white-supremacist idiot supporters think that they can take on the full might of the Barack Obama Government. Peters and his rag-tag supporters will soon find out who will in fact be the ones who will be running like scared rabbits when the full might of the Obama Government will come upon these Neo-Nazi white-supremacist groups. A day will come when these misfits will be rounded-up and will be thrown in a hell-hole where they will never see the light of day. That day, is not that far off!

I have been told that Peters has been ranting on the "Power of Prayer" lately. Peters is real big on that kind of power. Anyway, he had been preaching that old diatribe about you can do anything through the "power" of prayer, that most of these Christian preachers preach to their congregation. Peters claims that any one can have that power, all they have to do is ask their phony Christian God, Je-Zeus Christ, anything, and they will receive it. He goes on to tell stories about how people have used that power of prayer to do things. He quotes from Matthew 17; 20 from his apostate Christian bible where it states; "For most certainly I tell you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, "Move from here to there", and it will move. To make his point and tells everybody that nothing will be impossible for you to do, through the "Power of Prayer". If that is the case, instead of Peters just preaching about it, let Peters demonstrate to his members what that passage really means. Have Peters pray over one of those Colorado Rocky mountains and have him move it to another location, just like his Christian bible say he ought to be able to do. After all, he claims it is the infallable "word of God". Maybe that might be a little too much for Peters to handle, so ask him to just uproot a tree that is near his church, with his "power" of prayer. Still too hard to do? Then maybe Peters can just cause a vehicle parked outside his church and see if he can make it stand up on end through the "power" of his praying over it. If Peters can not do it, then you know he is full of Bull! He is as much a fraud as his fellow Christian preachers. You had better run from that man who has so little faith.

As of February 28th, 2009., I am informed that Peters and his sidekick pastor Applebee is taking a new tactic in their Christian ministry. They are taking my writings and applying it to their pagan Baal God, Je-Zeus Christ ministry, trying to portray themselves as being some kind of "true" remnant Christians. This is how devious these Christians are, in their attempt to decieve people into that perverted Christian religion. Of course they are not the first to attempt this type of tactic in order to decieve people. But anybody who has wisdom, will see through this deception. Do not say you have not been warned. Peters had not the guts to contact me to debate with me about his Christian religion. Like I had stated, Peters is a loud-mouth yellow-bellied coward snake in the grass. To think that Peters profess himself to be a leader of men. Yeah Right! Some leader of men that spineless Peters turned out to be. I have no doubt that there are far better men than Peters, who would make a leader of men, within Peters little LaPorte Church of Christ group. I have been informed that Peters claims that his partner, a pastor Gene Applegate claims that the name "Yeshua" is just a made-up name that do not exist in the "Old Testament". Anyone who can read the "Old Testament", knows that the name Jeshua, as in Nehemiah 8:17, is the English name for Yeshua. It is even apparent in the King James Version where it is written in English as, "Jeshua the son of Nun." (The letter J was pronounced like a Y in Old English). Gene Applegate claims that the name "Yeshua" which the English name is "Jeshua", is just a made-up name that do not exist in the "Old Testament", then how do that idiot explain these text where the name of Jeshua (Yeshua) was used in the Old Testament? Passages like; 1 Chronicles 24:11  The ninth to Jeshua, the tenth to Shecaniah: 2 Chronicles 31:15  And next him were Eden, and Miniamin, and Jeshua, and Shemaiah, Amariah, and Shecaniah, in the cities of the priests, in their set office, to give to their brethren by courses, as well to the great as to the small: Ezra 2:2  Which came with Zerubbabel; Jeshua, Nehemiah, Seraiah, Reelaiah, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispar, Bigvai, Rehum, Baanah. The number of the men of the people of Israel: Ezra 2:6  The children of Pahathmoab, of the children of Jeshua and Joab, two thousand eight hundred and twelve: Ezra 2:36  The priests; the children of Jedaiah, of the house of Jeshua, nine hundred seventy and three: Ezra 2:40  The Levites; the children of Jeshua and Kadmiel, of the children of Hodaviah, seventy and four: Ezra 3:8  Now in the second year of their coming unto the house of God at Jerusalem, in the second month, began Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, and Jeshua the son of Jozadak, and the remnant of their brethren the priests and the Levites, and all they that were come out of the captivity unto Jerusalem; and appointed the Levites, from twenty years old and upward, to set forward the work of the house of the LORD. As anyone can see, Yeshua (Jeshua) was a common Hebrew name. Yoshua’s (Joshua) name is 100% identical to Yeshua, the same Hebrew name which was the original founder of our faith, whom Christians had taken and re-worked it to translate into the perverted, disgraced name of "Je-Zeus Christ" for their pagan Baal God. This is just another clear example how these apostate "Christians" tend to lie and twist everything around. If that idiot, Gene Applegate thinks he can out-smart me, let that Christian pastor debate with me on this and other issues concerning the religion of Christianity, on a televised public debate. Lets bring it on. Gene Applebee can e-mail me at; People of the Holy Testament. We already know that loudmouth Peters is too much of a coward to take up the challange. The true founder of our faith is Yeshua, which means "Salvation" which was prcicely what Yeshua was trying to do to save the Jewish people from destruction from GOD's angry wrath. At that time, the Jewish people had reverted to worship their old Canaanite Baal God YHVH, in the Temple, which the Jewish people presently refer to as Hashem. So why do Christians refer to Yeshua as Je-Zeus Christ? Yeshua is the true Hebrew name of our founder, and its English spelling is "Jeshua". The early pagan Christians had high-jacked our Beloved founder's name and persona, and transformed it to make a pagan God for themselves and gave it the pagan name of Je-Zeus Christ. The command is to call on the name of "Yeshua" with the promise that people "shall be saved" (Acts 2:21). Not by that perverted pagan name of Je-Zeus Christ which Christians have made into their phony man-made Baal God. When Yeshua said that he will build his Congregation which was commissioned to teach his sayings, the very message he brought from GOD to the Jewish people first, and then to the Gentiles, he did not found hundreds of Christian denominations (churches) that exist today. The thousands of apostate Christian churches of various denominations each professing to be teaching the truth, yet contradicting and disagreeing with each other on all forms of theology were originally founded by the early Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox church fathers. Christianity is the Gospel of Babylon! Yes, "many" (2 billion people) would come in the name of that phony God, Je-Zeus Christ, proclaiming that Je-Zeus is the Christ, proclaiming that Je-Zeus Christ is GOD, and deceive the world. Think not that those people who worship the phony man-made Christian Baal God, regardless if they call it Je-Zeus Christ, Yeshua, Jeshua or Emmanuel, they shall not be saved. For these worship a false God or Gods of their own making.

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