Christian Persecution towards the People of the Holy Testament

Dearly beloved of Yeshua and of our Heavenly Father; Over the past years, I have noticed the great extent in which Christians have been pushing their perverted religion upon people throughout the world by the means of radio, TV and the Internet. They are very vocal, like a roaring lion, when it comes to preaching about their perverted religion. They will stop at nothing to decieve people and promote their heathen, Baalim, perverted religion. It is like they have some uncontrollable sickness that causes these people to act this way. I marvel how Christians have the gull, the brazen nerve to claim that Christianity is the only true religion, given the known historical facts about what Christians have done in the past, be they Catholic, Protestant or Eastern Orthodox. Their atrocious historical record is well know in history books which has become a sad part of our human history. Given the known historical facts about that perverted religion, like the shedding of innocent blood they had caused in the name of their fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ, It is a wonder how anyone can now, in this day and age, be so utterly duped into believing in that phony, Christian man-made religion. Ever notice how Christians tend to speak a lot about how they had or are being persecuted? You never hear about how Christians are persecuting those who do not believe in their perverted religion. Yet it is these people who have and continue to persecute us. These people, who represent a religion with such a horrendous historical record, are the ones who are persecuting us now. Those of us who speak of our beloved brother Yeshua, and of the one and only true GOD of Heaven, which is our Heavenly Father. Persecuting us, of all people, who have never stained our hands by the shedding of innocent blood! The hypocrites! One only needs to listen to some of their Christian radio or TV broadcasts, or go to Christian web sites on the Internet to observe the lies that spew out of their mouth and realize the amount of Christian persecution there is against those of us who adhere to the "People of the Holy Testament" web site. One thing I can say about these Christians, they sure know how to lie and throw their verbal assaults against anyone who may dare challenge their false assumption which is inherit in their perverted religion. I call Christianity a heathen, harlot, Baal religion for good reason, because when one strips away the mask it hides under, it is exactly what their religion is. My examination and research on the religion of Christianity has revealed this to me. Any person with a little bit of common sense and reason, who is aware of their horrendous historical past, can tell very quickly that it is nothing more than a heathen, harlot, Baal religion. Their perverted historical record alone speaks volumes to me about those people who represent Christianity. One only has to look at their historical past to see what Christians have done in the name of their fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ to know what I mean. Need I say more? I have often heard Christians, especially Catholics, claim that they alone are the one's who really possess the Truth. Hogwash! Had that claim been true, I would have become a Christian a long time ago. Unfortunately, their claim is a lie and is far from the truth as I have labouriously revealed on our web site. I am aware that most religions believe and maintain that they alone hold the truth, when in fact, none of them do. Christianity is so fragmented that Christians will readily attack and persecute fellow Christians who may have a different point of view, who belong to some other Christian denomination. It appears that they cannot even agree or come to terms as to what they believe is their truth. Something is very wrong with that picture, don't you think? I have the belief that truth will eventually reveal itself and people will finally come to know what is the real truth. So what is the truth about the religion Christians claim and preach so much about? Christianity is nothing more than one of those heathen, Baal type of religions one reads about in ancient history. Those religions which have long been discarded because they were proven to be false. This is what I am trying to prove here, that Christianity is nothing more than a heathen, Baal religion. Despite their verbal assaults against me, or upon our People of the Holy Testament web site, I hold no animosity or personal grudge against anyone, even Christians. I only feel sorry and sad for those people. Those who have so utterly and completely been brainwashed and deceived by their priests or preachers who belong to a heathen, harlot, Baalim, religion. How can I say that I can forgive people like that after all of the verbal assaults that was and is still being thrown against us by some of these Christian people? I can say this because I know that a time will come when the very name of Christianity or Christian will become a disgrace and a curse in the minds of people throughout the world. I believe that a time will come when Christians will be looked upon as the deceiving liars that they are. Who spew out their venom like the vipers that they are. It is easy to forgive those people, knowing that their perverted Christian religion will eventually be heaped upon the trash heap of discarded religions and its demise is not that far off. Given this knowledge, we can rest in that assurance which gives us inner-peace.

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