Persecution by Christians
When one listens to Catholic priests and protestant preachers, they give the impression they are pure in heart and full of piety, when speaking about Christianity and its godly virtues, a person will get the false impression that Christianity, the Christian churches or the body of their Je-Zeus Christ is pure and pristine. They dare not mention the dark side of Christianity. Therefore; it is people like us, who are outside the influence of that perverted religion to bring out the full truth about Christianity. But before we get into the dark side of Christianity, we need to be reminded that when Catholic priests and protestant preachers speak of god they give the false impression that they are representing Almighty GOD, the true GOD of Heaven, when they make statements like; Heavenly Father, Almighty GOD, but in reality, they are actually speaking and praying to a fictitious, man-made sun god, they call Je-Zeus Christ. Don't forget; To these people, the Heavenly Father or Almighty GOD is their Je-Zeus Christ which they claim is the main god among their pantheon of three gods they duly acknowledge in their Balaam, apostate religion. How a person can figure that one out, is a mystery. That's the excuse they give to cover-up that lie. While these priests and preachers appear to be so pious as they read their scriptures and preach from their Christian bible which represents their like-minded perverted religion, I could not help reflect upon the dark side of Christianity. In how Christians had represented their religion over the centuries. Ever since Christianity came into power and had established their religion and soceity of Christendom, Christians went on a rampage of terror, persecution and religious discrimination throughout the world, which started with the Jews. The one's whom Christians had recieved the Gospels and its teachings from. Figure that one out. Then their reign of terror had spread outwards to the pagan Greeks, Romans, and swept across Europe. Christians continued their reign of terror, all in the name of their fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ. By the sword and brute force, Christians extended their power and reign of terror towards the Britons, the Irish and Celtic people. (Speaking of the Celtic people, this reminds me of a movie I had seen titled "Braveheart" which was a good representation of the Christian Holy War and there reign of terror, persecution and religious discrimination towards Christians and non-Christian people.) During the Medieval era, Christian persecution had done a little ethnic cleansing which extended even to those people who had consider themselves to be Christian, but were regarded as non-Christians by the Catholic church which was still the dominant force and influence over Christendom. Catholics tend to downplay, omitt or just tell half-truths about the extent their reign of terror and inquisitions had upon people. They will give excuses like, Well; You have to take into account the era all this took place. Yeah Right! As if that is any excuse for the barbaric actions of that "Catholic Church", when according to their religion, they were suppose to subscribe to a higher level of moral and ethical standards than those average people around them. And this is the same Roman Catholic church which claims to uphold a higher moral and ethical standards represented by the vicar of their fictitious sun god, Je-Zeus Christ and claims to be the sole arbiter of truth? What a sick joke that is! The sole arbiter of truth, coming from a church which has every kind of pagan mumbo-jumbo rituals and beliefs. Who have been proven to forge documents, like their false claim to Apostolic succession and forge royal decrees documents. To lie or tell half-truths and omit large parts of their dark history when it suites them. After the Protestant Reformation was established and Protestants had gained some power, various Protestant churches had engaged in their own reign of terror, persecution and religious discrimination upon non-Christian and Christians alike who did not follow or fit their teachings. That story about "Braveheart" was a good representation of what Protestants were like and how they had delt with people and even fought Catholics, their fellow "Christians". I had recently read a historical account of Protestants. It revealed to me the level of deception and lies of these "Christians". Speaking about Christians, it was interesting to read how Christians were fighting their fellow "Christians" and each side calling upon the very same god, Je-Zeus Christ, to give them victory. The book was titled; Oliver Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell (April 25, 1599 - September 3, 1658) was an English mid-gentry yeoman farmer for the first forty years of his life. He was a brilliant soldier and rose from the ranks to command the army which fought against King Charles I. Politically, he was best known as a political leader with his involvement in making England into a republican Commonwealth. He took control of England, Scotland, and Ireland as Lord Protector, from December 16, 1653 until his death. I notice that while Catholics tend to downplay, omitt or just tell half-truths about the extent their reign of terror and inquisitions had upon people, Protestants hate to bring up or be reminded of their own reign of terror and inquisitions which had its effects upon people they had dealt with. You will never hear Protestant preachers admit to their own dark history of reign of terror, with its persecution and religious discrimination. Most Protestant preachers just pretend that their involvement in any reign of terror and inquisitions never existed, when they preach their sermons from their pulpit. But both Catholic and Protestants had engaged in their own forms of inquisitions and had committed unwarranted arrests, treachery, robbery, beatings, rape, torture, imprisonment, forced conversion under the threat of death and executions upon people who were against Christianity and who were simply non-belivers. People like the Wicca's, Africans, First Nation People of North and South America, Asians and a wide variety of religious and social minorities within the countries that were predominantly Christian were harrased, persecuted and killed in the name of their fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ . Both Catholic and Protestants had indulged in persecution and religious discrimination against Islam, when Muslims had been defeated and lost power. Christian persecution and religious discrimination on non-Christians were felt in the Soviet Union, towards Buddhists, Hindus, Bihar's, atheists and other Christian minded groups. This is the true face of Christianity which people in our present era are falsely led to believe is squeaky clean, pure in heart and full of piety. Who claim to be a holy people while they pray to their fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ. In vain these people are praying to their false god. They might as well pray to any statue, a house or a tree for all the good it will do them. This is the religion which people want to associate themselves with? Some people have very strange perverted desires. Ever since the time Christianity had lost its hold on power over people through the establishment of Democracy, with its Charter of Rights, they could not continue their reign of terror and persecution upon soceity as they had once done, but they still retained a good portion of discrimination against some segment of society. Here is a good un-bias web site which will give people an in-depth view on the topic of persecution by Christians. Historical persecution by Christians. from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After having gone over that web site, you will no doubt be asking, Is this the religion which catholic priests and protestant preachers want people to follow? They believe that their sins had been forgiven by the shed blood of a fictitious sun god, they call Je-Zeus Christ and expect to dwell in Father's Heavenly Domain? That the Holy Spirit had guided the Christian church throughout the ages? Not according from what we have read here. All of those Christians claims are blatant lies or just wishful thinking on their part, considering what their horrendous history has revealed. Christianity is nothing but an apostate, corrupt, religion which is no different than any of those ancient religions with their false Baal gods which have long ago turned into dust. The Christian religion is heading on the same path. It is plain to see from what has already been revealed, that Christianity has not the true gospel nor that they have the full truth. The claims of Christians are very hollow indeed. Almost everything they claim about Christianity is hard to swallow or can really be believed. Their actions speak louder then their hollow words of piety. But then, we live in a Democracy and Christians are free to believe whatever they want to believe. Just because they believe in what they claim, doesn't necessarily make it so. Those Christians who had left their religion because they had become disenchanted and totally confused by it, will have a far greater chance to be reincarnated than those people who have chosen to remain within that apostate, corrupt Christian religion where their soul/spirit will be condemned and be relegated to everlasting death.

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