The Pentateuch
The Pentateuch consists of the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). It contains 613 injunctions. 248 are positive and 365 are negative. This list, commonly called the Laws of Moses or the Mosaic Code, describes activities that were either compulsory or prohibited to all Hebrews in ancient times. Similar laws appeared in legal codes found in other areas of the world before and since the Mosaic Code was written. They were supported by many of the world's religions at the time. Theologians differ as to the source and degree on the authority of the Pentateuch and its Mosaic Cod. Christians consider the books to have been written by Moses, circa 1450 BCE. They believe that the books are unique within world literature. That it was inspired by GOD and is completely inerrant -- free of error. For this reason, they often refer to the Pentateuch, and to the rest of the Bible, as the "Word of GOD", and yet, they preach and believe in a fictitious man-made god they call Je-Zeus Christ. What hypocrites they are! Most theologians look upon the Pentateuch as a very human document written by many authors, each of whom was promoting their own religious and spiritual beliefs. These noteworthy theologians have generally rejected Moses as the sole author. They have accepted the documentary hypothesis, which attributes authorship to four anonymous authors or groups of writers, who lived between 922 and 587 BCE, and held conflicting religious beliefs. Theologians greatly suspects that some individual later down the road in time had merged the four documents into a single collection which closely resembles the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures as we know them today.

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