No Redemption for the Nation of Israel

After I had written that article about No Redemption for Christians, my thoughts came upon the nation of Israel and its Jewish people. I would feel amiss if I had not mention what awaits them if they continue on the path they are presently heading towards. So here it is.

The Jewish vision of their redemption and that of the world stem from what the Hebrew prophets had spoken of two and one-half millennia ago. That in the "last days" GOD would gather His people from all the lands where He had scattered them [Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 43:5-7]. The Jewish people in Israel believe that the redemption will proceed in accordance to GOD's plan. Right now in Israel, there is a program for the re-gathering of Jewish people from all over the world to move to Israel, to the Jewish Promised Land. Then the Orthodox Jews hope to liberate and consecrate the Temple Mount and build the Third Temple. When that is done, it is believed that the coming of the King of Israel, Messiah Ben David will arrive to rule over Israel. Orthodox Jews believe that this event is going to be the biggest Godly event and miracle in the history of mankind. Orthodox Jews believe this will come to pass because it was predicted by the prophets of Israel. So they are calling all the Jewish people from all nations to link arms in support of this endeavor to help the State of Israel complete this process of redemption. As nice as this picture is presented here, the facts are that the vast majority of Jewish people in and outside of Israel do not share that view, nor do they believe in GOD or are planning to do the Will of GOD. The reality is that only a small portion of the Jewish people in present day Israel and abroad, have their heart set to see the building of the "Third Temple" on the Temple Mount and are looking forward for the prophetic redemption of Israel to become a reality. Let us review recent Jewish history in modern Israel. The foundation of the present modern state of Israel came about after the British had brutally turned away Holocaust survivors from going to Israel. Here is some information on what had developed in Palestine (Israel) which lead to the rebirth of the nation of Israel. The birth of the Haganah which was the Jewish underground defense force in the land of Israel (Palestine). (The land which was then known as Palestine, was originally Israel. Emperor Hadrian in C.E. 135, had renamed Israel as Palestine. It was a term invented by Emperor Hadrian as a slap in the face to the Jewish people, after he had destroyed Jerusalem during a campaign to put down a Jewish uprising known as the Bar Kokhba revolt ). The United Nations stepped in and voted to partition Palestine on November 29, 1947. The official date given by the United Nations in their partition vote for the recreation of the new state of Israel was on May 15th, 1948. THE STATE OF ISRAEL IS REBORN; Thus, May 14th was to be the last day of the British Mandate over Palestine (Israel) . At 4 p.m., the British lowered their flag and immediately the Jewish people raised their own. After 2,000 years, part of the land of Israel was once more in the hands of the Jewish people. Israel was immediately plunged into a war when five of the neighboring Arab states attacked Israel. These Arab states had previously voted against the UN partition and simply refused to recognize that historic and democratic vote. Israel, which had virtually no heavy artillery, no tanks, no airplanes, had to defend itself against Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq! 600,000 Jews against 45 million Arabs, while the United Nations did nothing to stop this sudden attack upon Israel. Despite the great odds, Israel defeated the Arabs in this war. The Arab countries did not easily accept their defeat in 1948. All the while they were plotting a comeback. On May 27, 1967, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918-1970) declared war on Israel. "Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel". On June 1, 1967, Iraq's president Abel Rahman Aref also declared that; "Our goal is clear -- to wipe Israel off the map." Egypt, Syria and Jordan along with those within Israel, had combine their armies in their planned attack on Israel. It was clear to Israel that war was very imminent. On June 5th, 1967, Israel, realizing that the entire Arab world was about to attack, so they launched a preemptive strike. It was one of the most brilliant preemptive strikes in history. It became known as the Six Day War. In just six days, Israel captured huge chunks of territories from the Arabs and won what is generally considered to be one of the greatest military victories in history. The lands captured during the six day war consisted of the Sinai Peninsula (from Egypt), the Golan Heights (from Syria) and the West Bank (from Jordan), and most importantly, Israel had captured the Old City of Jerusalem, which Jordan had unilaterally took over in 1948, in which they had barred all Jews from entering in. With the miraculous victories which GOD had given to the people of Israel in these wars, one would have thought that the Jewish people would return themselves to GOD. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Most of the Jewish people who fought in these wars were secular Jews who believed that victory was won through their own power and military strategies. They did not believe that GOD had a hand in their victories. So when the Jewish people captured Jerusalem and had taken full possession of the Temple Mount. The Israeli Government, because fear had struck their heart, had allowed the Arabs to keep total possession of the Temple Mount. This is the case even today. As a man of GOD, I am sorry to inform those Jewish people in Israel that the prophetic redemption of Israel which the Orthodox Jews are expecting, is not going to come as they had dearly hoped for. The reason is due to the fact that the people of Israel had failed to abide in the Will of GOD. The Jewish people need to remember that the redemption of the people of Israel was conditional, with that little word "IF". During the six day war, the Jewish people had captured Jerusalem and had full possession of the Temple Mount. But because those within the Israeli Government had feared what would have been the reaction from the Arabs and the UN, if they took full possession of the Temple Mount, and had removed that, "Dome of the Rock" from the Temple Mount and rebuild the Third Temple, they had allowed the Arabs to keep total possession of the Temple Mount. The Jewish people had also failed to tear down all the Baal temples, churches and mosques within the land of Israel. They had failed to drive out all the Palestinian people from the land of Israel. Instead, the nation of Israel had chosen of their own free will to become a secular nation rather than a nation under GOD. Most of the people have rejected Yeshua, and want to maintain their long held tradition of the old covenant. Because of what the Jewish people have done, GOD has turned "His" back upon the Jewish people and the nation of Israel . Because of their damnable acts, the people of Israel will not be saved from the wrath of GOD. Instead; The nation of Israel will become part of the New World Order system. Jerusalem will be declared an international city in which a Christian person who is an Anti-Yeshua, that man of sin, a Christian, shall come upon Jerusalem, even upon the Temple Mount, and declare himself to be the Messiah and god. This spurious phony messiah will represent the phony Christian pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ. This imposter will claim Israel to be his own, and the Jewish people will become the slaves of the New World Order system. This is the punishment the Lord of Horsts will lay upon the Jewish people, for having given their heart and mind over to the pagan secular world and for having failed to heed His warnings. For having rejected their GOD and his Will, as was foretold long ago by Yeshua, the Anointed One. This is what will befall Israel for having establish the nation of Israel as a secular pagan nation. So likewise they shall become. There will be no redemption for the nation of Israel or for her people, I am sad to say.

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