R.G.Stair of Overcomer Ministry

Making many unfounded claims

Stair talks a lot about not casting "his" pearls to swine's. Stair is casting his imitation pearls to those who do not recognize real pearls from the fake. I have been informed through my sources that R.G. Stair, the leader of a Christian Baal worship religious group claims to be the "Last day Prophet of GOD". This moron is a false Prophet. A Prophet of perversion who makes the false claim that he is a "prophet" of GOD. Lately, that fraud has been telling people about the New World Order and how that the Roman Catholic church will be associated with the New World Order and will head-up the world religions. He claims that he had been saying that for a long time, when in truth, he, as those other Christian preachers, have just been regurgitating, and putting a Christian spin on it, what I had been revealing to the general public, what is to come, on my web pages. Stair has only been speaking about all this rather recently. I have been revealing, a bit at a time, over the past years what people can expect in their lifetime and beyond. Stairs claims these new revelations he is getting are coming from his phoney god, when in truth, he has been getting these new revelations from reading our web pages. Stair is that stupid that he do not realize that the apostate religion he is preaching about, is the very same apostate religion that came from the Roman Catholic church. Anyone can see this, where their belief in that fictitious Christian man-made pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ had come from. All one has to do is read the history of early Christianity in historical documents. Stair claims on his radio broadcasts that his fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ speaks to him. Here is another one of those Christians who ought to run to the nearest mental institution, given that he is hearing from some non-existent, imaginary, phony god. Frankly; Stair is really not that much different than those run-of-the-mill Christian preachers who bow-down and worship their man-made, phony god they call Je-Zeus Christ. Stair represents and is preaching about that same perverted, heretical Christian religion as the rest of those Protestant preachers who belong to that harlot Christian church. It is plain to see his method of interpretation of scripture, and his unfulfilled prophecies, are fatally flawed because they are purely subjective to the mind and imagination of that lying wonder. Which is bad enough, but to make things even worse, Stair is reading from his Christian bible which we now know is greatly flawed. The Christian bible is nothing more than a perverted, altered, heretical book which Stair and his fellow protestant preachers falsely believe to be the "infallible" Word of GOD, and therefore he thinks it must be absolutely true. This is the lie which Stair and his fellow Christian preachers base their entire Christian ministry upon. Stair is claiming that he is being guided by the Holy Spirit which is another one of his many blatant lies. Stair do not know the Holy Spirit, not when he and his followers are very much a part of the heathen Baal cult of Je-Zeus Christ which he calls "Overcomer Ministries". He also of late, falsely claims that they are part of the remnant of the elect. Those claims Stair is making are not true. He, nor anyone in his group of believers have any part whatsoever with the true remnant of the elect. Stair and his followers belong with the other outcasts who believe in that fictitious Roman Catholic three gods theology. That false man-made three gods in one theology in which their primary god, is that imposter, Je-Zeus Christ. I am informed that Stair claims he had pridicted many things before it happened on his radio broadcsts. Things like the destruction of the Twin Towers in N.Y. city and the establishment of the New World Order. All of Stair's claims are made well after the facts, after it had become generally known to most people. Stair is trying to re-write his own history, so to speak, in order to shore-up his credibility and hide his many false claims and failed pridictions. Stair had claimed back in 1987 that the U.S. ecomany will collapse and that all major cities like Boston, New York, Los Angeles, ect, will be hit with nuclear warheads within that year, which was going to shake up the whole world. We all know that never happened in 1988 nor in 1989. Stair tends to get his insights from others, and then claims them to be his own. This is the type of shyster he is. Stair claims that he had spoken about the "New World Order" way back in 1987, which is a lot of bull. Now that lying wonder is claiming that he had known about the New World Order, fifty years ago. Stair only started talking about the New World Order in late 2007 the earliest. Stair has on many occasions when talking about events that are happening now in 2008-9 that he had prophesied these events thirty years ago. That is a blatant lie. What Stair had prophesied was for people to get out of the cities because major cities like Boston, New York, Los Angeles, ect, will be hit with nuclear warheads in 1987. Stair has been telling people to get out of the cities ever since. I would hardly claim that was an accurate prophecy by any stretch of the immagition. Stair tends to streach or twist the truth quite a bit. This shyster is trying to give himself unwarranted, undeserved credibility, which he do not deserve with all of his phoney failed prophecies. Now that he has a better idea as to what is going on in the world, he is claiming that he knew that all along, as far back as 1987. What a farce! I find that is what most of these Protestant preachers tend to do. Take insights from others and then claim it as if they had stated it years ago. That is how dishonest they are. Stair, like what most of these Christian preachers are doing, are skirting all around their end time prophecy predictions and have not a real clue as to what is actually going to happen. Stair is as phony as all of his claims. Stair preaches not to conform to the world, when he and his clicks have already conformed to the "Christian" world when he claims to be representing that phony Christian man-made God, Je-Zeus Christ, which he claims to be a prophet of. I am also informed that R.G.Stair is now claiming to have been anointed by GOD, when he is really representing the a phony Christian Baal god, Je-Zeus_Christ, which the Roman Catholic church had invented. Stair is not a prophet of the true, living GOD. Anyone with an ounce of brains should be able see that. Stair is nothing but a false, self appointed, prophet of perversion, when he insist to represent the false Christian Baal god/gods. This is how stupid he and his fellow belivers are, for they can't even see what he is doing wrong. Stair is blind to the fact that he is breaking the first Commandment of GOD, not to worship other Gods, by worshiping that phoney Roman Catholic man-made God, Je-Zeus Christ which he preaches on his Overcomer radio broadcasts. What an idiot, a fool Stair is! People who follow Stair are as stupid and blind as he is, and are just as damned, to believe Stair. That idiot thinks that I belong to some Christian sacred name group who claims that their Christian phoney God is Yeshua. I have nothing to do with those people despite that they utter the name of Yeshua. Those people are no different than the rest of those Christians who believe in the Christian phoney, man-made God with their apostate religion that is Christianity in theology, like what that idiot Stair preaches. Stair brags on how long he has been preaching on his radio broadcast and thinks that it is GOD who is sustaining his apostate ministry. The Roman Catholic church has been sustained by its members for the past two thousand years and they have a worldwide radio and TV ministry. Do that also mean that GOD, is sustaining that Great Whore with its atrocious history? I think not. Those Christian ministries have nothing to do with GOD sustaining them, it is only their devious, cunning little mind that has anything to do with sustaining these apostate Christian ministries by deceiving its foolish members. GOD had no hand in lifting these ministries up. Stair thinks he is worshiping the Heavenly Father in his ministry, when he is in fact worshiping a man-made counterfeit God in the name of Je-Zeus Christ, which was invented and promoted by the pagan Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches during the early part of Christianity. That is the God of the Christians. Stair's wife, Teresa, is no better than he is. For she is an accomplice in Stair fraudulent schemes. She is aware how phoney Stair really is, but she keeps it to herself. She had condemned her own soul/spirit, to be cast into everlasting death along with Stair and all his misfits. Stair brags on how long he has been preaching on his radio broadcast and thinks that it is GOD who is sustaining his apostate ministry. The Roman Catholic church has been sustained by its members for the past two thousand years and they have a worldwide radio and TV ministry. Do that also mean that GOD, is sustaing that Great Whore? Those Christian ministries have nothing to do with GOD sustaining them, it is only their devious, cunning mind that has to do with sustaining these apostate Christian ministries. GOD has no hand in lifting these ministries up. Most of these Christian idiots claim that their phoney God, Je-Zeus Christ is soon coming. I can tell you with certainty that he won't be coming at any time. Not soon or ever. In vain these foolish people are expecting their "messiah" Je-Zeus Christ. He is only a make-believe character that the Roman Catholic had made into their pagan God. That is how stupid Stair and the rest of those Protestant ministries are. That is like people are now expecting OSIRIS, ISIS, HOURAS, ATLAS, ZEUS, APOLLO, HERMES, THOR, JUPITER, LUCIFER, DIANA, MERCURY or NEPTUNE or any of the hundreds of other pagan Gods that have already bite the dust, never to return and be once again active among humanity. The Christian God, Je-Zeus Christ is no different than those other pagan Gods. He is the figment of man's imigination as were all those other pagan Gods that people had made-up and were so foolish to believe and worship them. Here is an example how stupid Stair is. He once stated recently, that the words spoken by Yeshua, (Which Christians falsely claim is their phony god, Je-Zeus Christ), when he was crucified, and uttered those words "Eli, Eli, lima sabachthaniwas", that those words were spoken in an unknown tounge. Stair was referring to this event to back up his statement about speaking in tounges, which was in reference to the Holy Spirit. I recall that what was spoken by Yeshua, was in a known language or tounge. After all, did not the priests and scribes who heard Yeshua, understood what was being said. They even stated that Yeshua was quoting from Psalms 22:1; and translated this to the people around them to mean, My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Is Stair that stupid, that he do not to know this when he made that stupid statement? Apparently not. But then again, that is not unusual for Stair to make stupid comments like this. He makes a lot of stupid statements which only people as ignorant as he is, would believe or ever take Stair seriously. Stair related a story about how his phony God had directed him to go to Russia to preach the bring the gospel to the people of that country. He forgets that the Christian Russian Orthodox Church had been established there long before Stair was even born, who preach the very same phony God, Je-Zeus Christ that Stair wanted to enlighten the Russian people about. That must have been a shock to Stair when he found out that people in Russia, were well aware of the Christian God since the eastern Slavic lands started to come under the cultural influence of the Eastern Roman Empire. In 863-869 CE, Cyril and Methodius translated parts of the Bible into Old Church Slavonic language for the first time, paving the way for the Christianization of the Slavs. There is evidence that the first Christian bishop was sent to Novgorod from Constantinople either by Patriarch Photius or Patriarch Ignatios, in 866-867 CE. This should indicate how stupid Stair and the people who belong to his ministry is. Who believe that he is a prophet of GOD. As anyone can plainly see, Stair is not a prophet of GOD, as he claims to be. A true prophet of GOD would not make such stupid blunders like that. Stair has also shown the world through his radio ministry how stupid and ignorant he really is when it comes to understanding what he is reading from his perverted Christian bible. An appropriate book for a prophet of perversion, I might add. I would not be at all surprise if Stair starts claiming to have the covenant of GOD and claims to be the high priest to his phony Baal god. But that will only bring the Wrath of the true GOD of Heaven upon him and his followers.These Baal worshipers are going to get into a lot of trouble with GOD, the real GOD of Heaven, the Almighty GOD. They will have crossed that fine invisible, spiritual line by presuming to challenge one of GOD's Very Elect. Now Stair is claiming that he and his members are the remnant of the Very Elect or of the elect. Where did he get that from, our web site no doubt! Lately Stair has been claiming that he is no longer preaching the gospel of Je-Zeus Christ, but the gospel of the Kingdom of GOD. What gospel of the Kingdom of GOD is Stair talking about? All I have heard Stair preach is anout his phony, pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ, not the gospel of the Kingdom of GOD which is the Holy Testament that is found on our web site that people can download for free. Stair and his clicks read through our web pages on a daily basis and apply our insights to his perverted Christian ministry. This is where that moron gets most of his insights from and then claims he had obtained them from his bible or from his pagan god. I have also heard Stair tell his people that Satan and his minions, (he was refering me) knows what is going to happen and speaks the truth about the things that will happen as an excuse why he reads our web pages. His followers will find out that Stair is a phony, when he will try to guide his people during the time when the New World Order rules the day, or when the Great Shaking of planet Earth crushes his little world at his cultic farm, if they ever should live that long. Not to mention when World War III takes place! Those days will not be like they are now. Stair and his belivers will be directly drawn into and be effected in the termoil that is to come. He and his people will not be able to escape it. Stair has the stupid idea that they will be safe from the New World Order system at their Walterboro cult farm in South Carolina. They live in a farming area which has access to roads, telephone, electricity, poatal service and are under the jurisdiction of ferdeal and State laws. I would hardly call that being seperated from the world, or that they are in the wilderness! These people will not escape the ruling power of the New World order that is being set-up. Aside from that missomener, what will they do when their water becomes contaminated, or dries up? What will they do when they will no longer be able to grow their own crops? What will they do when their land and buildings will be overrun by people of ill repute? What will they do when he and his menfolks are taken and hung from tree limbs while their buildings are burned down. Their women and little girls are being raped right in front of them? Their women and little girls will be made sex slaves for the pleasure of men. This is what awaites Stair and those foolish Christians who are so blind following fools like Stair. In fact, this is what the vast majority of Christians can expect in the futire. Who have forsaken the true GOD of Heaven. I have already foretold what is to come, back in 1996 CE. This was one of the visions I saw in the Future of Humanity, which had been made known to me. Being that Christians do not believe me, they need not concern themselves about it. Never-the-less, Stair will not have my web pages to consult with to help him in those days. Stair do not even know when his phoney God will appear. For a guy who claims to be a prophet of GOD, he has not a clue when his phoney God, Je-Zeus Christ will come or when the end time will be. He avoids those questions when anybody asks him, because he simply do not know. I have recently been informed that Stair is now claiming that his phoney God, Je-Zeus Christ in coming in two or three years from now. Seems to me that Stair has taken to heart what that idiot Christian preacher, Harold Camping is preaching. That the Christian phoney God, Je-Zeus Christ, is coming in 2011 CE. Camping is the fool who is proclaiming that Je-Zeus Christ is coming and the "END of the WOLRD" will be on Sept. 20011. That is less than two years from now, Nov.19th,2008 CE. Other Christian preachers had already made many attempts to proclaim that time and they had all failed. I will be around to trounce that preacher after that time has passed by and once again show that person and his believers to be the idiots that they are. Stair well knows I am quite ready to defeat him into the ground, if he ever takes me on and confront me in an open public debate to try to prove his claims. Stair has not the guts to defend his claims that he is a prophet of GOD and his teachings in an open televised public debate with me. He is too much of a coward, as are the rest of those Protestant Preachers who preach from their apostate, corrupted Christian bible about their phoney Je-Zeus Christ God. Frankly, Why people listen to Stair, I have no idea. For he is already damned to everlasting death. Those people who are foolish to follow Stair's teachings will follow in Stair's footsteps into damnation. Stair's ministry is a part of those harlot daughters which had come out from that Great Whore. What these people can expect is the judgment of an angry GOD which will cast their soul/spirit to everlasting death along with all those who belong to that perverted, paganized Christian Baal religion. I have been informed by the faithful, that R.G.Stair is highjacking our teachings from our web site and applying it to his aposted, perverted Christian religion and his phony, man-made, Baal God, Je-Zeus Christ. I have noticed that Stair has lately beem adopting more of Harold Campings teachings who is a protestant preacher that has claimed the "End if the World will come in 2011 CE. I am not surprised by that, given the deceptive tactics Stair uses in his preaching to deceive people which is quite common among Christian preachers. Stair, the prophet of perversion, is not that much different than any of his fellow Protestant preachers who are perverting the truth of GOD. Stair does a lot of talking about people being deceived while he is preaching. Stair is too stupid to realise that he has been deceived while he is preaching his apostate, Christian "gospel" about his phony, man-made, pagan God, Je-Zeus Christ. No doubt this is a cases of the blind, leading the blind, that one hears about. People who do not know what they are doing. Stair had insinuated on many occasions recently, that the end of the world is near and his phony God, Je-Zeus Christ will appear. According to these type of Christian cults that Stair is running, it is well known that these type of 20th Century End-Time Christian cults, can easily turn into killer cults like that of Jim Jones at Jonestown, Guyana, who claimed to be the prophet Elijah, and poisoned all of his fanatical followers by drinking Kool-Aid laced with cyanide. Another Christian group which had the same religious beliefs and teachings as Stair's, Overcomer ministry, was a Christian doomsday cult known as "The Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God", located in Buhunga, Uganda. Its cult members had been asked to give all of their monetary possessions to the church. Speciosa Mukantabana, the cult leader teached against eating pork, not accept modern medicine, and pronounce his doomsday message. 73 Bodies were found in a Uganda Mass Grave that belonged to the doomsday cult. Its leaders appeared to have systematically killed cult members for months. Many of the victims were apparently clubbed, strangled, hacked to death or poisoned. Sect leaders had cracked down viciously on its members who were found to be defiant, were poisoned in order to curb further defections. Police had even unearthed two dozen children and some babies, from the field that belonged to the cult. One of the sect leaders was a defrocked Roman Catholic priest. Such compound Christian groups led by obsessed, egotistical, megalomaniacs, where they control every move of their followers, and demands compleat obedience from their fanatical teachings that no logic seem to be able to dismantle. Likewise, Stair and his fanatical sidekick Chris, have a way of brainwash people, quoting the Christian bible, into complete submission to Stair and the Overcomer ministry by habitually foster some kind of guilt in their mind, if any one of their followers should ever contemplate and decide to leave that group. These are the type of people who are always in danger of unknowingly being given poison in their drinks or food, when their cult leader is being threatened or pressured by outside forces, or the end of the world failed to come or their phony God, Je-Zeus Christ had not appeared around 2012 CE as Stair and his sidelick Chris, had often insinuated to their followers, at their church chapel, or on the Overcomer radio broadcasts, when they feel they is loosing their followers. How stupid those spiritually blinded Overcomer followers are! Frankly, all Christians are stupid for pining all of their hopes on a phony, Baal God they call Je-Zeus Christ, which was invented by a bunch of early Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Christian Church fathers. Stair claims that the world will come to an end by fire in three years, (in 2012 CE). When the year 2012 comes and goes by, without the world having come to its abrupt end, everybody will know how phony Stair is about being truthful and being a prophet of that phony Christian, man-made Baal God, Je-Zeus Christ, he preaches about. Stair has the stupid idea that he is not part of the Protestant Christian religion, when all he does is preach the very same Protestant dogma as his fellow Protestant preachers do. Who do that Jackass Stair think he is fooling anyway? Only people who are just as stupid as Stair. The only "true" Christianity Stair is preaching, is the one that the Roman Catholic Church had invented and represent. That phony, Ball God Je-Zeus Christ of the Roman Catholic Church. The same phony, man-made Baal God, Je-Zeus Christ that Stair has been preaching about ever since he started his perverted, apostate, heretical Overcomer Ministry. What an idiot Stair and his followers are! He, like Harold Camping, tells people to get out from Christian churches, when he and Camping are preaching the same basic Christian perverted, apostate theology which claim that their man-made Je-Zeus Christ is God. That same perverted pagan dogma, the rest of the Christian churches had been preaching for the past two thousand years, ever since Christianity got started. I will have more to say about Stair and his Overcomer ministry after 2012 CE. Until then, here are links to web pages that will give people some insight and facts about R.G. Stair and his Christian Overcomer cult.

Ex-members of R.G. Stair of Overcomer Ministry,
People who actually lived at the Overcomer Ministry compound farm.

Information on R.G. Stair,
the Last day prophet of perversion...

Putting the question to bed on R.G. Stair,
Insights from my personal Journal...

I have been informed by some of our members that Stair has been telling people on his radio broadcast, that a Canadian, (no name mentioned), had come down to his cultic compound he calls a farm at Walterboro, South Carolina to give Stair some religious material. According to the story Stair had related on April 18th, 2009, during his radio broadcast, a Canadian had been traveling around South Carolina, and had decided that being in the area, he wanted to meet Stair and give him some religious material. Just to clear up this little matter up, let it be known that I am not that Canadian whom Stair was talking about. I had never went to Stair's cultic Christian farm compound, nor have I ever personally met or spoken to the man at any time, not in person or by phone. I know exactly what Stair looks like, I have various pictures of him in my files. However, I had sent Stair an e-mail quite a long time ago, on Nov.12th, 2008, to R.G.Stair which stated; I have been informed that you will accept any challenge to those who disagree to your claim of being a prophet of GOD, and that you are willing to defend your teachings, the Christian bible and your phoney, pagan, man-made God, Je-Zeus Christ. If that is a true statement, I am quite prepared to accept that challenge and debate you on those very issues on a public form on any televised secular network, if your pea size brain can handle it. Please let me know if you are willing to accept my challenge, and I will get to work on setting up such an open form debate that will allow all manner of people, religious or not, to be spectators to this event. I am determined to prove you wrong and expose you publicly, face to face, that you are a false prophet. I am cretin that it will prove to be very interesting and enlightening, to all of the spectators. Awaiting for your reply, and hopefully, your conformation in accepting this challenge. Jean Pall/ Haileybury, Ont. Canada. This was my to challenge Stair to an open public debate on any secular TV Network, on the topic of Christianity, the Christian Bible, and on many of the assertions that Stair makes on his Overcomer radio broadcasts. I especially want to challenge Stair on his claim of being a prophet of GOD. Stair is very bold and brave spewing out his accusations on his radio broadcast, but Stair is too cowardly and has not the guts to answer that challenge I had sent him. That is a common trait I have found out, concerning those Christian clergy and preachers who use the public airways to spew out their religious apostate message. Anytime Stair, that filthy mouth moron, that deceiver, that fraud, ever gets brave enough and wants to accept my standing challenge to justify himself to the public on the claims he makes on his Overcomer ministry broadcasts, he need only to send an E-Mail to me from Here. I have given orders that any E-mail coming from Stair, or his Overcomer Ministry, will come directly to my attention. I would very much like the opportunity to expose Stair for the fraud that he is, and show the world that Stair is not a prophet of GOD, but a false prophet of perversion. Stair and his clicks will find out that they are on the outside of the ARK, with the rest of the Baal apostate Christians, who will be damned, and feel the angry wrath of the true, living, GOD of Heaven.

This iformation has been posted by the People of the Holy Testament to clarify many of R.G. Stair's assertions and false claims.

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