I have heard this man's teachings from audio tapes which people had sent me. Arnold Murray is a Protestant preacher who is like the thousands of other Baal worshippers within that apostate Christian religion, who have perverted the truth about GOD, our Heavenly Father and our beloved brother, Yeshua, the Anointed One. Murray has come to identify the Christians phony Je-Zeus Christ with the person of Yeshua, the Anointed One. You will notice that a great many protestant Christians do that during their preaching. I had made the mistake to think that when Christians spoke about their Je-Zeus Christ, they were really referring to Yeshua, the Anointed One. I had come to think that way until I had found out some time later, that when these Christians spoke about their Je-Zeus Christ, ther were also claiming that he is GOD, the Heavenly Father. I knew at once from that moment on, the Je-Zeus Christ that these Christians were speaking about, was not the Yeshua, that I know and speak about in the Holy Testament or on my web pages. For the Yeshua, the Anointed One, whom I speak about had never claimed to be a god, or that he was GOD, the Heavenly Father. Therefore; Do not let this Murray fellow fool you when he use's the name of Yeshua and Je-Zeus Christ interchangeably in his preaching. He is actually speaking about the Christian phony, man-made Baal pagan god, and not the Yeshua that I speak about. For Murray's understanding of who the "Heavenly Father" is, he is speaking about the Christian's phony god, Je-Zeus Christ. Murray is another one of those Christian Baal worshipper who really believes that his fictitious man-made god, Je-Zeus Christ is actually the Heavenly Father. This Baal worshipper Murray believes in the same man-made, phantom god-man that the majority of these Christian Baal worshippers believe and speak about. Ever notice how often within one of Murray’s sermon, Murray will often talk about GOD the Father, when he is actually referring to his phony god, Je-Zeus Christ. After all, he believes that his phony god, Je-Zeus Christ, is GOD the Father. Given that is the case, why is it that he do not refer to GOD the Father, as Je-Zeus, or Je-Zeus Christ? Is there something wrong with that name when Murray speaks about GOD the Father? Acording to rachet-jaw, they are the same person. Of course rachet-jaw would have a hard time to explain to people how is it that his Je-Zeus Christ prays to GOD when they are suppose to be the same person. Rachet-jaw would have an even harder time explaining how GOD the Father, GOD the Holy Spirit and the GOD, Je-Zeus Christ are seen as three different forms, all at the same time, as in the case during the baptism of Je-Zeus Christ by John the Baptist. Clearly we can see that the Christians phony god, Je-Zeus Christ, is not GOD the Father. Yet, when rachet-jaw speaks about his phony god Je-Zeus Christ, he will call his phony god, GOD the Father, or Father, or simply GOD. I also notice that from time to time, rachet-jaw will also refer to his phony god, Je-Zeus Christ as Yeshua, just to confuse people even more, if they are not already totally confused by then. This should show anyone the lengths these Christian pastors will go to, to deceive their congregation and the people who may listen to them. He is also one of the Vipers that I have been talking about who takes many of my insights from our web pages and apply it to his perverted teaching, and then turns around and attacks my teachings. He hates it when I dare expose many of his stupid or false remarks he makes during any one of his preaching’s. Murray is very sly and slippery viper when it comes to deceiving people. He has brought the art of deception to a high level. Next time you listen to his broadcasts, pay attention to what he is preaching about and keep an ear open to his sly comments. You will also find that he makes many errors in his teachings of scripture. Unfortunately, many people do not pick up on these errors that Murray makes. This man is a coward with a yellow streak running down his back. Of course he do not name the person he is verbally assaulting, when he attacks people that do not follow his perverted teachings. I have written about this poor excuse of a man, this "Rachetjaw" Murray fellow based upon what I have observed and heard from the teachings he is preaching to people on his radio or TV broadcasts. Personally; I have found the man to be ignorant in many ways, particularly when it comes to understanding many of the passages that is written in that corrupted Christian, Baal worshippers Bible. Anyway; People will come to realize that Arnold Murray's teaching is full of subtle misinterpretation of Scripture. Many people who listen to his preaching have yet to find that out for themselves. He commonly manipulates verses out of context, and makes use of selective citations in order to prove his point which fool many of the people who listen to him. I place this Baal worshipper in the same category as R.G Stair, who claims to be a "Prophet", more like the "The Last Day Prophet of Perversion". Murray is like that Pastor J Peters, who is in the Neo-Nazi, "White Supremist movement. Murray is like the thousands of other Baal worshippers within that apostate Christian religion, who have perverted the truth about GOD and our Beloved Brother Yeshua. Oh, Murray calls his phony god, Yeshua, from time to time, just to confuse people even more. Not that he confuses people any less with some of his absurd teachings. That "Rachetjaw" likes to emphasize to his audience that he has the correct, "inside information" when it comes to interpreting the "bible. Meaning that Murray thinks that he is one of GOD's true teachers on earth today. What a Joke that is! He is nothing more than a "Rachetjaw" Baal worshipper, pretending to be a preacher of the one true GOD. Murray believes in that three in one god theology, which is god the Father, god the Son and god the Holy Spirit who are three gods that make up the one Christian god they call. This twerp is one of the first Protestant preachers who go to our web site during the months we had come on line. All I can tell you about this man is that he is as phony as one can be with his big flabby rachetjaw mouth. He is a typical Christian who insist that people read from their altered, corrupted book they call the Christian "Bible". The one that was corrupted by those early pagan, gentile Christian church scribes, those "church fathers" of that perverted Roman Catholic church with its hetaeristic dogma and perverted theology of their fictitious, man-made god. This Murray is so phony, that he places the title of a Dr. in front of his name, when he do not even have a Ph.D. This really shows Murray's true fraudulent nature. It also shows you what kind of a lier and ego trip this man is on, despite the humble attitude that he puts on for his audience during his TV shows. This guy had also claimed to be a prophet of GOD at one point in time, until he was found out to be a fraud, just like his fellow Christian preacher and false prophet, R.G.Stair. Murray's Christian theology is a mixture of Ted Armstrong, the Ku Klux Klan, and of Charles Taze Russell (Jehovah's Witnesses). What an interesting brew mixture he has fashioned for himself. So that is some theological brew this Murray has made up and teaches to his group of not so bright people of "Shepherd's Chapel", that is based in Gravette, Arkansas. Would you believe that Murray, this clod, had actually claimed to have entered the "third heaven" on Dec. 2nd, in 1980 and he overcame Lucifer, and kicked his butt? My, what a tough hombres this Murray fellow is. Imagine, actually kicking the butt of a fictitious, non-existence, man-made, mythical devil that people had invented through their heathen myths. Murray has also stated repeatedly, that he served in the US army. Murray also claims to have served in the Korean War. Given that Murray has lied about being a holder of a Ph.D. one should take his claims with a grain of salt. If he was in any army at all, he probably had served on some latrine duty, or was busy on the garbage brigade while the real soldiers were out there fighting the war. But according to sources, he has not record that he had served in the Armed Forces. Marry reminds me of that G.I. comic character Sad Sack. Murray also teaches on his audio tapes that he does not have free will, (Probably because he is something like a zombie) and that he overcame just what, I really can't tell, but that he was justified in another lifetime, during the first earth age. He claims that he did not have to be born again, but that he came back to earth as a teacher. Good grief! Given what he is preaching on his TV and radio broadcasts, I know that statement is just another one of his tall tales that really comes to be lies, among the many string of lies this deceiver has already dished out to people. What really surprise me is that there are people who are foolish or stupid enough to believe this rachetjaw twerp. This poor excuse of a person who claims to be a brave man! Oh; By the way, before I go, don't let Murray fool you when he speaks about GOD, the Heavenly Father. To Murray; The heavenly father, is none other than that fictitious man-made, pagan god-man, Je-Zeus Christ. What is Murray's qualifications as a teacher about the true GOD of Heaven? Let's me think about that one for a second. He has no qualifications at all! We already know that this rachetjaw is a fraud who claims to represent GOD. He is just another one of many of those Baal worshippers that preaches the Christian perversion. He has managed to deceive hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the years, through his baited, deceptive hook, which is his TV and radio broadcasts. We know that some people are stupid enough to swallow his perverted Christian brew theology, hook, line and sinker. We also know that Murray is too stupid to know that his perverted religion is crumbling at its very foundations and it is only a matter of time when that whole perverted religion crumbles and falls into a pile of ash-heap of dust and decay. In the meantime, Murray's "students" will take on the shape of a big yellow lolly-pop when and if they ever come to realize one day, that they had been suckered, "hoodwinked" by this phony preacher of GOD.

Recently, Murray's son, Dennis Murray, has taken over the preaching of Shepherd's Chapel, since his Rachet-Jaw father has burned himself out. It is this Dennis Murray's voice, who sounds just like his rachet-jaw father, who welcomes viewers during the opening of each Shepherd's Chapel program. Murray teaches the heresy known as modalism, that God is one person who takes on three forms. That the Father became the Son who became the Holy Spirit. Also, the Shepherd's Chapel teaches what is called the Christian Identity movement. Murray once read the book of Isaiah where warns about idolatry, about preaching false teachings of another god/gods. That is precicely what Murry is preaching! He has stated many times not to listen to anyone who twist scripture, who will turn it into a lie and will lead you down primrose lane. That is precicely what Murry is doing with his apostate Christian religion. But Dennis Murray is too stupid to realize this. Both, Rachetjaw Arnold and Dennis Murray are too stupid to realize that their Christian bible had many of its passages "twisted" centuries ago, long before Protestant Christians ever existed. These jokers talk a lot about having wisdom, something they dearly lack. Dennis Murray is that stupid, he do not realize that he is speaking about people like himself when he talks about twisting scripture as they preach their perverted, apostate Christian religion with its phony, pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ. The reason Murray do not realize what he is doing, is because he is deceived. All of those thousands of Christian preachers that are out there are deceived and will end up taking the Mark of the Beast. That moron Murray teaches and is convinced that the Mark of the Beast is not a literal mark but that is only in your mind. Oh, it is in the mind all right, but it is also being marked as an idolater. This ratchet-jaw, loudmouth idiot claims that he can tattoo himself from head to foot with the number 666, the mark of the beast, and it does not matter, as long as he loves his phony, man-made Baal god, his Lord, Je-Zeus Christ. Which by the way is the Christian phony god Isaiah was warning about. Murray believes that one who receives the mark can still worship their phony god, Je-Zeus Christ, and that taking the mark does not matter. Of course the mark does not matter to Murray because he and those people at Shepard's Chapel will be in league with the Beast. Christianity is the false, perverted religion, which will be lead by the Roman Catholic church, that Great Whore, which will insist that people worship their false man-god as explained in the book of Rrevelations, which is found in their perverted, apostate Christian bible. That perverted Christian religion which will eventually be trampled down due to GOD's wrath. Their bible says that those who believe in the true GOD will refuse the mark, the number or his name. This idiot Murray and his deluded followers think they are immune to the punishment of GOD, for those who take the Mark of the Beast. Dennis Murray preaches the same things that his rachetjaw father had preached. Here is a clear-cut case of the blind following the blind. A son who has followed in the footsteps of his father's muck of perversity and is now transgressing what is of GOD. I notice this idiot always says not to follow the false Christ. Dennis Murray is that stupid that he do not realize that he is the one who is preaching that false Christ. The real "Christ", the one that was "Anointed" by GOD was Yeshua. Those apostate Christians had taken what beloned to our Beloved Brother Yeshua, the Anointed one, and created their phoney Baal god, Je-Zeus Christ. All reference to Yeshua which was in the original writings which became the Christian New Testament which was altered, was replaced with the pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ by the early pagan Christian church fathers. It was these early pagan Christian church fathers who had inserted into the pages of the New Testament passages which would show that their pnoney Je-Zeus Christ was god. Now you can see what an imbecile that Dennis Murray is. He is the one preaching a false "Christ". Murray claims that he and his clicks are predestined to be saved through his false pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ. What a vain and deceitful person this Rachetjaw is! Do not follow a vain and deceitful person. People who belong to "Rachetjaw" Murray's Shepherd's Chapel should heed that warning and get out of his apostate, false teachings of his phoney Baal god, Je-Zeus Christ, as fast as they can. Need I say more?

NOTE; I had called Dennis Murray's father, Arnold Murray, a yellow-bellied loudmouth, a coward, who talks real bold on his Christian broadcasts. The last person who said that I think that I am that imposter, Je-Zeus Christ, saw my fist in their face! Care to say that to me in person, Dennis Murra?. That guy is another "Rachetjaw", like his loudmoth father who is a coward to back-up his father's false claims, and defend his own apostate, perverted, paganized Christian religion and that phony god of his, that Je-Zeus Christ, which he talks so much about on that Shepherd Chapel radio and TV broadcasts. I wonder if he will ever find the guts to take me on. We will see who is the whimp! Dennis Murray can e-mail me at; People of the Holy Testament and challange me to a open public debate here in Ontario, Canada. He is quite welcome to do so. But after a good spell of time has passed, that twerp, that yellow-bellied loudmouth is too chicken to confront me.That is the case with these loudmouth blowhards!

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