Knowing the Future and the Great Deception

After hearing what those Christian Priests and Preachers, be they Catholic or Protestants, have been saying concerning the near future, tells me they have not a clue of what humanity is in for. Maybe it is just as well that they are really ignorant about what is in store for them, for it would drive the average person into utter despair. This was the reason I had not revealed the full extent of the chaos that will befall all of humanity, some to a lesser or greater degree. Depending where a person is situated upon the world. What I had revealed in "The Future of Humanity" in the Holy Testament, is nothing compared to what was given for me to see. Those who claim that their phony god, Je-Zeus Christ will be coming soon, within the next few years, are going to be greatly disappointed. The Christians "mysteries", of their three-in-one false gods which is based upon pagan worship which was derived from ancient Babylon. The only thing Christianity represents, is a fictitious demi god that goes by the name of je-Zeus Christ whom our Heavenly Father has already cursed. As I had said before, humanity can thank these Christians and all other Baal worshipers for bringing the wrath of GOD upon the people of this world. Now that the secret agenda of what Christians were planning to do, that is to deceive people, once again, is out of the bag, people will not now be so easily deceived. Anyways, there will always be someone around to remind the general public of how Christians are trying to bring in their false Messiah, by hook or by crook.

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