EWTN John Martignoni, a lying wonder

I believe that John Martignoni was once a Protestant Baptist Minister who had become a Catholic Priest. Having been a lying protestant Baptist preacher, John Martignoni must feel quite at home at EWTN,Global Catholic Network where people there lie through their teeth on a daily bases. So this guy is now one of their Apologetics to explain and promote the Roman Catholic Church with all the lies he can muster. Here is some examples of what I mean. I have heard John Martignoni on EWTN Answer Live, make a lot of outrageous false statements concerning how he interpretes scriptures and his fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ. He Stated that the women clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars, in Rev.12 is speaking about Mary, the Christian mother of god. What that women really represent is the nation of Israel, and from her a child will be delivered that the dragon was waiting to devour. Martignoni is puting the roman Catholic false rendering what that verse is really saying, which was not the original intent. You will find that John Martignoni tends to twist what the verses are refering to, to conform to the Catholic teachings. Their truth are more like lies. He being a former Protestant Christian, would not recognize "truth", even it was hanging in front of his face. It is no great wonder how he can be duped so easilt into believing in Catholisim. Martignoni stated that his fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ who is a real live person had actually lived in Israel. That there is actual historical proof and other facts outside from the Gospels writings to prove that. There is no such proofs. It is another one of Martignoni may lies that spew out of that moron's mouth. John Martignoni also claims that the Roman Catholic church has direct Apostolic succession from Peter, the Simon (Cephas). The very same Peter who was the Head Apostle of the Congregation of Yeshua, the Anointed One. Martignoni had better recheck his data, given that the religion of Christianity is nothing more than a pagan, apostate, gentile church with a phony god that had no real connection with Peter of the Congregation of Yeshua. These early pagan Christian church fathers had plagiarized the teachings of our Beloved Brother, Yeshua, the Anointed One, and his Apostles and re-worked these into their apostate, pagan religion of Christianity. Therefore; One of us is lying. We can not be both right. Therefore; In order to clear the air of who is right, I am willing to challenge this John Martignoni to an open public debate on an none-Christian broadcast which will be televised throughout North America . I had downloaded and listen to John Martignoni talk on Apostolic Authority and the Pope. He made many false statments I had noticed. We will discuss those topics he had touched on in his Apostolic Authority and the Pope mp3 file, like who in fact is the real GOD, we will examine the making of the Christian Bible, Apostolic succession to Peter, the origin of Christianity and the whole thing about Satan the devil which the church teaches is a real live being who can possess people. I hope this guy John Martignoni has the guts to take up on the challenge, or will he be like the other Protestant yellow-bellied loudmouth preachers who had refused to take me on. This guy John Martignoni is used to debates since he had already had a very easy debate with some guy named Joe Mizzi. The Online Debate was about Faith and Works in Justification, John Martignoni v Joe Mizzi. In our Open Forum Public Debate, it will be on a person to person live telecast Open Forum type of public debate where people can view or become part of the audience. If this John Martignoni feels he is not up to this challenge, maby he can get his head guru to get his butt over here to step in his place and take up the challange. I am talking about Pope Benedict / Joseph Ratzinger who claims to be the head represenitive of all the Christian churches. The same guy who was once the Popeís keeper of doctrine of Christianity. I have heard how Catholic priests have bragged about how Pope, Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger is a great theologian, who knows his stuff very well. Well, Benedict XVI has now the oppertunity to step in and accept this challange I had put out to defend the claims of Christianity and refute the statements I have made against the Christian religion and of the Roman Catholic church. It will give the oppertunity to salvage that fictitious image of their phony Je-Zeus Christ from recent "unpopular" depictions, in order to restore any sense of credibility they may still have. I state here that the Roman Catholic church do not represent the truth nor do they represent the true GOD of Heaven. All they represent is just some pagan, man-made imitation god/gods and a man-made apostate religion. Will the Catholic's champion, Pope Benedict / Joseph Ratzinger be willing to enter into this duel for the truth, and defend their false claims they had spun from the very conception of Christianity? We will examine the lies, the fake documents and forgeries and the atrocious history of Christianity along with those topics such as John Martignoni's Apostolic Authority and the Pope. Like who is the real true GOD, Apostolic Succession to Peter Simon (Cephas), ect, which the Roman Catholic church had always maintained for centuries. During this tornament for the Truth, we shall see who's head will be crushed in this debate. I await for an answer.


Well this John Martignoni has responded to my e-mail. Give the man a cigar or pin a medal on him! Here is what he stated in his e-mail; Dear Jean Pall, Well, it's obvious to see that you aren't out to win friends and influence people in the Dale Carnegie way, eh?! I think you should have added a bit more bluster if you really wanted to make your statement effective. Perhaps you should have added at least one nanny nanny boo boo. Your comments have taken me back to the days when I would respond to something like that with: "I'm rubber you're glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you." When was that, 5th grade? 6th? Let me ask you a couple of questions: What is the English version of Cephas? Peter, right? Then, what is the English version of Yeshua? Or, is it not permitted to have an English version of Yeshua? Je-Zeus??? Oh, please. You state that we both cannot be right, yet you didn't do much in the way of letting me know what you believe and why, now did you? Not very effective if your intent was to evangelize me. Very effective, however, if your intent was to make me think that the Congregation of Yeshua is filled with folks who simply like to go around calling people names. If you would stop braying like a donkey and address me in civil terms, I might be willing to have a conversation with you. If not, then please don't bother writing me again.May God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - bless you! John Martignoni


No; I was not out to make friends with the likes of these people. Nor do I intend to chit-chat at length on the web with these people. Nor do I have any respect, tolerance or compassion for the likes of these morons who willingly and deliberately deceive trusting people. I wonder if that moron noticed that? This moron should read his Christian bible more often. I recall that Yeshua had used far stronger words than I, to those clergy vipers who had verbally attacked him and his teaching's during his ministry. I am very aware that these lying wonders at EWTN have been at my web site reading the web pages for a long time now. They know full well what this challenge is all about. I have no intention to evangelize people that can not distinquious between truth from fiction. They should stay in their perverted, apostate, pagan religion with their phony Baal god/gods. Notice how this moron has evaded the direct question to take up the challenge. This is the usual method these people use to avoid a direct challenge. It was a simple question, was it not? Will he accept or reject the challenge? A simple yes or no answer. I thought I had explained what this challenge was all about. Did I not write the e-mail in an easy to read method for him not grasp its full meaning? He should go back to his 5th grade class and learn how to comprehend what he was reading. Here is the letter I had e-mailed to John Martignoni at his web site and from my hotmail to make sure that he got it.

P/S; I had just happen to listen to Steve Ray on EWTN. Here is what I think of that man. These Catholics claim that the only way to Salvation is by the Roman Catholic church or by their fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ. That Catholic and Christian belief is just anothe lie among the many lies that they teach and preach. The road these Catholics and Christians are traveling on is broad and wide. Those Catholics and Christians need to be reminded what the real Yeshua, the Anointed One had once said; "Enter in by the narrow gate, for the wide gate is broad, and is the way that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter in by it". The narrow gate restricts the way that leads to life. Few are those who come to find it. Two billion Catholics and Christians is not what I would call Few! I say this just to give people something to really think about.

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