Jesus Christ

The name of the pagan sun god of Christianity

When I had realized that the Jesus Christ Christians were speaking about, was not the same person I know as Yeshua, I began to investagate this Christian Jesus Christ. This revelation came to me when the vast majority of Christians had made it known to me in no uncertin terms, that they actually believe that their Jesus Christ is GOD, The Almighty, The Heavenly Father. When I came to realize this great error, I began to examine more closely how these people had come to believe that the Jesus Christ they speak of, is their god. I re-examined their theology againts the actual facts and found the answer. These people have come to believe and preach about a man-made, fictitious god they call Je-Zeus Christ. The facts are, that the vast majority of these people, be they Bishops, Priests or Protestant Pastors have little idea or are totally ignorant on where that name, Jesus Christ that they speak about, had originated from. These people do not know that the name Jesus was originally known and spoken as Iesus, which is Latin, the language of the Roman Empire. It was pronounced as Yea-sus or Yea-Zeus by the early heathen christians who had broken away from the true faith and had perverted what the original Apostils of Yeshua had preached that would later become the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches during the latter part of the first to the forth century C.E. This Christian perversion had expanded throughout the known world. During and after the Reformation, this perversion expanded into the new world (the America's) with the help of the Protestants to our present era. The name Jesus is not a Hebrew name. It is of Latin in the original form of Iesus. Iesus was later translated as Jesus in the English language. Iesus is adapted from the Greek, which is the masculine form of the Greek goddess of healing, who was also known as Ieso. One can plainly see that there is absolutely no resemblance between the name of Yeshua, to the Greek substitute of Iesous, or from the Latin Iesus, and then to Jesus in the english language. One wounders why was the name of Yeshua changed when the name of Satan was left unmolested from the Hebrew into English? Yet these Christians choose to change the name of Yeshua into Jesus. So who is this Jesus that Christians claim is their god? This Jesus is none other than Ieso or Iesus whom they call Christ in the Greek was also related to the SUN-GOD Apollo. Remember our friend Emporor Constantine, the first Roman Emperor to become a sort of Christian? He continued to hold fast to his pagan sun god worship while being a Christian. It was this same Constantine that demanded from the newly formed Roman Catholic Church to change the seventh day Sabbath worship to Sunday worship for Christians. It was the worship day of Constantine pagan Sun God, which was on Sunday. Later, it was the same Rome Church that had also put their stamp of approval that claimed that their, Jesus Christ was GOD, totally Divan. Therefore; The name Iesous (Jesus), was derived from Ieso, that can be traced back to a SUN GOD worship. Also, the sons of Zeus (the SKY GOD) had variations of that name-Iasus, Iasion, Iasius! Just as Iaso, Ieso, Iesous are derived from the Greek word for the healing-iasis, we find Isis (Esu) and her son- Horus (HER) were regarded as healing deities also. The abbreviated form of Iesous is Ies or I-H-S (in Greek the capital e is H). Many dictionaries admit that I-H-S is the abbreviation for Ihsous (Iesous). I-H-S is the mystery name that the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches have on their alter, on their vestments, when they say mass. The letters I-H-S is also on their host which they claim is the actual body of their fictitious god, Jesus Christ. The letters IHS represent the name "Jesus" in Greek, I am told. (spelled in Greek iota-eta-sigma- omicron-upsilon-sigma = Iesous). In case you are not aware of it, I-H-S is also the mystery name for Bacchus. So who was Bacchus? Bacchus is a well-known pagan Sun God, and was known in the Old Testament scriptures as Tammuz. You know who Tammuz is? Tammuz was the returning SUN GOD, that was also known as the ICHTHUS or fish. Does this ring a bell? The early pagan Christians used the symbol of the fish to represent their Jesus Christ. The Christmas that Christians celebrate and originally called it Christ-Mass, is the birthday of Tammuz that was held on December 25th. Christianity was founded upon a false god of the pagan Greeks, that became the Roman, Latin CHRIST-Iesous. Who had separated themselves from the true fold of Yeshua as a separate entity called Christianity with their venerable day of the SUN, who worship on the false Sabbath known as Sunday. Regardless how these pagan Christians had arrived to name their fictitious god, Jesus Christ, he is a pagan sun god with a religion that is a throwback from an ancient religion that had believed in a theology which demanded human sacrifices and indulged in cannibalism, as in the eating of the flesh and drinking the blood of its sacrificial human victims in order to appease their god. Do we not find that same sentiment in Christianity? Consider how the early Roman church had bowed down to Constantine's whim to accept his rule knowing that he would represent Christianity while he would retain much of his belief in his pagan sun god during his life. That they had bowed down to Constantine's edict to worship on Sun day. That they celebrate Tammuz birthday on December 25 claiming that their fictitious god was born on that day. They did all of these things so that they would be in a position to obtain earthly wealth and power. Consider also this; The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox priests hold up a monstrance during their high mass . The form of a monstrance is that of a circular window which contain a host, which syombolize the sun. It is surrounded by a silver or gold frame with rays of the sun emitting all around that circular window which contain their god Jesus Christ in the form of a host. Some monstrance have the letters SFS on the sunburst blaze. Each of these letters is a universal symbol for the number 6, so it reads 666! The idenity of the false Anointed One, in this case, the fictitious, man-made god Christians claim to be their god, Jesus Christ. The practice of equating names and letters with numbers is called numerology. This sunburst monstrance with the round host that symbolize the sun (Jesus) encased for the congregation to adore and venerate. Virtually any time the monstrance, which is a pagan sun symbol, is viewed by the congregation, they kneel in submission. A Catholic or an Eastern Orthodox person cannot walk past this sun symbol without acknowledging it by kneeling and or making the sign of the cross with their hands. You find a great many Christians who hold a sun-rise worship service. All of these known facts points to worshipping a sun god no matter how you care to slice it. So now you can fully understand why I call Christians, worshippers of Baal. Now you know how the SUN God name of Iesous had become Jesus Christ in the English translation of the New Testament. Now you can see how the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, became associated with pagan deities which later in history, Protestant Christianity, which were originally, "Roman Catholic", had broken away from their mother church because of corruption within its system. But while they had broken away from the corruption of their mother church, they had still retained much of her corrupt theology and had followered suite in her footsteps because they read from the very same text that had been altered by the early Roman and Eastern Orthodox churches during the writing of the Hebrew and Greek text that became the formation of the Bible we have today. This same alteration that had been done by the early Roman and Eastern Orthodox churches, (From the second to the forth century CE.) on the text that became the New Testament had also replaced the name of Yeshua the Anointed, to Jesus Christ, and re-created the original person of Yeshua into their fictitious man-made god. These foolish, decieved people who claim to be Christians, who espouse, preach and worship their man-made, fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ, shall feel the strong anger and wrath of the One and only true GOD, the Heavenly Father for what these people had done and blantantly continue to do despite the fact that the truth is so easy to obtain to those who take the time and effort to find it. It saddens me greatly to know that millions of people have allowed themselves to be deceived by their bishops, priests, preachers and false prophets of perversion. These bishops, priests and preachers could have known the truth if they had searched for it. But they had choosen not to do so. There are also a great many people and false prophets who claim that GOD, or the Holy Spirit is speaking to them, when in truth, are not, not when they claim that Jesus Christ is god, their god. These people, along with those false prophets of Baal are the charlatans of a fictitious pagan god. I had tried my best to warn people of their great error in putting their faith in these charlatans. But as I now reflect upon all that I had written on this subject, I do not believe that they would have taken heed anyway, for they are blind to the truth. So now, you the reader know where the name of Jesus Christ had come from and why Christians claim him to be their god. You can also understand why these bishops, priests, preachers and prophets of Baal are so relentless in their verbal attack on me. They have convicted me of being demon possessed, of being a lier, ignorant on scripture, bad scholarship, and point out mistakes in my grammar in order to evade the facts that I have presented on this web site. They are afraid that the truth will expose their lies and deception and show that their god, their "King" has no clothes on. One can plainly see that within the churches of Christianity, their teachings contradict one another. Why? Because Christianity itself is a collection of contradictions and cannot offer people a clear direction to the true path that will lead people to our Heavenly Father and have everlasting life.

Christians refuse to recognizes that the core of Christianity is the myth of a sun god, the basis of Western Monotheism and Eastern religions. The worship of the sun god was quite universal or "catholic" in the ancient world. It ranged from China and India to Yucatan and Peru. The universality of the sun god myth is indicated here by listing the chief sun gods amongst the nations of the East and the Mediterranean before the advent of the Christian sun god, Jesus Christ.

In Egypt—Osiris, Horus, Serapis, Hermes or Taht (Thoth), Khunsu, Atum (Aten, Adon, the Adonis or Phrygia), Iusa, Iu-sa, Iu-em-hotep.

In Syria—Attis, Sabazius, Zagreus, Cybele (feminine).

In Assyria—Tammuz.

In Babylonia—Shamash, Marduk and Sargon.

In Persia—Mithras and Ahura-Mazda.

In Greece—Orpheus, Bacchus (Dionysus), Achilles, Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, Jason, Prometheus.


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