When I reflect upon the Holy Testament, It reminds me of the time when I had first written its text and had sort-of jumped the gun, so to speak, to present it to the public when I should not have done so. I had unfortunately done this so quickly that Father could not get through to me in my excitement. I can remember when I had first received the inspiration to write the book back in 1985-86, I got so excited by its content with that first draft, that I wanted to get it published right away, with all of its spelling errors and very bad grammar and composition. After having rushed the book to a publishing house, and left it there to be reviewed, I think the publishing company was Random House or Doubleday, I really don't remember right now. But I do remember the building was located near the corner of St.Clair Ave E. & Young St. in Toronto. Anyway, After I had turned it in to be reviewed, I had only then realized that it was the wrong thing for me to do. In my great joy and excitement in the revelations contained in this book, that I went headlong to see if I could get this out to the public, Father could not get through to me to tell me that I should not do that for this was not the right time to bring the Holy Testament out into the open. All during that week, I had hoped that the publishing house would reject that book manuscript and I would be off the hook, so to speak. To my great joy they had rejected it, mainly because I think, it was too much like a bible. Father then instructed me to put it away in the attic for the next ten years. So when 1995-96 had come around, I was reminded by Father to take out the Holy Testament out of its hiding place and to continue adding more text to it. When the Holy Testament was finished, it was now ready for the world to be made known of it, despite with all of its spelling errors, very bad grammar and composition. Later, the Holy Testament was put on the Internet and during the following years these spelling errors were eventually corrected with the help of a spell-checker program I had on my more up-to-date computer and its composition were corrected and made clearer to avoid any misinterpretation of its text. Now that all this had been done, I feel that the Holy Testament is now hopefully, free of its spelling errors and its text had been made clear to what had been revealed to me. Now, my hope is that the Holy Testament will be made known throughout the world. It is for those people who may want to know the true GOD and be saved from eternal death.

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