I am sadden by people who harbor such hostility, anger, hatred and run down people who's genetic makeup are homosexual. The vast majority of people who consider themselves to be "religious", claim that all homosexuals choose that lifestyle. That homosexuals choose to be homosexuals. But the true reality is that most homosexuals had no say or choice in how they were born. They only know that it was the way GOD, the Father, had Created them. But most people from various religions will deny this fact and insist, through their own ignorance, that all homosexuals are not born that way, but that it is only a choice for that type of lifestyle. That belief has been perpetrated since ancient times due to peoples ignorance. I am sadden by people who harbor such hostility, anger, hatred and run down people who's genetic makeup are homosexual. What a bunch of ignorant, religious, bigots these people are who think that some people are not born homosexuals. The vast majority of people who claim to be "religious", claim that all homosexuals choose that lifestyle. That all people choose to be homosexuals. The true reality is that some homosexuals had no choice in how they were born. True homosexual were born that way. In the real world, there do exist various mutations of genes that developed in all life forms. There are people who may have the physical appearance of a male or woman, and have a sexual organ contradictory to their physical appearance. There are people who were born with no distinguishable sexual organs to determine their gender at all. In other cases, some people have both sexual organs, male and female. Try and tell these people that it was their choice to be born that way. or that it is all in their mind. Tell the doctors and parents who are faced with this dilemma upon a delivery of a new born baby. Tell them that it is only a figment of their imagination that these babies are born that way. The physical aspects of a person is not the only measure that determines a persons sexuality, there is also the inner essence, the psychological sense of being male or female, that greatly determines what sexual orientation the person may become. Given people's very narrow view on this topic, that is like saying that all people choose to be the race they were born into. Yes, there are people who become a homosexual, because of some emotional trauma they had endured as a child. Be it mental or physical because they were sexually abused by the hand of a parent, family member or by pedophiles, do not condemn such a person. Rather; Try to help that person deal with their emotional problem and bring the person back to their former self. People who claim to be bi-sexual, are people who have chosen to be that way for the sake of sexual lust. These are the people that GOD condemns, as in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah! Therefore; the "sin" of homosexuality as people interpret it, that all homosexuals choose to be that way, is not totally valid. Science will eventually be able to prove a direct link, a correlation between a true homosexual by their gene or emotional structure. When it is found, it will make it far easier for doctors to determine a person who is a homosexual by their genetic makeup and those people who have an emotional problem. But, some peoples are blinded by their ignorance, mostly because of their religion, about these things. These people tend to call homosexuals derogatory names such as FAGGOTS, QUEERS, DEGENERATES and say they are living in sin and treat homosexuals as dirt and hound them to the ground. And yet, most are kind, loving, caring, sincere, gentle people. But after all the persecution that they have received throughout history, mostly through the ignorance by those "holier than thou" people. Is it any wonder that homosexuals will hate and resent anybody when they are attacked that way? Homosexuals are being deeply hurt by the insults they receive from these ignorant "religious" people. Homosexuals are beaten up and sometimes even killed by those who claim to be so righteous. If people have a complaint about homosexuals, then I suggest that they take it up with the Heavenly Father, for He had Created them that way. Because of all the persecution homosexuals have encountered by the ignorance of "religious" people, is it any wonder that they have become so defensive in their attitude? That they are forced to rebel and eventually fight back in self defense? I would do likewise if I was in their shoes. Those people who unjustly persecute homosexuals will in turn be persecuted. For they have not the true Spirit of Yeshua, his compassion, nor his sense of justice in them. Why? Because those same people who profess to be "religious", believe in a phony man-made god. A phony man-made god for a people who are themselves phony.

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