Throughout human history, humanity has strived to make a direct connection with GOD, the Creator. In human history, there were some rare individuals who had achieved to make a diect connection with GOD, and had passed on the information to the people within their society. Unfortunately, a time would come, when such a person's death broke the connection to GOD to that society. As time progressed, that connection with GOD was for the most part lost. As time passed, only fragments of the original information was passed on to generations down the line. While trying to recover the knowledge of GOD, many people had invented strange ideas about GOD and the purpose of humankind. In doing so, they developed religions, based upon their false understanding of who GOD is and the relationship of humankind with GOD. This is the reason why throughout the ages, we find a great variety of religions that are found in every cultures. One person who had a direct connection to GOD, I want to focus on, is Yeshua, the Anointed One. He was a person who was born around 7 BCE, among the Jewish people in the land now known as Israel. In the culture that Yeshua was born into, they had developed their religion based upon their religious writings, called the Torah, which was well entrench among that society. As Yeshua tried to correct some of the misconceptions regarding their religious teachings about GOD, the priest felt threatened by Yeshua's sayings who felt he was undermining their long held religious traditions. Because of this, Yeshua was looked upon as an outcast to their religious society. As time progressed, Yeshua became a greater threat to the ruling Jewish religious body, as people began to accept his teachings. Yeshua's ministry lasted for only three years before he was executed by the Romans, who were the reigning ruling body in the territory of Israel during that era. After Yeshua's death, his small band of followers continued to teach Yeshua's teachings. The Jewish ruling religious body, which had their Temple to their God in the city of Jerusalem, began to persecute Yeshua's small band of teachers. This continued until the Roman army had destroyed the city of Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple, killing a great many Jewish people in the process. The then Jewish religious ruling body was forced to scatter throughout the land. When I first wrote The Holy Testament in 1995, I had become aware that some of Yeshua's teachings had survived through an indirect way. It was found in the pages of the New Testament, which come from the Christian religion. When reading its text, I had wrongly assumed that the Yeshua, the Anointed One, whom I know and speak about, was the same person which Christians refer to in their New Testament text as Je_Zeus Christ. But I have come to realize the truth after I had studied the Christian religion in great depth. The person of Yeshua that I know, was not the Christian "Je_Zeus Christ", whom Christians look upon as their God. It had taken me a little while to figure out what these Christians had done. I came to realize that the Christians had built their pagan theology, based upon the person and teachings of Yeshua, and then attached these, to their phantom, pagan God, that they had created for themselves. So their pagan God, Je-Zeus Christ, was made into the likeness of Yeshua. The Christians gave this imposter, "Je_Zeus Christ" the words and deeds which had pertained to Yeshua. Christianity in essence is representing an "imposter" and is nothing more than a pagan Baal God and the religion of Christianity is an altered and corrupt version of the original teachings and writings of the original Apostles of Yeshua.

Be not surprised that we do not ask people to join or to support this ministry. We do not sell tapes, books or merchandise. Nor do we give out tracts, or ask people for donations. We do not try to rope-in, or entice or flatter people to become a member of this ministry. We are not like man-made religions. We are here only to provide people with the truth, and help people find the true path to GOD, the Heavenly Creator. The Holy Testament will guide a person to the true path to GOD. It will explain what GOD expect from those people who seek to come to know Him. It will also reveal how a person can become a son or daughter of the true living GOD. To help people to better understand what they need to know in order to have eternal Life. We are here to point the way. The rest is up to the individual person, to decide what they will do, and who they will believe.


You are welcome to freely download a copy of the Holy Testament. This book has about 150 pages, depending on the printer and/or the size of text being used, in case you may want to make a hard copy of it.

The Holy Testament
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Permission is given to print and distribute the Holy Testament as long as it is not altered in any manner.

Each individual person is free to take from this web site what insight they may deem to be useful for their own Spiritual Journey. The Holy Testament is only a guide, like a road map, which will help people to re-establish a connection with GOD, who is the Heavenly Father, and to re-acquaint people with Yeshua, the Anointed One who is the founder of our faith. It is up to each individual person how far they are willing to go on their Spiritual journey. Each person decides which Spiritual path they will choose to follow to achieve their ultimate Spiritual goal.

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