Mighty Hollow Bold Claims

I could not help recall how often I had heard Christian preachers boldly claim that the Holy Spirit or that their Christian god/gods had blessed them by the money they receive to support their church or ministry. Yea Right! I suppose that the god of the Muslims had also blessed the Imams for the money they receive to support their Mosques and Islam ministry. I suppose that the gods of the Hindu, had blessed the Shankaracharyas for the money they receive to support their Hindu Temples. Let us not forget to mention the gods of the Aztec, Mayan, Egyptians, Persians, Phoenicians, Greeks and the Romans had also blessed their pagan Temples and supported their priests and ministries with the great wealth they had received from people to spread their religions far and wide. The truth of the matter is, GOD had nothing to do with it. All the money these Christian ministries receive came from people who are gullible enough to support these churches or ministies. None of this had anything to do with GOD. These religions, churches or temples are being supported by people who had been brought up and brainwashed into a particular religion, or had switched to another religion, church or temple and support them through their hard earned money. These Christian ministries think that they are being blessed by their god/gods, like all those ancient pagan religions had believed that their temples and ministries were being blessed by their gods. Hindsight showes us that those people who had supported those pagan Temples and its ministries had been throwning their money into a bottomless pit for all the good it had done them. Those bold claims coming from these Christian preachers who are Baal worshipers, that are claiming they are being blessed by their false pagan god/gods is a very hollow one.

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