With all the talk about Satan and Hell from those Christians, I could not help to contemplate upon it. Their beliefs had come from fraudulent sources which is the Christian bible. Lets take a brief look at where these beliefs of hell, Satan and demons which is found in their Christian bible had come from. Simply, hell, according to many religious beliefs is an afterlife of suffering where the wicked or unrighteous dead are punished. Hell is almost always depicted as being underground. In ancient Greek myth and philosophy, Hades has a close association with hell, but it was not a place of punishment. The Greek version of hell was depicted as a deep, dark pit that the gods used as a prison for their primeval enemies and the worst of sinners. In older myths such as in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, they have two types of afterlives which were the abodes of the dead. One is hell and the other, paradise (heaven). Abodes of the dead were neutral places for all the dead, as sheol is in the Hebrew Tanakh, rather than prisons of punishment for sinners as in Christianity. The fiery hell of fire and brimstone had first originated from Zoroastrianism, which came from Persia, as far as I can tell. In the Hebrew text, better now known as the Old Testament, it depicts a hell called Gehenna. It is a fiery, dark place where the wicked are damned after a person dies, and are punished upon Judgment Day. This newer version of hell was adopted after the Babylonian exile. This fiery place called Gehenna, also appears in the New Testament and early Christian writings. In Christianity and Islam, hell is also a fiery, dark place of the damned. In Islam, hell also appears in the Qur'an, their so-called holy book. They believe in a hell which they call Jahannam, which is similar to the Hebrew Gehenna and greatly resembles the versions of hell in the Old and New Testament. In Hinduism, there are contradictions as to whether or not there is a hell. In Hindi, there is a place called "Nark" which for some people, it is a metaphor for a conscience. In the Mahabharata, it mentions of the Pandavas and the Kauravas going to hell. Hells is also described in various Puranas and other scriptures. Garuda Purana gives detailed accounts of hell, which enlists amounts of punishment for most crimes which reflect a penal code. As for the "Devil", this myth goes far back into ancient history. The name Satan is a Hebrew word meaning the accuser or in later versions as being the adversary of GOD. In the New Testament, Satan is referred to as the "Devil" ( in Greek, diabolos). Satan is portrayed as an evil rebellious Angel which became a demon who is the enemy of GOD and humanity. I have already written about how Satan, the devil found its way into the Old and New Testament found in our archive page titled "Satan the Devil", in the People of the Holy Testament web site . Just for the heck of it. Not that I believe in this Satan and his hell myths. But I would like to present my version of what hell would be like. First off, according to the myth of hell, only evil or bad people would go to this place. So I will stick with that tradition. But here, we will not explore this hell as Christians would tell it, but how I would see it, if it was a real place. In the first place, we need to find out just who else would qualify to be in hell besides all the rift-rats, serial killers, murderers and generally evil people who had lived on Earth. To find that out, we need to take a brief look into the history of humanity. There had been a group of people whom the knowledge of GOD had been made known to them. But these people had chosen to negate that knowledge of GOD and had pursued to create their own gods that would reflect their long standing tradition of pagan religious beliefs. These people became known as Christians. Throughout the ages, that perverted Christian Baal worshiping religion had expanded and grown to such an extend that it had almost converted all the people of the world by means of deception and under the threat of death to its perverted religion. One can safely say that it had almost reached the heights of Heaven. Its priests and pastors had busy themselves to build huge grandeur structures, almost like those of ancient times who had built the towers of Babel. Likewise; These Christians had created and developed their own theology to represent their god or gods in whom they worship in these huge structures. These worship centers were called churches. But a day of judgment be felled upon these people, and the true GOD of Heaven had destroyed them and cast them into living hell. Lets take a look and see what this hell looks like. According to Christians, hell is a dark and real hot place which is populated with many demons. With all that fire and brimstone that is suppose to be down there, I guess it would be damn hot. I expect that all the rift-rats, serial killers, murderers, child molesters and Christians would be found there. Taking a view of what is in hell, we find that there are many Catholic priests and protestant preachers there, along with billions and billions of Christians. They seem to have outnumber the rest of the population in Hell. Catholics and Protestants are asking each other how come their god had not saved them from going to hell. They expected to be in Heaven, with their god or gods whom they had worshiped throughout the centuries. Then all of the sudden, Satan appears, all red with a long pointed tail, with hoofs for feet which shoots sparks as he walks about. He has two huge horns sticking out from his head. After all, he is the big cheese around there. Satan is the head of his enclave. His demons are busy tormenting the damned by chewing on the tasty flesh of the newly arrived Christian souls body. Amoung the many carcasses, one can hear the screams of suffering souls which sends chills down one's spine. These poor souls were screaming out to no one in particular; I can hear one preacher say, over and over again, "I knew that Satan was real, he is really alive!!! That Jean Pall was wrong when he said that Satan did not exist". Satan chuckles and says to that preacher, "As long as you believe I am real, then I am real, you silly little fool". Satan decides it is getting a little chilly around there, so he throws a few dozen Christians, into a huge furnace as if they were like cord-wood, in order to bring the temperature up to 666,00000 degrees, a right nice comply zone for Satan and his many demons. Meanwhile a Christian asked Satan where the bathroom was because she had to go to the toilet. Satan pointed to a huge vat where a few people were vomiting in it because of the strong, foul stench that was everywhere. What is in that vat will be your breakfast, lunch and supper, says Satan to no one in particular. Suddenly, the one who has asked the question was no longer that eager to use the bathroom anymore. Looking yonder through the din of the smoke that lingered about, there are some demons setting around a big round table playing poker and smoking big Havana cigars. Betting to see which of the Christians that are being poked with a red hot poker by their fellow demons, who among those Christians, will first admit that they had been fools for believing their priests or pastors who had represented their fictitious god, je-Zeus Christ. As the screams and gurgles that came from those poor lost souls, who were in agonizing pain, was reaching to a high pitch, Satan is smiling and taking it all in, it is sweet music to his ears. Suddenly, I snapped out of this day-dream and was brought back to reality. Well, its kind of nice to day-dream once in a little while. Even if it is only make-believe. Unfortunately, these people will not suffer for eternity in a fire and brimstone type of hell. GOD has mercy for these misirrible people in that their souls/spirit will be cast off and cease to exist. Frankly, it is a far better outcome for them than to suffer for eternity. My personal opinion on these decieving morons has not changed in the least over the past years. Those who represent the Roman catholic church, or the various protestant denominations, which are nothing but scammers who have perpetuated the greatest scam upon the people of the world. Over the past centuries, they have taken trillions of dollars from the general public. Considering what people got for that money, was nothing but a bunch of fraudulent information concerning GOD, mixed in with a whole lot of various myths that were adopted from ancient religions which have long ago become defunct. These religious scammers had presented what they preached as truth when all along people were lied to. This is the reason why I have no respect and give no credibility or legitimacy to these religious organizations. Given that they have deceived literally billions of people who had placed their trust in them to be honest, when these religious establishments gave nothing but lies and fraudulent representation as I have clearly shown.

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