Camping also refuses to back up claims

Another Christian ministry I had asked to back up their unfounded claims was Harold Camping of Family Radio (Stations) Ltd. He had made a great many unfounded claims on his radio broadcasts over the past years. Claims like, the (Christian) Bible was written by GOD, that the King James bible is inerrant and infallible. That they are the people spoken of in the bible who will be part of the great multitude who will saved through their Christian ministry. Other claims are, those people who do not interpret the Christian bible passages as he interprets it, are not reading the entire bible. That people who receive visions, dreams ect, are not getting these from GOD, but from Satan, the devil. Camping also claims that people who do not agree with his teachings are not using the proper hermeneutics. He also made the unfounded assertions that the bible, King James Version, is derived from the original Greek or Hebrew text! Camping also gives the impression on his radio broadcasts that he has studied his Christian bible for the past fifty odd years, so he know what he is talking about, and knows how to interpret and understand the bible correctly. Camping also claims that the world is going to end in 2011 CE. These are just some of Camping's unfounded claims he makes on his radio broadcasts. Camping makes a couple of statements which is correct. That he and the rest of those pagan gentile Christians had switched their day of worship for their fictitious pagan sun-god, Je-Zeus Christ to Sunday, the standard worship day of the Baals, and the Ashtaroth, and the gods of Syria, and the gods of Sidon, and the gods of Moab, the heathen gods. He also made the statement that he has only a pea size brain which he can not understand how his fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ can also be the Father as he often claims. His Christian ministry is targeting not only Canadians, but to people around the world using the public airways with his radio sations. I am fully aware that Camping and/or his students have been reading from our web pages for many years in order for him to gain Insights and also try to debunk what is written on our web sites. Making such bold claims on the public airways without backing them up, is easy to make. On his Open Forum segment of his broadcasts, he really do not allow callers to fully explain their point of view. He cuts them off quickly and elaborates in a lengthy manner his own views and then cuts the caller off without giving the person a chance for rebuttal. Camping's "Open Forum" program is there for only one purpose, that is to allow Camping to get his long winded point of view across to the Open Forum listeners. He has total control on the situation as it is not a truly Open Forum standard situation, where callers can fully explore the comments Camping had made. It is for this reason I had put out this invitation to Camping, since that Rod Hembree and his Christian ministry had refused to take up the challenge for an Open Debate. I want to challenge Camping on the above claims he made as well as these very key issues, like who in fact is the real GOD, details about the Christian Bible and the origin of Christianity. But Camping, like all the other yellow-bellied loudmouths will not face the scrutiny of a real "Open Forum" debate. Here is the e-mail letter I had sent to Harold Camping, Letter to Harold Camping who is not only the manager, he is also the owner of Family Radio (Stations) Ltd. Frankly; I had not expected that Harold Camping of Family Radio would take me on in this open forum debate. He is a coward, like the yellow-bellied loudmouths which is common among these Protestant Christian ministries. They sure talk loud but when it comes to back-up their false claims, well, they stay silent and continue to speak boldly in the safty of their radio broadcasts, like the sly vipers that they are. I wonder what his students will think when they see their bible teacher is a coward to defend himself or the perverted, paganized, apostate Christian religion he believes in? Some fine example he is setting for his Christian students. All these Protestant and Catholic preachers who thought that they knew it all, had only shown the world that they had outsmarted themselves.

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