Taken from the Holy Testament - Written in 1995

Russia looses faith in the Capitalist System and revert back to a form of a Social system they yet do not know a path to take. They are in a state of bewilderment.

The space station that is being built that will look like a shining star in the night sky will fall into the Mediterranean Sea near Corsica after it is compleated.

People will come to realize how phony the established religions are.

The middle east flares up to great tension. A very nervous peace will last for only a short while. The nation of Israel will fragment, causing great termoil and destruction.

People begin to verbly persecute all of the established religions who have deceived their members.

Many nations begin to feel the effects of an economic collaps. The cashless system is set in place. The New World Order system begins.

A great uprising breaks loose upon the nations of Europe and in the Americas.

There is much infighting in the Vatican. But it is laid to rest by a strong forceful hand, but the society is drifting further away from God and of His Will.

Religious institutions are under attack because of their deceptions. People leave these religions in mass.

Taxes are being levied upon all religious institution property that they are forced to shut-down and sell many of their buildings land titles. They experience a great lack of funds to keep them going.

The total collapse of the Vatican has come. People of Rome enter the Vatican and pillige it of all its treasure and then torch it to the ground. They kill all of the peiests and anybody connected with this religious establishment. This sparks people of other countries to do likewise with their local church. Any person who admit they belong to a religion is regarded a fool and are persecuted by the general population. The tolerance of governments to religion is very low. Many people are afflicted and die a horrible death during this time.

The Moslem sect Shi-ites will start an unholy war and call it a Jihad. They shall march against Israel and then spread out against Europe. All of the European countries will become involved in this war. Russia will eventually side with the Moslems. China will try to take over control during this conflict. Many other countries will be pulled into this war as it is progressing towards World War III.

During this time frame, a great shaking on the planet earth will cause great floods and earthquakes. They become ever more frequent as time passes. Large land mass are sunk beneath the sea. The stars seem like they are falling to earth because of the sudden rotational shift of planet earth axis. The nation of America is split in two by an inland sea. People are forced to fight to obtain food and fresh clean water from other countries. There are many outbreaks of small wars in the cities that begins to quench people's taste for violence. Every country will feel the effect of great devestation. In the meantime, we are under the protection of our Heavenly Father. Our Heavenly Father instructs me to guide our members to go to their appointed place where we will all be bodly lifted up via some means of levitation from space ships that GOD has sent to us for our safty. These who will come to take us to safty are the extraterrestrail, the Shinning Ones.

During this time frame, The Shinning Ones have arrived. Three Star ships hover over our designated areas to take us on board. Some of the space ships are being attacked by military personal. They are all quickly subduded by two Star ships who guard the one who is taking us on board. When one starship take all the people that they can take aboard, another space craft takes its place in rotation until all three crafts are loaded. All the individual star ships return to the Mother ship. We leave planet Earth to our new destination.

World War III erupts. Three quarters of the wolrd population die during the duration of this awful war. One third of the world population will die from the direct nuclear bombing, the rest will die from starvation and sickness. There is very little left standing of the inferstructures. Food and clean water is very hard to come by these days. Sickness will continue to spread throughout the world. No one on planet Earth will be spared of these devastations. Law and order breaks down everywhere that nobody is safe from gang rule. People form into small groups of clans for protection against the raiders. Many of these groups of clans die at the hands of these raiders.

After a great span of time, space ships have come back to planet Earth. This time it is a whole, great armanda of space ships that has come to destroy the whole planet Earth.

_______ During our evacuation ___________

We, who have been found to be faithful to our Heavenly Father had left planet Earth on the mother ship of the Shining Ones. We were taken to another planet that has the same atmosphere as planet earth. There we are given many provisions for our welbeing and existance on this new planet. On this new earth, we are to re-establish the human race and build the Kingdom of GOD for the Honor and Glory of our Heavenly Father. Thus Humanity starts anew. While all of this is going on, the Shining one's return to the old planet called Earth to see what had become of the generations of humanity after the time of the Great Battle (World War III). It was found that there are two seperate groups of people that had developed on old planet Earth during that span of time. One generation of people had truned into cannibalism in order to survive. The other group of people, who were found to be worthy to be saved. These will be taken on board the star ships and brought back to the new planet Earth. After this was done, the Shining One's destroy the whole planet (old planet Earth), and all that was there. (Actually; the entire milky way galixy will vanish).

This is the vision of the future of humanity that I have seen.

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